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How Much Does Clubhouse Like Social Media App Costs?

By Shrikant Srivastava
February 11, 2021 8. min read
Last update on: April 16, 2021

Clubhouse is a new buzzy social media application of 2021. Looking to build a similar app? Let us help you estimate its cost.

“It’s either dead by July or it’s something big,” said Josh Felser, the co-founder of Freestyle and one of the first Clubhouse users.

Clubhouse is a new buzzy social media application of 2021, recently valued at $100 million after receiving a $12 million funding from Andreessen Horowitz. The website less application has brought a number of popular names on its side, right at a beta stage. 

For something like the past two decades, social media startups have been coming up with novel and new ways for helping people connect with peers, friends, and celebrities. While most of the ideas bombed, there have been a few grand successes that the sector has witnessed – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. The latest entry to this list of successes is Clubhouse.  

Downloads of Clubhouse in App Store

In this article, we will deep dive into the unconventional social media application and the considerations an entrepreneur will have to make if they want to follow the brand’s shoes and enter the space with their partnership with a social media app development company

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse social media app has been making news across a number of platforms. By letting people chat in real-time, collaborate, share stories, or simply bounce ideas off of each other through voice and zero other equipment, Clubhouse is bringing the feel of media out of social media, leaving behind nothing but the social aspects.

There are a number of ways Clubhouse is redefining social media presence and engagement for businesses and marketers:

  • It provides the ability for engaging and connecting with professionals from your industry 
  • It comes with rooms that are filled with real-time chats on a number of topics
  • The focus area of Clubhouse is not on produced content but on high-value conversations
  • It is bringing the one factor that most social media apps to the forefront – audio. 

Even amidst the presence of new, unconventional offerings, what makes Clubhouse genuinely unique is its exclusivity factor. The Clubhouse app on iPhone is invite-only (there are talks that there’ll be a Clubhouse app on Android, but the launch date is not announced yet). One can only access the application if they have been invited in by the existing users, some of whom are – Kevin Hart, Jared Leto, Fab 5 Freddy, Oprah Winfrey, Drake, or MC Hammer. 


One of the biggest reasons that have made the Clubhouse voice chat app a trend today is the feature set that it comes with. Here are all the new-in-the-market features that the brand’s social media app developers team has worked on. They also give a peek into how to use Clubhouse app. 

Must-Have Features for Clubhouse Like Application Development

Must have features for Clubhouse like app development

1. Profile Creation

The application comes with a very basic profile creation process. Users have to put in their name and phone number when they sign up. The name (or username as it’s commonly called) is one that the users have to book in advance – for the time they don’t get an invite to enter the application. 

2. Clubhouse Hallway

It is the main feed of the audio networking app Clubhouse. This is where the users can view the present and ongoing chatrooms. The clubs or scheduled rooms that you follow also are listed on top of the hallway. 

From the Hallway itself, you can:

  • Search for someone using their keyword or name 
  • Invite someone to join Clubhouse
  • View calendar with upcoming rooms’ dates
  • Manage your Clubhouse profile

3. Clubhouse Rooms

Clubhouse Room gives you a view of the name of people in the room and the topic they are conversing about. You can see Room as a podcast. The section gives you the feasibility of listening in on a conversation or mute/leave the room to explore other active rooms in the hallway. 

Inside the room, you get details of the name of the speaker, moderator, and the listener/ audience listening in to the conversation. 

4. Clubhouse App Clubs 

The application gives you the ease to create clubs within the app. This enables you to create communities inside the platform wherein you can host n number of conversations and meetups with the other members. 

There are primarily four types of memberships active inside a club:

  • Founder
  • Members
  • Admin
  • Follower

5. Notifications 

Clubhouse app’s push notification strategy is fairly direct. When you click on the notifications icon, you can see a number of notifications like – 

  • Your new follower
  • When your connection is speaking in a room
  • When your connection invites you into a room
  • When someone you’re following schedules a room. 

6. Clubhouse Invitation 

For inviting someone to Clubhouse, they should be a contact in your phone. When you connect your address book with Clubhouse you can see the people who are already on the application and also search and invite people to the application. 

7. Moderation

One of the areas where Clubhouse is facing major backlash is the poor moderation in chat rooms. There have been numerous complaints from the users about racist, abusive talks. There should be a proper moderation space in every room which should drop the speaker or limit the interaction of an audience who is hurting the sentiments of people through hate speech. 

Talking about the persistent issue, Rhian Beutler, an entrepreneur said, “I can’t continue to bring positive things in wake of the continued lack of action by CH in the face of antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, racism ( etc etc),”

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Clubhouse?

Cost of Clubhouse like App

The cost of social audio app Clubhouse is dependent on a series of factors. Like every mobile app development cost estimate, there are four elements that build up to form the price of the application. 

  • Mobile app design 
  • Features-set 
  • Location of the agency
  • Team size 

When we talk about the Clubhouse app, we recommend taking the same route as they did – create and launch a Beta version first before the actual application launch. This way, you will be able to measure users’ interest before creating a feature-rich product. 

Our social media app developers advise that entrepreneurs should start with creating a set of features’ list, on the basis of which we can discuss the technological and resource aspects – something that will help us finalize the social media app development cost

Now that we have looked into the different aspects which have to be considered for developing an app like Clubhouse, let us conclude by looking into the different ways an entrepreneur can make money from their Clubhouse like application. 

How to Earn Money From Clubhouse-like Application?

The fact that the USP of Clubhouse like application is to make popular personalities approachable opens multiple monetization avenues for the businesses looking to enter a similar model. Especially since when there’s already a number of ways Clubhouse App for business is already proving profitable. Some of those ways are – 

  1. Asking users to tip speakers 
  2. Giving out tickets for live talks or streams 
  3. App subscription
  4. In-app advertisement. 

Looking ahead to social media marketing in 2021 and beyond, audio based social app Clubhouse represents a changing demand for our audiences. People want to see more engagement, value, and transparency but they don’t necessarily want the production and endless waves of content that come with following a brand on social media.

There is a lot of talk about what will happen when the application becomes public. Will the app be flooded by marketers or will ecommerce businesses start entering the space for making money and above all, will the app lose its splendor once exclusivity is out of the picture? 

Most of these questions will not have an answer until the app is public, but what can be answered today is fully audio-based social media product is an extremely fresh idea in the sector. Meaning now is the time to exploit the domain before it too becomes mainstream. Let our social media app developers help you.

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