Mobile Technology: Knight in a Shining Armor for the New Age Women

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
mobile technology

Mobile technology has taken a center stage mainly because of its booming evolution in in the past few years. Today, optimum utilization of this technology for women has become very important for them. Mobile apps play a pivotal role in helping women in numerous ways either by being a constant companion in a completely unknown place or by offering education and employment for independence. It is seen that women in developing countries are 25-30 % less likely to use the mobile apps in comparison to their male counterparts. However, with the growing popularity and unbeatable advantages of mobile technology like smartphone applications, the above stated scenario is likely to change this time.

It is believed that applications are playing an effective role in new age women empowerment and are showing a way ahead. There is nothing wrong in saying that new age women play a much more active role in day-to-day activity around the world and thus, they have to be more tech-savvy or in other words, they should also start using apps.

Role of Mobile Apps in Women Empowerment

Handling the safety issues

A woman should feel secure in her surroundings so that there are no clouds of depression. In this case, mobile apps act as a new friend of a woman in an unknown place. It is said that a map-based app can easily show you the safety levels based on the area, locality as well as town. Currently, there are many women who stay out of their home till late for work and when they have an app, they can know the safety of that particular area.

On the other hand, there are some apps that raise some alarm whenever there is any kind of danger around and there is also a feature that enables your close contacts to track you. It is believed that with differently rated safety meters, women can know about the gender balance, transport, people and traffic to name a few.

Improving Health

Mobile technology, especially apps have come up with some impeccable methods in order to increase the level of their both physical and mental health. It is believed that its optimum algorithms wonderfully syncs with the body of the user and this allows an app to provide perfect statistics and also perfect solutions for the problems to a great extent. Furthermore, a well-developed app is a handy weapon in managing the domestic violence while informing women about the warning signs

Confidence to face the world

Mobile apps play a vital role in empowering women by providing them the strength to stand and face the world. From providing basic education to giving lessons on entrepreneurship, mobile apps do all the possible things in giving education to new age women. In addition, apps bring a platform to all kind of new as well as innovative things and they are able to keep themselves updated about their rights as well as duties. However, there is no exaggeration in saying that mobile technology can give wings to the ideas of women.   

In addition, there are numerous women who are solo travellers and a competent mobile app can help them in roaming around the world without any fear. This is possible because of the advent of applications for physical training and stress busting, allowing them to face the world alone.

Concluding Notes

Mobile apps are very important in women empowerment as it includes all the important things. In other words, now, women can manage their day-to-day activities, satisfy their entrepreneurial requirements and many more. The utilization of mobile apps can be seen in every sector and a large  number of women can learn a lot of new things that can make their life easy.

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Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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