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iBeacon Apps: Great Way for Improving ROI

September 26, 2016   byJas Singh Bhasin0 COMMENTS   1,061 views

iBeacon is Apple's implementation of Bluetooth low-energy wireless technology in order to create or offer a new way of providing location-based information and also services to iPhones and all other iOS devices, which can emit or receive iBeacon signals. The Beacons are not made by Apple, but came from third-party manufacturers such as Gelo, BlueCats, Qualcomm, Estimote and BlueSense etc. Just to make sure that it is compatible with iOS devices, Apple has made the need of license for building beacons for iOS products important. iBeacon apps are considered as a breath of fresh air for a wide assortment of businesses.


iBeacon works by using the Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which is also known by the name of Bluetooth Smart. It make use of bluetooth low energy proximity sensing to transmit a universally unique identifier picked up by a compatible app or operating system. At the time of approaching or leaving a location with an iBeacon, your device can alert apps. It not only helps you in tracking a location, but also helps you in estimating your proximity to an iBeacon.

Implementation of iBeacon in the Real World

It came with iOS 7 and the compatible devices are iPhone 4S or later, iPad (third generation and onwards) iPad mini and iPOd touch fifth generation or later. In addition, the same BLE technology is very much compatible with Android 4.3 and above. In the year 2014, it started being used in the US retail stores and airports to name a few. Being a business owner, you are thinking of reaping the advantages of iBeacon technology, then listed below are some ways that paves the way for better return on investment (ROI):

iBeacon for Travel

Using iBeacons apps, travelers who have iOS or Android device can receive relevant information about places they can visit or about restaurants where they can eat. They can even get information about affordable hotels where they can sleep overnight. Many companies are using iBeacons in order to reach the customers in airports or used to remind them to show their passport or to follow any other rules.

iBeacon for Automotive

With this technology, users are able to get better traffic estimation as well as forecasts.

iBeacon for Retail Stores

This technology is being implemented in several organizations as it enable users to check out information about any particular product or can get the details about any special deal or sales events (if any). When entering the store, the app will immediately detect the devices and will ask them about buying the latest models or not.

iBeacon for Personal Use

There are many people who want someone to remind them to take out the trash. So, by adding a beacon to the trash, they can set an appointment for taking it out daily. Moreover, if it will rain in that day, then it will also inform users about taking an umbrella. It can activate appliances, which means that while going to the kitchen with the phone, there will be no need to switch on the lights.

iBeacon for Entertainment

At the time of passing by a cinema, users can get information about what is playing or before they board a train or plane, they will receive notifications about the best artist to listen or what magazines to read.

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