How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Newspaper Mobile App?

Sudeep Srivastava August 5, 2022
How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Newspaper Mobile App?

According to recent market statistics, newspaper publishing revenue in the United States reached approximately 26.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. On average, the newspaper revenue in the country is forecasted to reduce to 21 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2024.

According to a survey, an average user spends 2 hours on the phone checking news updates.

Mobile phones have been around for a while, but mobile apps have taken over the human lifestyle. In America, only 2% of the population said they read printed newspapers and find them helpful. Most of the population either doesn’t read the news more often or reads it on a digital platform.

Stats of Prime News Network

The stats above show the readership of popular news channels such as MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. These stats prove how fast the newspaper mobile apps are becoming a choice over the print media. 

The ROI from News Apps

Whether you make your news app or develop it with a news app builder, you have to know the benefits you will get from the news app. It does not matter how much money you have put into the news app development as long as it gives a good return on the investment.


Just like you have a subscription to your printed newspaper, you can apply the same method to deliver quality content to users in exchange for a fee. News apps like NYTimes have this method where they offer a certain number of free articles to readers, and if they wish to read more than that, they have to get a subscription.


Businesses spent more than $100 billion on mobile advertisements. Any news company with a mobile app becomes a source of income. Personalized ads for businesses will get you started. It will also be an excellent option to choose the ads per the reader’s interests.

Campaign for Sponsors

Running a personalized campaign for sponsors on your news mobile app is another way of revenue. Tickets to shows or events can be sold on the app, which can also be done for a specific location or group of people with similar interests.

News app usage in selected countries worldwide in 2017 and 2018

It is sort of a given that with mobile apps, the reach will increase. However, with the reach, the readership will also increase. Countries like Sweden, South Korea, and Spain have larger news app users. The format in which the content is displayed on apps is so much more appealing than that on the print media. The use of GIFs and high-quality images increases the chance of readership.

So, now you know the ROI of a news app. Let’s move on to further sections of news app development and mobile app development cost.

Types of News Applications

Before further discussing the news app features and costs of the newspaper mobile apps, let’s dig out different types of newspaper apps.

News Aggregator Apps

News Aggregator App is the first category where all the incidents related to regional, national, and other vital headlines are covered worldwide. With a few clicks, you can check the top headlines on the app. The app displays news that engages users and motivates them to use it frequently. 

You can either pay for the app or get it free of cost; it all depends on your purchase subscription. You can quickly check all the politics, business, and entertainment news. Here are some of the benefits using news aggregator apps:

  • You can see  live coverage of political events.
  • You can see e announcements regarding events happening in the city, like musical events, exhibitions, concerts, etc.
  • You can stay updated with important events like the results of the election in the US.

Mobile Apps for News Resources

The second category is the development of mobile apps for news resources. This kind of app is developed mostly by newspaper and web media publishers.

You can create the latest news app version for your daily news to entice and engage the number of readers worldwide. It allows users to read about the incident in real time, and they will get to know about what’s happening in the share market and business world. Here are some of the benefits of using such apps:

  • It enhances user engagement
  • It lets users read the quality news immediately on their devices once it’s been placed, Keeping readers informed about important events.
  • It boosts user interactivity with the app as you can select the categories of your interest.

With such news apps, you have a broader reach that will certainly boost your target audience. Being the owner of the news resource app, it allows you to place targeted in-app ads anywhere you want.

Hence, whatever kind of application you want to launch in the market, our app development team will help you all through.

Parameters you Can Check Before Developing a Newspaper Mobile App

Understand Your Target Audience

Developing a newspaper mobile app is all about delivering rapid news updates and meeting readers’ needs by offering quality news content and making it fascinating. Make sure your app answers all your queries.

Use Right Format

It is worth noting that your app should be more engaging and interesting, covering local, regional news and categories like fashion, lifestyle, politics, stock market, etc. For this, you can hire experienced mobile app developers to redesign the app structure enabling users to directly tap on the news section they are interested in reading.

