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Tips For Successfull Mobile App Launch

August 10, 2015   byGeorge Bealer0 COMMENTS   492 views

Marketing for your mobile app begins from the day you think to get your idea implemented and put your app idea into production. And, once the app is ready to launch, it becomes really important for you to take the utmost care while launching your app in the App Store. You may have hired the best programmers, marketers or the best tech geeks, but still it takes a lot to hit the floor with a bang. And, one of the key ingredients for making your app successful is crafting a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Today, we will discuss everything that you need to know about how to launch your app successfully.

In-depth Analysis and Research

You have to perform a rigorous research on the subjects like what your competitors have done, what is the industry demand, what is your target audience, etc. Moreover, you have to also ponder upon the facts like how your app is different from others or why one should download your app and not your competitor’s app. Make a list of the facts that you consider as the USP of your app and then analyze your strengths and weakness. If you are the first to come up with an entire new concept, even then you would face competition from copycats. It is fact that whenever some product does well, copycats spring up and try their best to do the damage. Therefore, you are advised to launch hard and strong app so that it can’t be stolen easily.

Keep The Testing Mode On Always

It is extremely important that while launching your mobile app, it should run perfectly and should absolutely be flawless. Hence, it becomes necessary to test the app as many times as possible and it should be tested with on a good number of platforms. You can buy the most popular smartphones and tablets and test your app on the same or the other option could be to find a source of good beta testers to get your app beaten hard on as many devices as possible. Second option is recommended as with this, you don’t have to worry because of the engagement of the high-end professionals. All these things should be done prior to the launch.

Marketing Is The Key

Before the launch of your app, the stage has to be set and you have to create a hype about your product. Talk to the maximum number of people in the gatherings and generate curiosity among the people. There a lot of ways that can be adopted for effective marketing; you can go for an expensive option or there are other inexpensive options available, too. You just have to hit hard at your target market and the rest would be a cakewalk for you.

And, the App Launch

Get your press releases ready and get support ready. The launch day should involve active efforts, i.e. you have to resolve the issues quickly, monitoring performance until the things cool down. Be focused and active on the very first day of the launch to resolve the issues and capitalize on good fortune.

Cash- on the opportunities

Don’t just chill after the launch, in fact the real work starts after the launch. You have to explore the ways by which you can expand market segment and analyze who all are interested in your products and who aren’t taking any interest and why. Conduct a feedback and work on the suggestions given by the users.

Always look for new opportunities and do note that what worked for your app and what didn’t. Check the pain areas and fix the flaws, if any. Gradually you will notice that your app has started to gain prominence and consequently your business touching new heights.

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