5 IoT Trends To Watch In 2016 That Are Shaking Up The IT Industry

By Shivam Srivastava
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Last update on: October 1, 2020

These days, the role of IT is explosively changing with the emergence of the customer-driven age and now digitally, connected world. Even, IT leaders are more focused on technology operations. According to Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor, AVOA, instead of talking about the new and trending bell-and-whistle, people are increasingly more apt to add topics about business enablement and growth. Let’s take a look on five trends that are shaping the future of the IT industry:

1. Digital revolution: Apps and Mobile

Today almost every organization has been shaken by the revolutionary and digital transformation, while IT leaders are also racing to leap ahead of new client expectations and behaviors. This in turn, has resulted in making app development a more centralized and key to IT strategy. Today nearly, 79% of IT teams are developing mobile apps for users, partners and employees. And, nearly 90% of new apps will be launched in the next 12–18 months.

2. Widening Skill Gap

As digital world is dominating, new skills are required for IT teams to compete. As the technology evolves rapidly, it has become challenging to keep employees ahead. And, with this emerging trend, only one-third of IT leaders are successful in keeping skills updated. Even top performing brands and companies are responding with the increased investment in training, development and deployment. They are also using technologies like cloud to help fill the gap, which is caused by employees new needs.

3. Rapid Cloud Adoption Supports Quick Innovation

IT team that are well-versed and High-performers are moving towards cloud technology to help and support increasing development needs. Thus, cloud services are allowing companies and brands to offload data management, front-end & back-end development along-with design enabling their notch talent to focus on innovation. Today 80% of those working on the cloud technology say that they are majorly working on the projects that will transform the businesses.

4. Data Security has become a Priority

Since IT teams are the ones, who can turn to technology to help innovate quickly, thus, data security becomes a top priority. Nowadays, it has become difficult to enhance security efforts while technology is updating swiftly. And, that’s why top performers depend more on the cloud services, in order to ensure data security. Since the cloud technology can easily update security features regularly, in real-time, and that too without maintenance burden on IT organizations. 72% of high performers trust on storing core infrastructure information on a public cloud.

5. Emerging Tech Are Leading the Way

Today IT leaders are more focused and thinking about the emerging tech in order to get ahead of the future trends. Over the next 5-8 years, 60% of IT leaders rate predictive analytics as absolutely critical and 58% rate Internet of Things (IoT) the same. With the increased investments in business strategy, emerging tech shows that IT leaders are more focused on being able to develop faster and safer. Even the use of custom software with a micro-service architecture is expected to grow by 96%.

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