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Inspiring Mobile Apps for Education

By Shivam Srivastav
November 3, 2017 5 min read
Last update on: January 23, 2018

The educational system that we recall from our childhood is all about those regular lessons given by our teachers, followed by the tests, which were judged only on what we could have mugged up, at the end of the day. Classes became boring as a result and we started thinking about ways to skip the classes or not even paying attention to what the teacher was saying, not to forget those remarks like “How Boring!” and “When will the class be over ?”. The answer was found by those teachers who managed to evoke that interest in the student’s mind, about the subject matter concerned. Teachers were always on the lookout to hold the attention of the students.

Technology is not only shaping our lives, with the advent of the smartphones and tablets. The influence of technology on education has been immense. Education is no longer dependent on money, but even average students can now afford to access the mobile apps on education, with just a mobile phone.

The teachers are always trying to innovate on the learning experience for their students and the educational mobile apps seem to be the perfect answer.

There are many apps that are available in the App Store, but choosing the right one for your child will only let your child have a better learning experience. Today’s children are so much overloaded with the burden of homework, that they hardly find reading book as in interesting hobby, until and unless, they are accompanied by the most colorful of the pictures and animations. The mobile apps simply make it easier for the child to understand.

There are more than 250,000 teachers who use TED educational tools to spark student curiosity and explore the presentation literacy skills. In the words of Jennifer Hasseltine, TED-Ed innovative educator, TED-Ed acts as an outstanding resource for her classrooms. She says that she uses TED-Ed to use the online platform for adding engaging content to the topics for the classes. She also gives her students the opportunities for creating TED-Ed lessons, by choosing videos and creating questions to include.

Here are some of the favourite mobile apps preferred by the TED-Ed Educators:

1. Apps that Teach Students how to Present, Create and Code


You must try this mobile app, if the benefits of the bilingual brain is what motivates your students. It is a revolutionary way for learning languages, as believed by Dhruv G. Menon, a TED-Ed community member. There are vocabulary themes for the exercises and many gamey features. The leaderboards simply encourage the students to compete with each other. You lose a life when something is lost and the completion of a lesson makes you to earn points.


It is possible to create beautiful presentations with this app, with professionally designed layouts and themes. Jessica Dawn Kaiser explains it as great for pairing short poems along with images.


Create and share the beautiful videos with Animoto. Jennifer L. Scheffer, a TED-Ed Innovative Educator happens to be a great admirer for this simple, yet powerful digital story telling tool for iPAD as well as the web. The student can create a slick video, based on theme, music, images, videos, texts and captions for embedding in the student’s e-portfolio and uploading to you-tube.

2. For Every Need in the Classroom

Explain Everything

This is the exact app that you are searching for integrating content from a wide variety of sources, creating the lessons and tutorials. Caroline Taylor-Levey, who is TED-Ed Community member thinks that is the most versatile app that you can have in your toolbox. This is suitable for Android, iPad and Windows devices.

3. For Student Feedback


This learning management system is extremely useful for providing clear feedback.

The students can be given constructive feedbacks, even after the bell rings. TED-Ed Innovative Educator, Jennifer Hasseltine finds it easy for students to respond with this app. It is a free app that allows the feedbacks, quizzes and assignments, while accessing the relevant resources.

4. For Collaborating on School Projects


If you want to assign group project work for students or collaborating with other teachers, this is the right tool. Dylan Ferniany, a TED-Ed Innovative Educator finds it extremely useful as it has the benefits of a Facebook group and wonderful integrations with Google Docs and Hangouts.

All the above mentioned tools will be able to engage, interact and involve the students. They will be able to motivate the students, to inspire and motivate the students, to such an extent that they get involved with the activities in the classroom and beyond it.

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