A Blockchain-Powered LMS Transforming the Education Sector

By Appinventiv
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 14:35 PM 13 min read
Nova Learning Management System-The solution to learning industry’s frauds instances

Nova Learning is the answer to all the authentication and genuinity issues prevalent in today’s education sector. Powered by the abilities of Blockchain, Nova is what would make the domain accountable and transparent.


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Limitations that hold back education evolution

Learning habits and standards are changing rapidly but the education industry stakeholders’ reactions are not aligned with the needed transition movements. This has created a gap which is constantly widening. The industry which is in need of quick innovations is being held back by issues like inefficient data protection, outdated certification processes, and alterable data accessibility and archiving. Amidst these challenges, there is a need for a solution that would bring in a positive technical revolution in the education sector. A solution that Nova Learning poised to be.


A Blockchain powered immutable solution

When the client came to us, they were looking for a Blockchain use case to solve a distinct issue that LMS agencies face - fraudulent course certification. The result of our hour-long brainstorming session with the clients was a unanimous agreement that smart contract would solve the imitation issues in course certifications. But in order to truly eliminate the plethora of other issues, we had to increase the magnitude of Blockchain’s inclusion through cryptocurrencies and create smart contract based certificate issuance for immutable and transparent data storage.


The extent of our involvement

Our role was centered around converting the idea into a scalable solution. We looked over every stage of the Nova Learning development project - Designing of the LMS, Development of the LMS, Inclusion of Blockchain in the system, Smart Contract Creation and Audit, Cryptocurrency Development, QA testing of the solution, and Deployment in the stores.


From Idea to a Direction Giving Design

The design guideline was set with the intent to make learning easy for the learners and teachers. With the single-focus nature of the learners being at the center of any LMS architecture, it was important that we didn’t keep any distractive elements in the user journey which would make delay quick events by several clicks.

Everything from the colour choice to the icon type and size was decided upon to minimize distractions and confusions starting from the point where a user searches and starts a course to when they finish it and give their reviews.

Dark Cerulean
6, 63, 105
0, 52, 255
Mountain Meadow
22, 211, 133
Pigment Green
0, 170, 64

From Design to an Intangible, Scalable Solution

With the user flow now picturized and drawn on screens, the scoping part of the process came into the forefront. Our team divided the particulars of deliverables into phases in order to effectively draw out and manage milestones.

The phase one of the project was focused on the creation of the Nova Learning Management System where teachers could upload their courses and students could enroll and pursue the course. Then upon the end of the course, the students were issued smart-contract based certificates of completion.
  • At Phase 1, our team focused on the creation of an LMS and creation, audit of smart contract powered course certificates, which would make it impossible for anyone on the internet to forge or imitate the certificate and use it as their under false pretenses.

  • Deliverable of Phase 1:

    LMS Development

    Smart Contract Development

    Smart Contract Audit

    QA of the solution

    POC creation

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The Anatomy of Nova Learning Solution

The solution had to be ready for scalability from day one of its launch. Additionally, every part of the process, from course selection to issuance of smart contract powered certificates had to be semi real-time. This requirement - for the solution to be scalable and real-time - called for the inclusion of a technology stack that would prepare the solution for perfection from the zero hour.

  • IDE
  • Preferred language
  • Architecture
  • Networking
  • Database if required
  • Push notification
  • Support
  • Android studio
  • JAVA
  • MVP/MVVM Design patterns
  • Retrofit with Rx
  • FCM
  • 4.4 onwards up to latest android version (Pie)
Backend & Admin
  • Hosting
  • Cloud service
  • Programming language
  • Framework
  • Database
  • AWS
  • API gateway, IAM, S3
  • Node.js,
  • Express
  • MySQL, ELB/Algolia/Any ,Caching
Blockchain Development
  • Blockchain
  • Programming language
  • Middleware
  • Additional libraries
  • Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • Node.js
  • web3j, web3.js

What Lies Ahead

With the viability of the idea now validated through the POC. We have now moved to the Phase 2 of the project.

Our team is now working on the development of cryptocurrencies which would be used by the learners to pay for the course within the platform. We are also working on a gamification index where crypto rewards would be used for motivating the users on multiple aspects.

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