What are the Mistakes Made by Developers When Creating iBeacon Apps?
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What are the Mistakes Made by Developers When Creating iBeacon Apps?

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Wednesday, December 27, 2017 10:55 AM |4 min read
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The development of a dynamic mobile app is not a complex process anymore, but the difficulty lies in the attainment of the perfection for the iBeacon apps. Even, the smallest of mistakes performed during the app development will result in huge risks and loss of money that is invested along with loss of valuable time. While developing the iBeacon apps, the first and foremost task lies in the identification of all those apps which are poorly performing, from those which fails to meet the user expectations and often leads to deflated users.

There is a continuously developed market for app development and this comes in the form of well-performing apps, setting them apart from the poorly performing ones. The ill-performing ones are not to be recalled as they fail to leave any impact on the minds of the users.

There is a constant evolution of the iBeacon technology as it is moulding the tech-retail ecosystem in an altogether different way. There is an increase of 52% of the usage of iBeacon app development.

How Do the iBeacon App Development Work?

iBeacons have data transmitting tools, which basically uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which actually emit radio waves that are picked up using the mobile devices. So, the Beacons send data packets comprising of content for the retailers. The radio waves that are transmitted will be done at regular and controlled intervals, so that the mobile device users are not bombarded with too much of information, which is bothersome for them and is only done on such instances like when the users are passing by the stores.

The retail organizations are always on the lookout for reaching customers in novel and efficient ways. When talking about the iBeacon app development from Apple, we talk about delivering the promotional content by some means or other to all those customers to their mobile devices, even when they are simply passing by the store.

But, there are many common mistakes that are committed by the developers while resorting to iBeacon app development and these are:

Tackling the Privacy Issues

Privacy of the data is the topmost consideration for the developers of iBeacon apps.

The privacy concerns are more for the iBeacon app developers as the iBeacons harvest considerable amount of information about the users, which when not dealt properly, will lead to considerable loss of customers.

Promotion of Your App

The first task to promote your iBeacon apps is to let the users know about the existence of the apps. A good understanding of the iBeacon technology can be a good practice for promoting your apps as the users come to know about whether they need the apps or not.

The best is to keep a track of the iBeacon app development scenario, as the developers will always resort to developing apps in this most upcoming technology.

Reinforcement of the Bluetooth Requirement

Informing the users about Bluetooth is not sufficient, when done once, but the users generally prefer to get some reminders. The users need to be enticed to turn on their Bluetooths, so the users need to be given a sample of what they are about to miss on. The iBeacon app must open without the Bluetooth on and an error message getting popped up.

Lack of Background Scanning

The Beacon technology happens to be a considerably new field and Beacons needs mobile apps to permanently scan. The apps must not scan, only with the active presence of the apps, when there is a hindrance of the app performance. So, the implementation of the background scanning need to be carefully planned by the iBeacon app developers.

There was huge hype on iBeacon technology, three years back when the announcement was made for the Beacon technology. The possibilities are now getting explored by the retailers and the businesses. A strong informational campaign is what is intended by the developers to keep it in par with the speed at which the Beacon technology is progressing. Ultimately, what matters is that the users must first start using it. There must be a seamless adoption of the technology that happens, as it happens with any other technology that is newly introduced in the app development marketplace.  

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