Maintain Content Quality

Delivering high-quality content to your users helps you gain customer attention. You need to ensure that content is premium, error-free, authentic, and constantly monitored by the subject experts.

Analyze Market Competitors

 You need to evaluate competitors and understand their marketing strategies to serve the best services. You must ensure that your newspaper mobile app is more interesting, engaging, and informative. 

Adding features and functionalities can be the biggest game-changer of your app. Consider these parameters and ensure your app design is attractive, simple, and engaging to the users, enabling them to grab their attention and retain them.

Which is a Better Choice, Android or iOS?

This is the most common yet the most crucial question when it comes to news app development. The debate between Android and iOS has been ongoing since both became the top platforms in the development world. Regarding the app’s security, iOS has been a more secure platform. But Android has a larger audience, so if you are going for news app development for the first time and want to get more audience immediately, then Android is a choice.

There is also an option to go for a cross-platform news app development, exposing you to a larger audience. Cross-platform app development will reduce the cost of developing a news app compared to news app development cost for two separate apps and decrease the time of newspaper app development.

But if you wish to go for one platform only, a newspaper app for iOS will be cheaper than an Android news app development. If you are wondering how to make a news app for iPhone, you can contact our team for assistance.

Since we are talking about news mobile app development, location plays a key role. Locals are likely to be more interested in your app than far-off readers. The best choice is to choose the platform on which most of your local readers are. Just go for a platform that is the most popular among your readers to simplify things.

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What Features Should be Included in News App Development?

Assuming that you are a first-timer while developing a news app, we shall discuss what news app features contribute to making a successful newspaper app. If you plan to build the app yourself, this 76-point checklist for app development will answer all your ‘how to develop news app’ questions.

Before we head on to news app development costs, let us see the features a news app must have:

What Features Should Be Included in News App Development

Login or registration

This feature is critical. The users must be able to create a profile by logging in through their email address or their mobile number. Users should also be allowed to log in using their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Allowing these social media accounts to link with your app is a wise choice as the users can easily share any news on such socials.

User profile

A user profile needs to be filled in that will include data relevant to you. When a user has a profile, it becomes easier to suggest content according to their interests and past search results. These profiles can also be used to create engagement on any of the news content, eventually increasing the reach.

Filter search option

This feature is seen on many apps and has been loved by several users. Having a filter in the search bar allows users to search specific news and lets you know what kind of content your readers are looking for. A search can be filtered according to location, keyword, date, or latest trending news.

Push notifications

Newspaper app vs. Newspaper Website

According to the stats reported by customer support company Helplama, shows that one weekly push notification will cause 10% of users to disable app push notifications. When 3-6 push notifications sent, 40% of app users say “no more push notifications” as they get too many messages.

Filter the feed

Filtering helps determine what users want and do not want to see. Usually, this is done by having a ‘Don’t show this to me’ option on every news post. The more optimized feed a user will have, the more time they spend on the app.

Offline reading option

Most users prefer saving an exciting piece of content for later, and the same offline reading option should be used. This feature allows users to save content to read in an offline mode. This feature helps when there is no internet, or the internet connection is slow.

All types of media

Words are not enough to make a piece of content interesting, and that’s when images, videos, and audio come into the picture. The app should support all media types, including GIFs, PDFs, slides, etc. This gives more flexibility to deliver the right message and express it properly.

Like, comment and share

This is the most common feature in any social media app and should not be eliminated in a news app. The option to engage and the ability to share a piece of news makes the whole user experience a fun one. The share option should also allow sharing on other socials like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Advanced Features to Develop a Newspaper App

Here we have listed some advanced features that you can include while developing a newspaper app. You can engage new customers and retain the existing ones while incorporating these features into the app.

Text customization

This advanced feature allows you to customize the text based on color, size, and font style. You can design the text the way you want.

Adding audio files

Reading full news articles takes most of your time, and today’s readers want all the news in one go. You can develop an app that allows users to convert the news into audio format.

