Hyundai Ad Showcases Blockchain to 20 Million Viewers in FIFA

By Bhupinder Kour
July 9, 2018 2. min read
Last update on: July 16, 2020

At the half-time of England 2-0 win over Sweden, the screens of Samara Arena stadium showed an advertisement by Hyundai’s subsidiary – Hyundai Digital Asset Company, where the brand proclaimed advantages of Blockchain technology to over 20 million FIFA audience.

The Blockchain advertisement showcased on both ITV and BBC, gave a sneak peek into a techy futuristic vision of a time when IoT meets with Blockchain.

HDAC, the Hyundai subsidiary behind the advert is working to offer IoT system with the help of public and private blockchain. To fulfill its aim to create mass adoption of IoT systems based on Blockchain, the brand showcased a family in its advertisement, which can be seen making payments with Blockchain and highlighting how their house became protected because of it. The advert continued to show smart appliances that were shown calculating the meter readings and processing the utilities payments, automatically.

Creating the advert around a family setting and highlighting the Hyundai brand name along, was HDAC move to make the viewers see Blockchain as a technology that they can benefit from in their everyday life as well.

The advert is more than a use case. It is a move to present Blockchain and Bitcoin as two trustworthy technologies – a take on the mainstream media that continues to portray Blockchain and Bitcoin as a ponzi scheme that is used for illegal buying and selling off the dark net.

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About HDAC

The Hyundai subsidiary is creating an ecosystem for IoT devices to interact and function together through the configuration of public and private blockchains.

When it comes to IoT, privacy poses the biggest challenge. HDAC is creating a platform where Blockchain supports the payments that happen between the devices, making the web of devices immune to hack and malware attacks.

They are aiming to apply the technology to Smart homes, Smart factories, Smart buildings, and Smart cars. Also, they are implementing the technology innovation in M2M transactions to create a platform where rational transactions and consumptions are possible between the IoT devices.

The advert by HDAC is another step by brands to reinforce the blockchain technology image in a transparent way that the technology is safe and it can be applied in a number of innovative ways.

Backing Hyundai’s move to changing Blockchain impression mainstream, companies like IBM, Bank of America, and Santander are working on blockchain technology to offer better services for corporates and for the public. Getting the back of over fifty well-known businesses, the reputation of Blockchain technology is all set to change very soon.

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