How to Find a Legal Tech Service Provider for Business Needs?

Peeyush Singh May 27, 2022
Legal Tech Service Provider for Business Needs

“How do I find the best legal tech service provider?”

“Which is the best legal software development agency to connect with?”

With an uprise in the role of technology in the legal sector, such questions have become a norm. Law attorneys and other professionals are looking ahead to embrace technological innovations for mitigating the prevailing challenges and leveraging higher benefits of becoming a part of the legal tech marketplace. The one that is forecasted to be valued USD 1.01 billion by the year 2021.

Legal market forecast

They are striving to find the right legal software development company that can help them with building a better tech-based legal business. But, what they come across on searching on web engines is the list of hundreds and millions of legal technology solutions providers. This leaves them confused about which lawyer app development company to hire for meeting their objectives and getting the limelight, while avoiding getting into the claws of gusty professionals.

Assuming you to be one of those, I will be sharing here a list of factors that will help you pick the right legal technology solutions provider and outshine the competition in the market.

But before we jump to that section, it is necessary to know what pre-planning you need to do for better outcomes.

So, let’s have a look at the things to consider before choosing a legal app development company.

Pre-Planning Steps to Hire a Legal Tech Expert

1.  Know Your App Needs

To ensure that you reap higher benefits of using technology in the legal sector, it is necessary to have a clear description of your app needs. Which means it is imperative that you brainstorm on the existing challenges and determine how technology fits into the situation.

2.  Perform Market Research

The next step is to dive deeper into the legal market and see what’s the scope of the tech-based solutions, and its future. These insights will help you with refining your plan and prevent investing in an outdated software.

3.  Invest in Competitive Analysis

While market research will help you with determining what type of legal tech solution will continue to gain traction in the market, competitive analysis will aid in determining the right app features, technology stack, and business and revenue model.

Discover here how to perform competitive analysis of app idea

4.  Decide whether to hire someone locally or internationally

Another thing to consider is taking a decision of whether to hire someone locally for your app needs or outsource the requirement. While hiring someone locally helps in maintaining face-to-face communication levels and being assured of the company, embracing the idea of investing in outsource app development needs internationally can reduce the cost, ensure exceptional services, reduce technical risks, and much more.

With this covered, let’s look into the effective way to hire a legal tech services provider and enter into this evolving market successfully.

Steps to Hire the Best Legal Technology Service Provider

1.  Search on reputed platforms and community

Rather than searching on different web engines and getting influenced by fake ads, check on the right platforms and communities.

There are various B2B research and review platforms and communities like AppFutura, Built in Chicago, and Clutch that survey and list down the names of the top legal tech consulting companies and those belonging to other industries. Visit these sites to come across the Top 10 Legal tech software developers.

2.  Filter as per your location

Another factor to focus upon while finding an answer to how to select a vendor for legal tech solutions is location. While it simply means entering your city name in case of searching locally, it refers to determining which region offers the best and cost-effective services across the globe.

3.  Check for skills and expertise

Building a legal-based software application and introducing the cutting-edge technologies is not a simple task. There are various hidden challenges in developing legal tech solutions. So, it is advised to filter out the options as per the skill set and experience of building legal technology solutions.

4.  Explore their portfolio

Most of the lawyers get confused when companies claim to have an expertise in building legal tech solutions. They, with no prior knowledge or experience in the tech industry, could not determine how to test their skills and experience. This is where portfolio helps.

A portfolio showcases their skills both in designing and development process, their ideology behind, the type of solutions they have crafted, the outcomes received, and more. Something that has helped you visualize the kind of solutions you will get, on hiring.

view here our latest and greatest work in the legal domain

5.  Talk to their existing clients

While a portfolio gives you the opportunity to know about their expertise, it can’t help in finding the attitude with which these legal tech vendors work. This is where their existing clients can come to the rescue.

Before finalizing any business technology solutions provider for law firm app needs, check their client testimonials on different platforms. Also, if possible, ask the companies to connect you with one or more clients of theirs, and ask all the non-technical questions from them to make the right decision from a business perspective.

6.  Focus on legal compliances

Since legal-based information and processes are highly-sensitive and are required to be fully secured, various legal regulations like i-9 compliance have been introduced in the market. In such a scenario, ensuring these compliances are introduced into your app project is also as important as discussing how to choose the right legal technology for your organisation app. So, look ahead to pick such legal technology consultants who have an in-depth understanding of the legal compliances.

7. Get a law firm mobile app development cost estimate

The cost to develop a legal tech solution can be anything between USD 10,000 and 1,00,000 depending on the factors focused. In such a scenario, it is advisable to ask for a quote from your prospective law firm software development agency rather than getting swayed by the numbers shared by anyone.

contact our expert to know legal software development cost

8.  Emphasis on communication

With time, the set of technology used in law firm business models is increasing. In a situation like this, handing over your project to someone and not connecting for months can hinder your path to success. Whereas, maintaining real-time communication can help with improving your legal business strategies and gain better ROI.

So, maintaining a proper communication level is also one of the factors that businesses must follow in picking the right technology service provider for a law firm.

9.  Sign an NDA 

Last but not least, rely upon NDA to finalize the best legal tech solutions provider. This document comprises the complete description of the legal software, the promises made between the two partners, and the charges one has to pay on sharing this secret information with any third party.


Picking the right legal tech service provider is undeniably an important decision when it comes to streamlining your organizational processes and generating revenues. So, do not jump upon the very first option you come across. Do extensive research and screen out the one that can help you take your business to newer heights with limited efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How to select a legal tech service provider?

Choosing the right legal technology vendors is not an easy task. However, by focusing on the factors shared above, you can reduce the efforts and connect with the best developer at the earliest.

Q.  How to choose the right legal technology for your law firm?

The answer to this question depends on various factors like your app features, targeted location, budget, development team expertise, etc.

Q.  When is the right time for a law firm to invest in legal tech?

Knowing where the future of legal tech is heading towards, it is not wrong to say that one should invest in legal tech solutions. However, one should look into this direction significantly only when their team is small or working remotely, the operational expenses are high,etc.


Peeyush Singh
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