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Consumer expectations are heightening day by day. They look for new innovative ways of engaging with businesses and getting the most bang out their buck. Emerging technologies such as wearables, IoT, AR and VR are a step to surpass audience expectation sin terms of engagement and interaction.

Though VR is still in a nascent stage its impact is felt in almost all business domains. Retail, gamification, marketing, customer service, healthcare and engineering are just some of the industries presently exploiting the power of virtual reality. Appinventiv innovates new ways of integrating VR into apps that give clients remarkable advantage cost-wise and customer satisfaction-wise.

How we Make VR Work for Businesses
Rich, immersive user experience We believe content is the king and our VR apps allow

Users to become content consumers and content developers. With a personalized headset and VR solutions, VR enthusiasts can travel to the place of their dreams, attend their favorite sport game or experience certain emotions in their body, mind and soul as if those events are happening not only in front of them, but also to them.

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Content tailored to suit users’ needs Each user is unique and so are his/her expectations from an app

After Pc, web, and mobile devices, AR and Vr are anticipated to be the next big platform change. And we create content mastered to perfection for this platform.

Fast adaptation Skeptics may argue that for actually accessing virtual reality

Users need to have a gear, it is just a matter of time when users will buy themselves headsets in order to access customized and captivating content, in the same way as smart phones became one of top gadgets. We aim to bring this change through our ground-breaking VR apps.

True connection of users with published content An unbelievable storytelling medium and a lucrative revenue str

Our VR apps will allow users to lose themselves in our apps such that the seams between real and virtual will blur momentarily.

Heightened brand awareness The integrated social media influence in our VR apps

Allows businesses to keep their brand message at the forefront. At the same time, users can uninterruptedly connect with the published content on a deeper level.

Remove language barriers Imagine VR apps broadcasting live concerts and football matches

With translation instantly in subtitles. Language will not be a barrier with our multilingual VR apps. Truly delightful user experience.

Detailed Analytics User behavior and buying decision have always intrigued our developers

Using the additional metrics integrated within our VR apps, we get never before seen insights into users’ behavior. Now, get better returns on your investment and an almost risk-free app.

We Have Created Undisputable Niche With Our Projects
Timely deliveries, excellent project communications, and most importantly, premium quality products that have earned us repeat clients and lucrative projects.
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