Anthem Announces The Launch of Personalized Health Information App

By Tripti Rai
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Last update on: July 16, 2020
  • Anthem Health Insurer incorporates Venture-backed K Health company’s technology to develop an app that enables patients to talk to doctors via text.
  • Anthem’s app CareSpree allows its 40 million members along with customers without Health Insurance to use healthcare service for less than the cost of a copay. 
  • CareSpree uses AI technology and algorithm to calculate health data and provide diagnosis reports.
  • Primarily, the app will be launched in the Indiana state and will expand to other states in time.

Anthem Insurance company by incorporating technology developed by K Health, a New York-based startup, has brought forth a new app – CareSpree that is aimed towards reducing the cost of basic healthcare and improved healthcare services, i.e, long waiting lists for doctors’ appointments.

Mobile apps are revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry by the day, and Anthem has also stepped up to play in this field.

Using the app, users will be able to pay for their medical visits via their smartphones in advance. 

In addition to this, the app will make use of AI technology, at the back of its partnership with K Health, which would work around 2 million anonymized healthcare records of patients. This data is accumulated from the past 20 years of Healthcare records. Not just this, but 400 million doctor’s visit notes are also added into the AI database.

The company said that using AI technology, they will be processing this data and would then use natural language processing to prepare diagnosis reports based on the symptoms in question. 

The app is going to entail a number of other new features as well like video doctor visits, in-person doctor visits, magnetic-resonance-image scans, and X-rays. Moreover, For the purpose, Anthem has partnered with approximately 10 health care providers, which also includes large hospital systems, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Doing this is certainly going to bridge the gaps in healthcare and primary care domain.

The app would Anthem’s 40 million members and other customers with the facility to connect with doctors via text and acquire follow-up advice and other diagnosis-related information. Other customers without insurance are also considered and can use the app just as efficiently.

According to The Wall Street Journal, CareSpree will come out this month in the state of Indiana before extending to other states which come under Anthem’s territory.

And we have a feeling that Anthem’s app will give a solid competition to its competitors and will bring remarkable changes in personal healthcare and the healthcare sector in general – reigniting the trend that healthcare mobile app development has started. 

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