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As a leading cloud technology solution company, we support your business at every stage of product development. From streamlining everyday business processes to innovating products and services, our cloud-based services tackle your biggest challenges.

Cloud Consulting

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Our cloud consulting services help you gain maximum value from cloud computing in the form of reduced costs, streamlined delivery, optimal performance, high security, and reliability. With a cloud consulting company like us, you get all the services you would expect from your cloud solution services provider (including but not limited to) – cloud transformation strategy consulting, cloud architecture design, complete guidance on cloud transformation, infrastructure configuration and code reviews.

  • 01Cloud transformation strategy and roadmap services

    Our cloud computing and strategy services take your business goals and desired results into account. Our experts sit with your team to deeply understand and figure out what you want to accomplish with cloud computing services and what you will gain through the cloud transformation service process. Thereafter, they assess the current state of maturity, workloads, and use cases of your business processes and define a comprehensive roadmap of your cloud transformation journey.

  • 02Cloud architecture review services

    Through our cloud architecture review services, we offer you actionable insights into your current cloud architecture. Our experts review and analyze what is working in your existing architecture and what is not, and help you prioritize next steps in your cloud transformation journey. Our experts come up with detailed recommendations on achieving optimum performance, high security, and low costs, along with best practices.

  • 03Cloud capacity planning and TCO calculation services

    Even if you are familiar with total cost of ownership (TCO) models, ensuring a true comparison in the cloud can be challenging. This is where Appinventiv’s cloud consulting services come into the picture. Our experts understand the current and future cloud requirements of your different workloads diligently, and do realistic capacity planning and cost calculations for Capex & Opex calculations.

Cloud Professional

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We are a cloud professional services company that simplifies, streamlines, and accelerates your cloud transformation journey. No matter how complex your cloud environment is, our certified experts help you accomplish your cloud goals – from cloud migration and infrastructure development to cost optimization.

  • 01Cloud migration services

    Cloud migration is critical to achieve digital transformation and exploit growth opportunities. Appinventiv is a cloud migration company that helps you migrate workloads from on-prem data centers or one cloud environment to another public cloud platform(s). We assess, plan and migrate for both lift & shift, as well as re-architecture. Our experts work with you end-to-end – from current infrastructure assessment to complete execution – to support a smooth transition.

  • 02Cloud native application development services

    We help you simplify complex business processes with our industry-leading cloud application services. We build complex web and mobile applications with cloud native architectures and open source technologies. We focus on open standards for interoperability to develop highly scalable applications that can be seamlessly deployed or upgraded.

  • 03Cloud cost optimization services

    An optimized cloud is critical to have the optimum number of resources and free up the capital that can drive your company forward. Our cloud cost optimization services help you identify and reduce your cloud wastage through right costing techniques. Our services help you understand your current cloud costs, identify saving strategies, and reduce the cloud spend substantially without compromising on cloud benefits.

  • 04Multi-cloud infrastructure setup and optimization services

    CIOs, globally, are working strategically to ensure organizations respond well to the changing business needs. But what can put their efforts into vain is the inability of their infrastructure. Experts from a cloud computing company such as Appinventiv, set up and manage application’s infrastructure from scratch on single or hybrid cloud platforms. With our cloud professional services , we help to optimize resources for existing and new setup, thereby reducing overall TCO.

  • 05Cloud security services

    Establishing and implementing secure configurations in the cloud is a significant challenge that requires constant effort to accomplish. At Appinventiv, our certified professionals with their deep knowledge of HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, and other prominent standards help to meet security requirements. We make cloud infrastructures secure and compliant like no other.

Cloud Managed

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As a cloud solution service company, we help your organization with end-to-end cloud managed services. Whether it’s IT infrastructure optimization into an easy-to-use platform, disaster recovery services, application management, or integration of cloud software and hardware into a unified analytics platform, we cover all your business needs.

  • 01Cloud services support

    As a cloud IT service company providing end-to-end support in your cloud transformation journey, we offer 24/7 cloud managed services support. We provide L1, L2, and L3 support for cloud infrastructure and DevOps setup with stringent SLAs, proactive monitoring, and incident and service requests. We also offer 24/7 L1 and L2 cloud native applications support driven by SOPs and runbooks for handling incidents and service requests.

  • 02Site reliability engineering services

    SRE is a valuable practice for enterprises when creating scalable and highly reliable software systems. With our passion for automation engineering, matured, and code-driven approach for operations, we set up completely outsource or extended SRE functions, thereby ensuring that teams find a perfect balance between releasing new features and making sure that they are reliable for users.

Cloud Computing

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No matter what type of cloud services you use (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), we can help your organization reap maximum benefits from your cloud services investment with our rich cloud computing consultancy services. Our range of cloud computing services includes cloud-based machine learning solutions, hybrid cloud ecosystem modernization, app modernization and migration, and more.

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cloud architectures
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Cloud Deployments We Handle

Public Cloud Advisory Services

Harness the scalability and ease of use of the public cloud. Know everything that is possible and achievable with our public cloud consultation services.

Private Cloud Advisory Services

Leverage increased security and get the required business agility with our managed private cloud consulting services.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy and Planning Services

From scalability and cost savings to complete transformation, get your hybrid cloud strategy right with our end-to-end consultation services.

Multi Cloud Strategy and Planning Services

Avoid vendor lock-in while ensuring greater value in terms of performance and quality of support with our multi cloud advisory services.

Enabling Cloud-First Resilience

While cloud offers new opportunities to transform operations, security risks still remain the greatest barrier to cloud adoption. According to an ISC report, almost 93% organizations are moderately or extremely concerned about cloud security. Also, of the companies already using cloud solutions, 98% increased their cloud security budgets in 2022, as per the Cloud Data Security Survey Report.

