5 Ways to Increase The Chances of Your Enterprise App Failure

Saurabh Singh January 21, 2022
5 Ways to Increase The Chances of Your Enterprise App Failure

*Disclaimer*: The Blog Is Meant to Wake you Before You Make Grand Enterprise Application Mistakes. We don’t want you to fail.

While it takes a lot of effort to build an app into success, it’s fairly easy to plan its failure well in advance. The chances of pushing your app towards making it a failure is not difficult. All you have to do is miss out on things that the employees need or you can simply keep users out of the enterprise app development process.

If that was not enough, here are the five ways you can guarantee your enterprise app failure

1. Wrong Problem Identification

In your typical corporate setup, there can be over 500 different functions, when the primary ones are broken down to different processes. Identifying which ones of those functions would benefit and become more efficient when mobility is introduced to them, is a crucial decision to make.

There can be many work process issues which might seem crucial and long term right now, such as managing mass recruitment processes, but they might be seasonal in nature. So, wrong identification of which problem actually needs to be solved or which process needs to be changed is your shortcut to enterprise app failure.

2. Poor App UX

If it’s getting too difficult to navigate within the app, if the app is filled with functionalities that are not important for moving a task from point A to Point D, or if your enterprise app asks users to sign in with different credentials to view a report, or by simply not allowing them to leave your app to perform even the basic of their device’s functions, they won’t stay for long.

The second employees realize that they were better off before there was even an app to “ease” their processes, your enterprise app is doomed.

3. No Access to App Analytics

You develop an enterprise app that was meant to streamline the teams, make them more efficient, and enable better tracking and you see it working right in your favour. You see evident changes in team’s performance. But when the management asks you to show numbers, you are lost.

While you see the positive changes, there is no way to translate them into numbers. This happened because you missed out on adding app analytics in your enterprise app development process.

By missing out on adding features that would showcase how employees are working inside the app and what are their pain points, you close down all scope of further improvement.

4. Lack of Marketing

While the top management knows that you are creating an enterprise app that will be floated down to the concerned team once done, but the team doesn’t have an idea. They have not been given any heads up on how their working process is going to change, how it is going to save their time and make them more efficient.

What do you expect the first reaction would be when one day suddenly, the team is asked to move their reports on ABC Enterprise App?

I know I would have not taken it easy nor I would have invested my time in knowing the app’s functionality and plus points.

If you are not following the golden rule of greater the marketing efforts greater the acceptance rate, your enterprise mobile application development process is going to fail, massively.

5. Not involving the Team Seeking Change

Imagine you are developing an app for streamlining the offshore and in house sales team. So you meet up with the management team who give you a basic idea of the issues that are there and just at the back of that discussion you start developing the app.

You don’t bother to sit with the offshore and the company’s in house team to understand exactly what issues they are facing, if it’s on site network issue or lack of a platform where the reports are present.

If that was not enough, you don’t involve the team when deciding the app’s functionalities as well. You straight away go to the deployment stage even without passing the app across the team for review and feedback.

So here are the ways you would be preparing your enterprise mobile app for not just your failure but also for the failure of company’s efficiency.

To prevent yourself from making these app failures, contact our team of enterprise mobile app developers today.

Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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