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How to be a successful app entrepreneur

By Appinventiv

This book is dedicated to every employee who wishes to quench their thirst to learn and do something new while working under the safety net of an establishment. We will help you make owning a small business on the side of a 9 to 5 job a possibility

How to become a succesful app enrepreneur

When you look into a space as innovative and evolving as the mobility space, you will find that the majority of the app entrepreneurs who enter the market are those who are employed somewhere full-time.

The reason behind mobility space witnessing a high demand from the young generation who are already employed somewhere is that the industry offer the biggest ease of joining and scope of innovation to the generation that suffers from getting too bored too soon, as compared to any other domain.

The fact that mobile apps are something that Generation Y is hooked onto every waking hour, makes it a business model that they are most accustomed with and have a surety of success in.

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