As a cloud consulting company and a cloud security managed service provider, while we deeply understand your security concerns and the necessity of making your cloud journey secure, here’s what we actually do to make it all possible:

Identify Gaps

Our team identifies all the gaps and establishes a risk-aligned architecture and roadmap for baseline cloud security.


Our team automates deployment of security guardrails for cloud services including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and the Google Cloud.

Check Compliance

Our team streamlines your cloud security operations by proactively meeting all regulatory compliance requirements and mitigating risks.


As part of our cloud monitoring services, our team constantly uses the state-of-the-art security tools to address evolving risks and monitor the cloud cost effectively.

Why Should You Work with Appinventiv as Your Cloud Service Partner?

Whether you are migrating or are already in the cloud, we help you digitally transform your business at every stage. Here’s why you should consider us as your cloud solution service company.

Expertise and
With almost a decade of industry experience, delivering solutions in leading technologies, Appinventiv has an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise. We have in us what you are looking for in your cloud computing company, including ample experience with leading cloud providers - Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud.
Certified Cloud
We have in our company hundreds of cloud solution service experts who have proven their expertise by obtaining relevant certifications. Not just certifications, our team also has years of experience in handling complex cloud-based projects. From cloud migration to modernization, our experts can guide you at every step – planning, implementation, and management.
Reliability and
Our experts design and build fault-tolerant architectures for your cloud applications and also recommend application performance management (APM) practices for high app reliability. Our experts also advocate the use of encryption and component-level security to prevent cyberthreats.
Constant Innovation
and Maturity Assessments
At Appinventiv, we build trust with our clients by performing regular maturity assessments and providing recommendations. We also have a dedicated research and innovation lab with experts continuously putting efforts into achieving better outcomes with innovation and new technologies.

Whether your organization is just starting its cloud journey or wants to optimize the current cloud architecture, we can help.

The Appinventiv Difference -
Client Success Stories

Our domain expertise and cross-industry experience help our clients achieve the best business outcomes while making us one of the top-rated ​​cloud computing companies.

Process We Follow for Your Cloud-Based Projects

Our approach towards our cloud-based projects puts your business needs first, creating industry-leading solutions to get you benefitting from the cloud.


Consult and

Our cloud computing consultancy experts start by understanding your goals (or even helping set them if you are unsure) and network, helping you make the most informed decisions during your migration to the cloud. Our experts work with you diligently to discuss your business drivers and lay out a plan on how to get the most out of your investment.



No matter which cloud environment you are moving your business to – public, private, or hybrid – our experts accelerate the migration process with their proven experience in offering state-of-the-art cloud implementation services. Our team uses the best tools and industry practices to accelerate project timelines while ensuring high quality code.



Right after implementation, comes the crucial stage of cloud optimization services. Here, our experts introduce the best operational practices to review and improve existing processes and provide complete usage and governance support.

Our Cloud Partnerships

The most successful cloud solution services are enabled through a network of expert partners. Here are some of our strategic partners that we work with.

No matter which industry you belong to, we can help speed your design and migration on AWS Cloud using industry leading tools and an agile methodology.

We can help your organization accelerate innovation in products/services and leverage Azure’s expanding range of features and services with utmost ease.

We can help your organization leverage the full potential of GCP - from AI-enabled products to greater organizational collaboration.

Cloud and DevOps Tech Stack we Use

Our experts are adept at all the leading technologies and tools to provide you the best cloud consulting services and most comprehensive solutions.

Cloud Platforms

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Log Management

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Source Code Management

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Build Automation

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Configuration Management

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Performance & Security

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Scripting languages

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Microservices &
Architectures Management

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Alerting & Monitoring

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Let’s Start Elevating to the Cloud

Today, more than ever, companies need to operate at an unprecedented pace to beat their competition. This means innovating faster, enhancing customer experiences, and creating new revenue sources.

Do you want your business to be an AI business? Do you wish to create supply chain transparency with blockchain? Do you want to use IoT to become more customer centric? It all starts with the power of the cloud.

The cloud is no longer a distant future. It is here and growing at an unprecedented rate.

of enterprises see cloud as a strategic platform for growth and innovation
of business leaders are engaged in cloud strategy
of enterprises plan to innovate their products & services through cloud over the next three years

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of building a cloud-based application can vary greatly from $15,000 to $500,000 depending on multiple factors including the overall size and complexity of the project, features included in the app, design of the product, tech stack used, and so on.

In case you wish to get the exact cost for your cloud-based app project, get in touch with our cloud computing consultancy experts now. They will not only help you get a precise cost estimate but will also guide you with ways to reduce your app budget without impacting the overall quality of the product.

Appinventiv is one of the fastest growing DevOps and cloud computing service companies. With a talented, skilled and certified pool of 600+ cloud and DevOps professionals, we have designed and managed over 200 cloud architectures so far. Also, we have done over 250 DevOps automations. Some of the major brands for which we have successfully delivered cloud-based solutions include KFC, IKEA, The Body Shop, and Virgin Mobiles.

As part of cloud security services, our team constantly takes the necessary measures such as:

  • Using encryption
  • Following all regulatory compliance guidelines
  • Constantly monitoring cloud activity
  • Accessing control
  • Having a data backup plan in place
  • Employing a multifactor authentication system

We offer flexible managed IT services, providing 24/7 cloud support to our clients. From proactive monitoring to fully managing your IT infrastructure, we support you no matter how big or small your business needs are.

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