An Easy, Trustworthy & Personalised Shopping Experience for Busy Moms

Personalized products, customized search suggestions & experience sharing platform for mothers and their children.

Industry eCommerce
Services Research, Ideation, Design, Development and Testing
Business Type Startup
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Edamama is focused to provide a personalized shopping experience with improved customer services. Edamama is an eCommerce platform for mothers. When mothers register with the platform, the app shows personalized product recommendations based on the child's age, gender, and product rating. The platform also supports local vendors by listing their services on the platform.

Customers can check the offered service details, location, price, and availability of the product they’re interested in. The app also has a feature to let the customers share their stories with other prospective users.

How did we solve the problem

Our expert in-house team of Researcher, Business Analyst, Designer, Quality Analyst, and App Developer worked under a dedicated Project Manager to overcome the challenge of getting an edge over the competitors. This was achieved by developing a dynamic attribute management system, which empowers the product engine to scale the product features and generate unique SKUs automatically. Also, we worked on creating innovative features including a detailed product category tree, a predefined flash sale timeline system as well as, a one-stop destination to book the best online classes, events, and activities for children.

Our Process


  • Market understanding
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Interview


  • User flow
  • Journey Mapping
  • Wireframing


  • App development
  • Pre-production for unit testing


  • App store deployment
  • Post-launch Maintenance


  • QA testing
  • Production server & smoke testing
  • Stakeholders’ approvals
Bela Gupta D’Souza
Founder of Edamama

We took a big leap of faith with Appinventiv who helped us translate our vision into reality with the perfectly comprehensive Edamama eCommerce solution. We are counting to get Edamama to launch on time and within budget, while rolling out the next phase of the platform with AppInventiv

Our Project Challenges


Developing a comprehensive as well as customized product management system for automatic SKU generation.


Creating a unique feature of flash sale management system that starts and ends on a predefined date and time.


Designing a dynamic attributes management system that enables the product engine to scale product features.

Our Development Process

Developing Mobile Shopping Experience for Middle Eastern Audience

We were involved in every phase of product development like, ideation, research, analysis, development and testing to build an innovative as well as a better eCommerce application than the existing market leaders.

Our research & innovation team conducted a thorough gap analysis to understand the business requirements as well as the complexity level of closing those gaps. The next steps involved our designers creating request flow UML diagrams and data flow diagrams (DFD) for unique features that can be integrated into the existing main process and deployed on pre-production for each unit-testing. The finalised application structure was pushed into deployment after approval from all stakeholders and deployed on a production server for smoke testing and QA testing.

The Results

$5 Million
Funding Raised
SKUs Home Delivered
Expectant & New Mothers Served

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