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Cloud Computing
Services & Solutions

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Our Cloud Computing Services

Our cloud professionals help you select an IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS model that aligns with your business requirements.
Our experts deliver world-class cloud computing solutions for your business no matter your apps are running in
an on-premise data center or on a third-party hosted public, private, hybrid, or multi cloud.
Cloud Consulting
  • Current infrastructure and goals assessment
  • Capacity building and solution architecture planning
  • Cloud value assessment
  • Application portfolio assessment
  • Risk and compliance analysis
Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud infrastructure and application deployment
  • Cloud data center design and development
  • High flexibility and unlimited cloud storage
  • High-end automation and self-provisioning
  • Regular maintenance and security updates
Cloud Machine Learning
Cloud Native Development
  • Cloud-based custom app development
  • Microservices architecture-based applications
  • Cloud integration and migration
  • Re-engineering of monolithic applications
  • Seamless API integration for enhanced UX
Hybrid Cloud
  • Hybrid cloud ecosystem optimization
  • Hybrid cloud architecture
  • Edge computing integration into the hybrid cloud architecture
  • Hybrid cloud platform construction
  • Application modernization and migration
Cloud Managed Services
  • End-to-end cloud managed services
  • IT infrastructure optimization into an easy-to-use platform
  • Disaster recovery services
  • DevOps and application management
  • Integration of cloud software and hardware into a unified analytics platform

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Why Choose Appinventiv
for Your Cloud Service

As a fast growing cloud service company, we have the
technical knowledge to deliver core and mission-critical cloud
solutions for your business.
  • Flexible cloud solutions

    Appinventiv can help you leverage any cloud computing solution (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) on your chosen cloud storage service platform (AWS, Azure, Google).

  • Tailor-made cloud solutions
  • Skilled talent pool
  • Enhanced security

Eliminate downtime and increase business productivity
with Appinventiv’s reliable cloud computing services.

Our Methodology

We take a strategic approach to implementing cloud computing services. We take care of everything from evaluating your current technical capabilities to executing the cloud solution and offering post-cloud support.
Assessment & Evaluation

Our cloud service experts start by evaluating your existing
technical capabilities followed by exploring solutions that
would meet your business goals.

Cloud Architecture & Planning

Based on the evaluation in the first step, our cloud
consultants design the architecture and provide a clear
roadmap for cloud implementation and deployment.

Cloud Execution & Deployment

Backed by the architecture design, this step involves
execution, migration, and deployment of the cloud solution
with a focus on maximizing ROI for your business.

Post-Cloud Support

Once the cloud solution is deployed, our team continues
providing the required support, ultimately ensuring that the
end-product is error-free and at its operational best.

Tools & Technologies We Work With

We offer scalable and secure cloud services through a myriad of market leading tools and technology,
thus accelerating your business transformation journey to the cloud.

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