Tips for Android Developers to Hit the Bull’s Eye on Google Play Store

By Shivam Srivastava
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Last update on: May 25, 2021

Mobile app development is talk of the town these days and every third developer has an app listed on Google Play Store. But, does all the apps are able to gather momentum? The answer is a big NO: Success ratio on play Store is as low as 1%. Only a handful of apps are able to leave their mark on play store and rest of apps just fizzle out.

Publishing an app on Google Play Store is not just about submitting the code and wait for the dollars flowing in. Money does not come easily and an app does not become successful overnight.

Below we have mentioned an exhaustive list every developer should follow prior to launch your app on Play Store.

Test like crazy

Testing is one of the most important factor that you need to consider before launching an app. Often ignored by developers, this is very crucial for the success of any app. As compared to iOS devices, Android runs of ‘n’ number of devices and therefore it is bit tough for the developers to maintain consistency of UI throughout different devices. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to test the app across different devices.

Screen Size and operating system

A study revealed that there are as many as 4000 Android devices. While it is next to impossible to test the app on all the devices, but the Android developers should try to cover different screen sizes. Along with this, high and low resolution devices should be also covered while testing as the app should work seamlessly on both types of devices. Another important factor is Android OS version. You should take all the possible pain to make the app compatible with lower Android version like 3.0 as well. On the play store, you have to define the devices and the Android version you want to discover the app in the Play Store. With this, you can restrict the unwanted devices to discover your app and thus keep bad reviews at bay.

Make your app presentable

It is a truth that ‘if something looks good, it sells good.’ The same applies to mobile applications as well. Make sure to check the entire UI and UX before you finally launch the app on play Store. Your app should be attractive enough to gather the attention of users. Create a catchy App icon, an appealing app description, screenshots and create a video that clearly depicts the functioning of the app. All these things would make your first impression awesome.

Create a full proof marketing strategy

Effective marketing is absolutely necessary for any app to succeed. As soon as you launch your app, publish a press release on leading PR sites. Get in touch with the leading app reviewers and invite them to cover your app and write genuine reviews. There are forums and blogs dedicated to certain niches: you have to find them and speak about your product on these sites. Last but not the least, exploit the power of social media as well.

Provide out of turn support

Any product be it physical or virtual, cannot be successful without addressing the voice of its customers. Therefore, you need to create a mechanism in your app through which users can convey their suggestions or grievances to you. Give your users multiple options to get in touch with you like Support Email, Facebook, WhatsApp support, phone etc. This would let you to know user’s feedback and improve your product accordingly.

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