From Coding to Digitalizing- Guide on being a Developer at Appinventiv

nitesh August 31, 2021
Guide on being a Developer at Appinventiv

We are a globally recognised product innovation company equipped with a stalwart team of handpicked talent pool, brilliant minds and innovative individuals, extensively experienced and passionate in what we do. With a strength of 650+ tech experts and a stronghold on the latest technology, we build solutions and drive transformation by bringing together the technical prowess needed to help organizations thrive in the digital age. We work with startups and enterprises to help them harness the power of emerging technologies by creating innovative digital experiences that cater to their business needs and customer requirements as well as ensure future growth. 

Developer at Appinventiv

The Developers at Appinventiv have been nurtured to provide support to the IT businesses worldwide through various business portfolios. Essentially they look after the application development for an organization. Primarily the certified developers help in facilitating our software development strategy by providing the support to clients through modern tools. They are passionate at work, are responsive to the clients, and act with speed and agility.

What are The Responsibilities of A Developer at Appinventiv

With experience and wanting to progress your career, software developers can be promoted to senior, head developer and project manager position. You could also expand into related areas like system design, IT architecture or IT training and education. Were not hell bent on specific college degrees but individuals who are skillfully qualified and open to understanding and accepting the following responsibilities can be a Developer at Appinventiv. 

  • To break down complex requirements into simpler solutions to resolve business difficulties
  • To build high-quality software for large-scale and highly available systems
  • To evaluate complex features and prepare application specifications
  • To demonstrate a high level of initiative, ability to work within a scrum team
  • To develop and support application solutions for our products & services in various platforms
  • To troubleshoot and develop various application software
  • To perform integration testing
  • To support new development activities but also support production break/fix as well as devops activities
  • To perform application development basis the agile methodologies as per clients requirements
  • To conduct appropriate module testing based on the test cases
  • To detect, report, investigate and fix defects in the application for production support
  • To have an eye for detail, critical thinking and problem solving

Our technologies and industries

Our Developers

I love the variety of the work I do. The kind of projects I get have different components so I can mix up what I do on a day to day basis. Sometimes I do some front-end web development, and after I’ve done that for a while I can jump over to back-end work with servers and databases. Other times I’m given a task and given the freedom to tackle it however I want, which often leads to a chance to learn something new.

The experience for me as a Developer at Appinventiv, has been energising and motivating. Instead of fighting against processes to get my job done and get my code into production, I received strong & consistent support from each of  the team members making it possible for me to churn continuous deliveries. 

I always wanted to develop cutting-edge tech, write high quality code and work in a fast paced environment. Appinventiv’s agile methodologies and design thinking practices not only made all this a possibility but also gave me the freedom and digital expertise to continue exploring.

Type of Engineering Teams at Appinventiv

Before we set out to look into the process and streamlining of how we hire our talented developers, it is important to understand the different options which are available to you as an applicant. 

On-site team of developers: Another name of this model is co-located team. Meaning, the developers that the organization has partnered with, works alongside the team in the office space. Most of the companies, even the big IT brands run on this model.

Distributed team of developers: This team does not have a physical office space, the team members do not communicate face to face and work from different locations. They don’t even necessarily have to be in the same city or country.

Remote team of developers: Just like the on-site model, remote developers also have an office. They don’t necessarily work from there in fact they only need access to a reliable and fast internet connection to work from any other location. Also, they generally have flexible working hours.

With the options addressed, let us look into our carefully articulated process of hiring developers for a startup.

Appinventiv’s Recruitment Flow for Hiring Developers

Application: Once you find a role that interests you, go ahead and apply with a well-drafted cover letter.

Screening: Your application will be read by the Appinventors who are experts in screening resumes and specialists in their respective fields

Technical Assessment: If your application is selected, you will be asked to complete a technical assignment online. Don’t worry, our validated assessments are engaging, fair and relevant to each role. This helps us measure skills, talents and abilities. This process allows you to truly demonstrate who you are and what value you can bring to the role.

Interview: If you are successful in completing the assessment, we will invite you for an interview. We treat this as an opportunity for us to get to know each other better. This is your chance to show us how much you want to work for Appinventiv. Come prepared with any questions you want to ask us, it is also your opportunity to interview us. 

On-Boarding: If you get through the interview successfully, we’ll then send you the appropriate documentation you’ll need to complete to begin your onboarding journey with us. Following this, you’ll be an Appinventor, leading with the latest technologies and solving some of the world’s most challenging problems.

The above process may seem prolonged, but at Appinventiv, we make sure that the hirings are purposeful and smooth, both for the recruiter and the candidate. As per the ongoing pandemic and extreme lockdown conditions, we have revolutionized our hiring process for developers to ensure flexibility at both ends.

Happy Developers Mean Happy Clients Customers

Happy Developers Mean Happy Clients & Customers

Being able to build relevant and delightful customer experiences has never been more important than right now as COVID-19 continues to accelerate digital adoption across the globe by the public and private sector companies. Infact, developers and engineers are the most valued assets in keeping our digital infrastructure afloat during such unprecedented demand for online services.

Having the best tools, technology and environment to develop and deploy code quickly keeps developers engaged and motivated. This is exactly what it means to be a Developer at Appinventiv! If we have been successful in getting your attention and interest in working as a developer with us then do send us your details and our recruitment team will get in touch within 24 business hours to help you find a suitable role at Appinventiv.

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