Video integration

 You can develop an app that increases user engagement and makes your app more interesting. Make sure you integrate  video files into your news app. You can broadcast live news, record news items, and other political debates on your app by incorporating video resources.

Live streaming

 Live streaming is one of the great additions in your news app that permits users to watch live news on the app. It will increase the user retention rate.

Incorporating these advanced news app features into your news app will increase your overall app development time and cost. But at the same time, engage your customers with best-in-class features.

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a  Newspaper Application?

News mobile app development cost depends on certain factors. Here is a curated list of factors that you can consider before developing a newspaper application:

A choice between Android and iOS

No matter whatever platform you choose, iOS or Android, both must be compatible with the latest and earlier versions of the device. The mobile app development cost for android and iOS will slightly vary.

The time spent on Android app testing will be higher than iOS app testing.  Moreover,  you will have to spend more development hours, which means higher costs. Hence, if you prefer  Android as your development platform, you have to consider development and testing costs. Hence, the cost of building an Android app is huge compared to iOS.

Development type: Native or Hybrid

To scale their business prospects, most companies today build apps on both native and hybrid platforms. When it comes to the app development costs, hybrid apps are less costly than native apps. Moreover, a hybrid platform also offers the development of cross-platform apps. If your priority is delivering the best experience and premium performance, native apps are mostly preferred.

Number of features added

Developing an app with basic features like third-party integrations, frameworks, and libraries is crucial. It enhances the app functionality and lets you navigate faster. However, if the app is integrated with advanced features, the development cost would be comparatively higher.

Hiring a development company or a freelancer

Companies have several options to select their app development partner based on their app requirements and budget. Whether you hire freelancers or should you hire an app development company. The choice you make between them will certainly increase or decrease your cost to develop a mobile app.

Hiring freelancers may entice you once, but it involves huge costs in the future. Also, a freelancer never guarantees the quality of outcome as a web development company does. If you want to focus on your core responsibilities, it’s better to hire an app development agency and let them take the entire responsibility for the entire app development cycle.

These points affect the news app development cost. However, the general MVP cost estimate for a news app ranges between $18,000 to $20,000 for a basic app.

If you wish to add any additional features, the cost may rise. A high-end news app allowing more user action costs around $35,000 to $45,000.

How can Appinventiv Help you Build a News App?

The designers and application developers have a good track record of creating news apps that entice and engage the publishing industry and the app readers. At Appinventiv, we offer you the best app solutions that ultimately result in an increased engagement rate, greater social media presence, and higher reader retention.

The team has years of experience producing feature-packed news apps that content publishers and readers love. We recently collaborated with ABP news brand to optimize the massive database of videos to display news feeds of different genres in multiple languages.

Our expert designers and developers worked dedicatedly to enhance the UI and UX of apps. They redesigned the entire app to ensure a robust architecture. They added unique news app features like “Clips,” enabling readers to flip through trending news like you scroll Insta reels.

Moreover, they also integrated the “Podcasts” feature to let readers listen to the trending news in one go. However, the entire team put together their efforts to make the app ready for real-time updates, live video streaming, and a seamless user experience.

In a very short span of time, the app has been downloaded 200k+ times. Not just this, they achieved a 28% increase in session time with enhanced UI/UX.

Our team of developers knows how to make a news app for Android and iOS. Contact our newspaper app development company to get yourself a brilliant news app.


Q. How much does it cost to develop a news app?

A. Developing a newspaper mobile app would range from $15,000 to $30,000. The appinventiv team of expert professionals will offer you top-notch newspaper app development services and make your app market ready with in-built features like real-time updates, live video streaming, and a seamless user experience.

Q. How much does it cost to build a custom mobile app?

A. The cost of building an app ranges from $60,000 to $180,000. The app cost will depend on app complexity and other factors like features, team size, and the tech stack used. 

Q. How much do mobile app developers charge in the US?

A. In the United States, mobile app developers charge approximately $107,000 annually. These charges can be increased as the complexity of the app increases. On average, freelance mobile app developers will cost you around $61-80/hr, which varies depending on your mobile app’s location and requirements.

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