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How to Strengthen Your Brand Image through Mobile Apps
By Shivam Srivastav
November 22, 2015 5 min read
Last update on: October 26, 2017

Off late, big fashion brands have started to focus on mobile applications in order to satisfy their customer base and increase brand loyalty at the same time. Customers of high end luxury fashion brands often buy luxury goods to maintain their status quo or to empathize their individuality. Therefore, the biggest challenge for top fashion brands is how to strengthen their brand identity. 

But what are the key ingredients that make an app successful at promoting a fashion brand’s image and at the same time increase its brand awareness as well? 


Design & interactivity

Outstanding design is mandatory to support brand identity  because in the case of physical shopping, elements like shop decor, soft music, luxurious presentation of goods are used to provide the customer with a unique experience. But, as far as mobile app of the brand is concerned, the designing part has to be really very strong, so the customer can get the same feel as physical shopping.  You should include captivating audio and visual elements in the application so that, the user can experience the three dimensional atmosphere of luxury. Along with the design, the app maker should also ensure a high level of interaction as captivating virtual components promote customer engagement. 

Service truly personalized 

Customers of high end brands often love to be pampered and provided with something exclusive and tailor made for them.  While it is true that the concerned fashion brand would  make the app available for all users, but still brands can include some features exclusively for high end customers. App makers can limit these features to a selected customer base by keeping those features password protected.  

Content is the king

In online marketing it is said that ¬タリ content is the king¬タル. Content carries the message that the brand tends to convey to its users and it is one of the most integral part of a mobile application. Luxury fashion brands like Gucci, Armani, Chanel convey the exclusive information on the new and existing products through various fashion magazines and on their websites as well. with the advent of mobile apps, these companies would be able to include the video clips of their exclusive photo shoots, live streaming fashion shows and enticing information about their brand. By providing the exclusive and relevant content, the concerned brand is able to leave a deep impact on the customer¬タルs mind and in turn,  it helps to enhance the brand awareness.  

Smooth functioning of app 

Fashion brands are known to examine even the most minute details. For example, when a customer visit to shop at the store, he or she witnesses a beautiful interior with all the items arranged perfectly on the shelves.  When it comes to mobile apps, the same standard is expected from the brand as it maintains on its brick and mortar stores.  If the app has bugs or crashes, your brand would be affected Majorly and within a very short span of time, the brand’s reputation would be erased from the mind of customer.  

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