Must-Have Features for Your Favourite Restaurant App

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Must-Have Features for Your Favourite Restaurant App

The restaurant owners are gradually realizing the importance of a mobile app for fetching revenue for their business. The objectives served by the dedicated mobile app are to notify the customers about a new location for your business, running a campaign, about an addition to the menu and of course the launching of a marketing campaign for your business. But, each and every business add new customers, retain the existing ones and bring about a increases in the revenue generated. This is only made possible when the the mobile app for your restaurant will be embedded with some quality features. It has been found that whatever be the size of your restaurant, even if it s multi-branded one, a dedicated mobile app is an absolutely prudent decision that you make, otherwise the impact lies in almost a 20 % dip in your revenue, compared to those who have made the decision. Following are some of the quality features that are needed for a restaurant app.

  • Loyalty, Rewards and Discount Programs and building Relationship
  • Mobile Payments and Online Ordering
  • Table Reservation
  • Location based Services
  • Integrated with Social Media

Loyalty, Rewards and Discount Programs and building Relationship

Customers are what forms the core of any business. A customer-centric business will always try to pay more attention to the carefully planned loyalty program. This ensures that there is a boost in the customer engagement and also increases the number of transactions. The loyalty program must cater to the specific business needs. The single-card loyalty programs are for single locations and the multi-card loyalty programs are for the multiple locations. The mobile app for your business must have a statistical interface for a proper understanding of the customer behavior. As per estimates 37 % customer searches for a mobile app for looking for a discount. Build relationship with the customers with events or themed dinners, to bring about an exciting prospect.

Mobile Payments and Online Ordering

Online ordering is very beneficial for the mobile app for your restaurant. 69 % of customers order food through a mobile. The online ordering also lets the customers avoid the long queues in the restaurant of their choice. The payment over the mobile always makes a customer happy. The mobile app increases the efficiency and accuracy in order handling too. In fact, 67 % of customers who orders online, visits the restaurants often. Essential features are push notifications for ordering.

Table Reservation

There are many a high-end eatery that allows no prior walk-ins and only goes for a early reservation of the table, by the customers. Others may be smaller in size but serves quality food, making it impossible, without a proper reservation of table. A table reservation feature for the restaurant app is absolutely essential for eradicating the frustrations of the customers, who are unable to plan a visit to their favourite restaurant. Pre-ordering is an essential feature for the mobile app for the restaurant, assuring you of dining 60 % faster, without any waiting period.

Location based Services

There are many mobile apps which are equipped with location based services like geofencing and beacons, which enables a customer engagement, prior to the customer’s arrival at the actual location. This can be termed as something similar to distribution of flyers to the passer-bys. As per a study conducted, there is a possibility of 8 -12 % increase of your weekly customer base, when the beacons are in use.

Integrated with Social Media

In this era of the digitized world, social media integration has become an absolute necessity for any business. Generally, photos are uploaded in the social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, so that the customer reviews their experience. Additionally the discounts and the loyalty programs may get connected with the social media and the may get the customer earn some reward points, while inviting their friends. This will act to not only create a new customer, but also entices the already existing ones to get converted into repeat orders for your business.

A holistic and a customer oriented restaurant app is what is needed.

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Saurabh Singh
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