Tips for Bringing Success to Your Own App Business

By Shivam Srivastava
December 29, 2016 2. min read
Last update on: June 21, 2021

The most quintessential source of help for us is provided by the mobile devices as we have started living in the era of mobility. Many of the businesses have moved from the world of website development to the era of mobile apps. The popularity of the mobile apps is increasing day by day and has outpaced that of the websites. So much so that  the impact generated by these apps, is seen in almost every application area that we can think of.

As per reports the global app revenue has reached a high of $ 411 billion in 2015 only and it is expected to gain tremendous momentum to a whopping amount of $ 101 billion by 2020.

We see that there is rising number of replacements of the websites with the apps as the most preferred source of information whatever be it, information, e commerce, news and sports and almost everything that you can think of. The app business has plenty of business opportunities and no other time is better than this to get started on your own business.

If we start talking about the kind of success that is associated with the app business, we have to talk about the entertaining app called Flappy Birds or that matter the mobile game called Studio Rovio, creating a game called Angry Bird and the more recent phenomena of the Super Mario Run which had a stupendous success as it reached the top of the global charts, weeks within its launch.

If you have an app that has already gained popularity or has gone viral, it will always fetch a steady source of revenue for your app business. There is a great challenge that is faced by the app owner, not only building an app but also putting all the marketing efforts behind making the app viral.

Here are some of the tips that need to be looked at while creating your own app:

1. App Rising above the Competition

There are thousands of mobile apps which makes it difficult for the app developers as the apps chosen must stand out from the rest. There are certain parameters for choosing the mobile app such as look, color, interface and description or it must have a suitable marketing identity, In a nutshell, the app must have unique features. This is what draws the customers towards that specific app. The popularity level of the apps differs with the categories of apps, like the gaming apps are usually great revenue earner.  

2. Setting up of a Plan

It is important to have a perspective of what the app wants to achieve. When you are clear what are the various points in which your app is different from the others, then only pre-project research is conducted.

Following other successful apps and app developers is an extremely beneficial practice. After advertisement online, once the demographics is identified, then the app need to be sold through advertisements.

3. Starting the Project

You need to hire the skilled set of developers for the starting the project. Before choosing the apps you must find out more details on the experience of the app developers such as any previous experience in dealing with similar app ideas, cost that is involved and other factors.

The app developers will first build the prototype which is similar in looks to the actual product. Feedbacks from the prototype will be incorporated in making the necessary changes in the app and then only the final product is built.

Final Polishing

The final product of the mobile app will be finally tested and then comes the stage of approval of the app. This approval process may be time consuming when you are using Apple’s AppStore, so it is wise not to postpone this as a last minute activity, so that there is no delay of the launching of the app.

After the approval process for the app is over, you must start concentrating on the add ons, updates and upgrades for the apps, something new that makes your app stay relevant. Keep  a track on the revenue and get your business policies adjusted accordingly.

The vision is yours and the app developer must not have unlimited control over the running project. It is you who is paying for it. A planned way of executing each stage of the project will let you reach your destination of finishing the project on time.  However, with all the hard work that is put into, it is not at all an easy task to differentiate yourself, without any efforts from your side.

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