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The Magic Mantra To Improve User Retention For Your App

By Shivam Srivastav
December 1, 2017 5 min read
Last update on: September 17, 2019

The biggest challenge for the beginning of every mobile app marketing campaign is getting users to install your app. whether you are an iOS or Android app developer, your success would be judged by the success of your app. But there‘s more to initial campaigns: i.e., how to prevent your app becoming redundant or idle. This is what we call “user retention” in app marketing terminology. User retention can be achieved by increasing awareness, building interest and many more things. Good user retention strategy can do miracles for your app in terms of increasing more organic installs for your app and thus increasing your user base.

The below mentioned tips would help you increase user retention:

Communicate with your users

It is imperative to note that customer engagement is essential for an app to succeed. Customer communication has to be planned very carefully and your users must feel that they are being valued individually. Here are a few steps in setting up your customer communication strategy.

Here are three important steps in setting up your customer communication strategy:

1. Customer profiling is extremely important and with the help of analytical tools, you have to quantify the preference and choice of your users.

2. Categorize users according to their needs and behavior

3. Once you have categorized your users into different segments, the next step would be to prepare tailored messages and notifications to be sent to different segments. The content you wish to send should be relevant to your target audience.

Let users communicate with you

It is important to be in touch with your customers and you should make adequate arrangements to contact you to communicate their grievances and questions that may arise. It is obvious that customer queries would arise and therefore you should have a solid customer support desk. What you can do is that, you can offer in-app feedback options to your users and you should also have a support email to support customers. You should be active on social media and forums also in order to make sure your users end up telling their grievances to you instead of posting them in unwanted channels.

Brainstorm on user experiences

Never ignore the importance of User experience because if using your app is tedious and monotonous, users would abandon your app in no time. The biggest mistake what app makers often commit is they try to input as much information on the mobile phone as they do on the desktop. So, wear user’s shoes and brainstorm what improvement your app needs. In addition to this, you should pay special attention to entry forms. In case your app has a lot of options that replicate the desktop version, it’s high time you should bring them down to only necessary fields. Include an engaging and relevant tutorial about your app that let the users know your application better.

Leverage Mobile Analytics Power

Mobile analytics tools are a boon when it comes to tracking who is using your app and how they’re using it. A thorough study of analytics enables app makers to conclude what is good and bad about their app and what are the fields where their app needs improvement. Mobile analytics provide you with all the relevant data that tells you – how users are interacting with your app, what are the pain areas, it helps to build a mobile marketing strategy and much more.

Once users install your app, they should feel privileged and delighted. You have to make all possible efforts to make your app flexible and friendly enough to attract users of all segments.

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