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The Trends on iOS App Development in 2017

By Shivam Srivastava
December 15, 2017 2. min read
Last update on: October 21, 2020

Apple has earned a revenue of $ 1.1 billion only in the apps and in-app purchases over the New Year’s period of 2015. Apple App Store has alone gathered a revenue of $ 40 billion for the developers. This itself speaks of the tremendous growth that App Store has seen in all these years and also for the developers.

As there is a continuous arrival of newer devices, the app developers must be well prepared and be updated on knowledge based on the recent trends on mobile app development, more so in the area of iOS app development.

Here, are some of these iOS app development trends:

1. Swift Coding

Swift has gained popularity among the app developers for its inclusive range of frameworks and coding methodologies. It works on modern compiler infrastructure that enables to write reliable codes using Xcode tools. So far, Objective-C has gained over Apple’s Swift Programming. But, as Apple’s Swift went open source in 2015, there is an increasing number of users adopting to Swift and this has exceeded the number of users for Objective-C.  

There are many advantages of Swift Programming such as navigable learning curve and ease of use. 2017 will be a year which will see an exclusive usage of Swift 3.0, helping in the development of apps on iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Swift will emerge as the primary tool for developing Apple apps by replacing Objective-C.

2. Apps driven by GPS and Augmented Reality

The small and the medium enterprises are increasingly adopting location based mobile app development. This is beneficial in providing consumers with information on products or services, reviews, comparison of prices and many more such activities for mobile commerce.

GPS as a driver for mobile app development was observed with the success of Pokeman Go in 2016. But, we see more of these GPS-enabled applications in retail and automation. The iOS app developers in 2017 and the years beyond will use a combination of AR and GPS. The location tracking of handsets will ensure that the users get a novel experience.

Other application areas such as 3D Games will also see the developers exploring the advancements on GPS technology. As the users open up to location based services, the main concern for the iOS app development  is security,

3. Apps focussed on IoT

The number of developers for IoT based apps rose by 34 % in 2016. We have seen an increased revenue on the ventures based only on IoT. The iOS app developers will try to take advantage of the  market based on Internet-enabled devices. The mobile app development on iOS will create value-added apps for maximum utilization of the IoT products.  

The focus areas for iOS app developers in 2017 are the recognition of signals from sensors in the IoT devices as well as secure exchange of information over the Wi-Fi networks.

4. Security

iOS has gained importance because of  its attention to privacy and security. Mobile data security has grown up to an unprecedented level, causing an area of concern for the technology giants. Apple has already taken a step forward in the right direction as App Transport Security (ATS), which is to be made mandatory for the iOS apps. We will see more innovative and stronger data encryption technologies in 2017 and serious efforts are put into this area by the iOS app developers.

5. Enterprise Apps based on iOS

There is a surge in enterprise mobile app development and this is dependent on two factors, real-time customer interaction and engagement and dynamically managing data and tasks.

There are many opportunities that crop up for the iOS app developers in developing enterprise apps. Enterprise apps are getting built on CRM of the organization, employing agile methodologies.  

There will be a combination of big data, IoT and enterprise mobile app development that will be increasingly used for iOS app development.

The volumes battle is always won by Android as there are higher number of Android based devices but iOS always wins the race for earning greater revenue. So, revenue becomes a major incentive for iOS app development.

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