Prisma App is available on Android: It’s worth having a look at it
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Prisma App is available on Android: It’s worth having a look at it

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Monday, July 25, 2016 14:25 PM |6 min read
Prisma App

While everyone is going crazy about the Pokemon over the internet, another application named as Prisma is also taking the internet by storm. Prisma is a new photo app that transforms your normal picture into Picasso paintings. Sounds great naa!

While the app was available only for the iPhone, the android users were getting frustrated and desperate. Hence the developers released the app for Android too on 24th July. But you cannot download this amazing application as the developer has released the beta version only and therefore you can visit the website and register to try the beta version.

Prisma was released five weeks ago for iOS platform and it has already become the number 1 app in more than 40 countries. It topped the Apple’s chart for photo and video apps with more than 1.5 million daily active users. Prisma founder and CEO Alexey Moiseenkov is one of the 4 founders who built the app and is based in Moscow. The app has a lot of cool and new features in the pipeline which includes a Prisma Video feature, 360 degree Prisma images and a long list of new filters for you to transform your pictures into an amazing digital art.

Unlike the popular Instagram and other photo filter app which tweaks the image such as light, tone and colour, prisma reads the elements of a photograph and restyle them to give them a new look.


The CEO previously was working with Later he resigned from his job to give his entire time to develop this app. He said,it took him one and a half month to develop the app and the team didn’t make any big efforts to market the app, it automatically got promoted through social networking sites.

Features of Prisma app

Users can upload an image in the app and select a wide range of filters to transform their picture into an artistic image. At the time of launch, the app offered around twenty filters, while the new filters were added on a regular basis. The founder said that the app will have around forty five filters at the end of July.

The rendering of the image takes place at the Prisma labs servers and it utilises neutral network and artificial intelligence to give an amazing effect and at the end the result is delivered back to the user’s smartphone. Prisma renders the image by going through different layers and recreates the image.

Prisma Ranked 3rd in the Photo and Video App

As per the report the app has gained immense popularity within a very short span of time. It has ranked 3rd video and photo app overall in the US. The application has now started to put a watermark on photos which can be turned off from the settings menu. Users can also share their edited photos from prisma on apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Prisma Chart

The app does not have an internal sharing feed like Instagram, so you can only edit your favourite pictures and save it in your gallery. This app is a unique concept which really gives out pictures that are ‘treat for an eye’.

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