Beacon Technology - Empowering Phone To Become Truly 'Smart
Beacon Technology – Empowering Phone To Become Truly ‘Smart
By Shivam Srivastav
November 13, 2015 5 min read
Last update on: November 30, 2017

Do you know why Beacon technology is all the buzz of late? – Because it has emerged as a massive step forward in atmosphere context identification. Beacons easily allow for background positioning and detection, thus empowering phone to become “smart”. Beacon technology is becoming key opportunities for retailers. According to recent stats – Projected to influence over $44 billion in the US retail sales by 2016, beacons offer the ability to enhance marketing, engrossment, customer intelligence, and drive more cross-channel sales.

Beacons have the potential to target a market and consumer and that too at the most fortuitous moment. They are especially hot on the retail sales front because it makes easier for shelves and store displays to suddenly become interactive and highly personalized. Now days, due to Beacon technology brands are no longer limited by shelf displays and point-of-sale campaigns. Now, shelf displays and sales messages can easily communicate their messages through beacon technology. It has also helped brand marketers in easily extending the store floor or shelf and has helped them in delivering a personalized, digital form of outreach to the targeted users or identified shoppers.

Let’s see how Beacons have become a unique and pioneering tool in the space of merchandising and advertising.

Since its inception, GPS technology has always been creating buzz and becoming an “open system” onto which coders and developers could pioneer and extend new product applications for users. And, that’s why there is a strong affinity between beacon technology and GPS. Let’s take an example to understand this in detail – Imagine if GPS had been deployed similarly as beacons are. And, if Google seized control of California, Apple secured rights to Nevada, and TomTom gained exclusive access to The Netherlands. In this scenario, the end-user would be enforced to depend on multiple applications and hardware choices to finish a single journey.

Fortunately, since its inception, GPS was not deployed in this manner. But if we talk about beacons – this is exactly how they are currently being deployed. And, it’s the key reason why beacons will limit the same innovation and depth of user experience – and that are the points that have made everyone excited about beacon technology.

If we really want to unlock the extensive potential of beacons, we need an open network much like GPS, which comes with a lot of offerings like: universal, hugely accessible, and too easy to use and can be easily implemented through in-built platform support. Like GPS beacons must also create a new pervasive layer that empowers context in order to most effectively cater the end-user. But instead of focussing on that individual companies are keen and focussed on creating the identical of small, private networks that will grant limited value and use.

In the recent months, beacons have cumulated a lot of attention especially in retail world. I think, if we apostle and build an open and comprehensive beacon network, then all the components that includes retailers, developers and end users — will conjointly benefit.

Retailers – Turning Retail apps from “Not” to “Hot”?

Nowdays retailers are closely teaming up to leverage this upcoming and trending technology to meet their business goals and achievements. And by going for closed networks and upholding for an open platform, retailers are moving a step ahead towards future developments. As many industry gurus and geeks are expecting beacons to become more powerful and ground-breaking in coming years, which in turn, will result in gaining mass acceptance.

We’ve all been reading about retailers everyday who are co-ordinating and discussing with various top-notch app developers (who have started working on this trending technology) to leverage this new trend and asking their mobility partners to integrate beacon technology with their apps. But they should understand that today’s hot and trending app can be leveraged if and only if they will chose their mobility partner wisely. As only few mobile app development companies know how to use this ground-breaking technology aptly.

Developers developing Apps to invigorate the bond between brands and their shoppers

If beacons are installed for every department of one big retail shop, it can help users to easily collect data. User can easily access which department, at what time and what offer is being availed more etc. And, beacons is providing an immense opportunities to developers for crafting incredible beacon apps for retailers, entrepreneurs and others. As there are various industries that can be served through for implementing beacon technology. And, these app can provide numerous utilities to their clients including:

   – Smart and immense interactions with their customers

   – Push notifications tailored to client’s needs

   – Beacon enabled payment systems

   – Important information and Data related to client’s business

Accelerating innovation and fostering a collaborative environment For End Users

Like any other new technology, developers need to be apprehensive of long-term impact of beacon technology. And, under the current paradigm, shoppers are reaping full benefits of beacon technology- This is highly promising for any new technology. And, it’s for sure beacon technology will change the current paradigm that says users don’t want to download apps for every retailer because for them it is ponderous, tedious and ineffective. Because very soon Beacon technology will emerge as an open, easily accessible and universal network, which would benefit all its associates, accelerate innovation and foster a collaborative environment for coming decades.

AppInventiv Delivering Compelling Mobile Experiences Using the Latest Beacon Technologies or iBeacon BLE Development

Our team of beacon application developers has in-depth experience and deep expertise in creating beacon apps for various industries including retailers, stadiums, hotels, malls and many more businesses. Our experienced team of developers know how to design experience-rich, feature-packed and engaging beacon apps for customers. Our delivered smart mobile applications that are compatible with beacon technology are known to provide value added content to customers, worldwide. We provide location centric mobile apps for:

   – Indoor navigation

   – Proximity Analytics 

   – Mobile Marketing

   – Contextual Information

   – Micro-location Targeting

We have our own beacon devices

Till date, we have developed multiple POC with BLE Device. Our Proof of Concept includes Retail Experience, Navigation, shelf displays and point-of-sale campaigns and Temperature & Humidity sensors etc. We are working on an app that helps in enhancing the in-store experience that includes mobile Couponing, Proximity Marketing, Push Messaging & Contextual Targeting, Loyalty & Rewards, In-Store Activity and building Customer Intelligence thus, unlocking value-add content as they go.

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