Google Assistant “Continued Conversation” Feature is Live in The US

By Tripti Rai
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Last update on: August 18, 2020

Google is finally following up on its most requested and appreciated announcement of Google I/O 2018.

Out of all the announcements made in the I/O 2018 Developer Conference, Google Assistant Continued Conversation was the one that has gained the maximum user attention. And yesterday Google declared that it is following up on the promise starting today.

From today on, Google is rolling out the provision of ‘Continued Conversations’ in the U.S Market for the users of Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max as an optional setting. (You can enable it by following this path – Settings > Preferences > Continued Conversation in the Google Assistant app.

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When enabled, users will be able to have a more natural dialogue with the Assistant, meaning the users will no more have to say “Hey Google” or “Okay Google” every time they have a request to make. They will only have to say “Okay Google” or “Hey Google” once in the beginning, to trigger it.

Listening to the security concerns that users have raised related to Home devices listening to their personal conversations, Google has taken a precautionary measure.

With the Continued Conversation option turned on, once you have done asking a question from the Assistant, you can then say “thank you” or “stop” to end the conversation.

But even if you don’t do that, Google will automatically finish the conversations once they detect that you are not talking to the Assistant anymore. For this, Google will wait for 8 seconds to see if the conversation is still continued with the Assistant. If you are not making any dialogues in under 8 seconds, the conversation will end.

Once it ends, you will have to activate the service on your Home devices again by using the triggering words. However, with this optional setting switched on, Assistant will remain active long enough to answer to the follow up questions just so you don’t say “Hey Google” often.

What Else Can/ Will Your Google Home do Beside Having Uninterrupted Conversations

1. Make Calls Using Google Home

Using the ‘Duplex’ feature, users will now be make appointments without even having to pick their phone. It can even replicate the sound effects that people make while on call.

2. Teach your Kids some Manners

Google Home comes with a feature where it shows appreciation when the user says ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’. Also, when a child asks something of the Assistant without the polite words, Assistant reverts by saying ‘What’s the magic word’.

3. Display Information

Presently, most of the Google Home devices are just devices with speakers, processors, and a microphone, but soon it will be a lot more.

A number of manufacturers are planning to add a screen in the devices to make it easier for users to interact with the devices. Also, through it, users will be able to view results from the search engine on the device itself.

With Google adding this many features in Google Home and Google Assistant, Apple and Amazon will have to work very hard on making their devices last in the market.

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