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How We Used Optical Technology to Develop an IoT Application

ActiDrive is an app that is out to set revolutionary changes in the automobile industry. By giving the drivers the freedom to be in touch with their mobile device’s functionalities with gesture movements without letting their eyes leave the road for even a second.



When Bluemint Labs came to us they were looking for a solution to make driving distraction free. What they were looking for was an app that would operate through gestures while keeping drivers away from using their phone while driving.

A revolutionary project such as ActiveDrive usually comes with its own set of challenges. Challenges that our team solved with much ease once the solutions were identified.



Since the app was based entirely on gesture mechanism, choosing an optimal distance between the driver and the ActiDrive app within which the app would recognize the gesture was a challenge.

Development of algorithms to define the meaning of every individual gesture posed as a challenge in front of us.

Creating an IoT strategy around the connection of ActiDrive with over 100+ different devices and mobile apps took a great portion of our development efforts and hours.


Getting Started

We started by getting together a team of optical technology and cloud service experts who had their specializations in handling complex level app projects such as ActiDrive.

Now along with the core gesture mechanisms, we also incorporated features like voice control and trip logging features such as Adding toll and parking costs, availability of web portal, and an option to fetch reports in CSV, PDF, and other file formats.


Development Challenge and what we did

The Major challenge while Developing the application was to provide Single access point to all the major Chat/ Music/Maps applications so that the users could access or take action on Chat/ Music/Maps applications from within the app.

Next, showcasing continuous user activity detection (Walking/ Driving/ Cycling) without compromising the performance, accuracy and power also came as a challenge that our team successfully handled.


UI Design

The design standard that we kept as the foundation of ActiDrive relied on bold icons and easy navigation. Since the app was to be initiated and worked in during the drive, it was very important that the fonts and icons used were of a large size.

Also, we emphasized more on the usage of common, easily recognizable icons as compared to texts in order to eliminate any form of reading time.


Tech Stack

Powering off a revolutionary solution as ActiDrive called for a combination of Technology Stack that would make the app reliable in a way that it serves the distraction-free purpose to its entirety.
Our choice of Technology Stack guaranteed that the app was ready for operation under all circumstances.

Android Studio & Android Developers Tools
Android SDK
Bluetooth Service, Accessibility Service, Notification Services, Text to Speech, Speech to Text Services, Activity Recognition Service.


The result of Five months of ActiDrive design and development was a cloud-based app that promises a drive where the focus of the driver is entirely on the road while giving them the complete control of their mobile devices in a touch-free setup. Other than the user safety and security while driving, the application also worked as a tracker which recorded the user trips and remembered the routes taken to reach the destination along with time duration and distance covered.

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