Get to Know Latest Mobile App Development Trends

April 17, 2023

A few years back it was unimaginable that the an app that resides on our smartphones will enable us to shopping online, hiring a cab, ordering your favorite food, managing your expenses or to stay fit and productive. The smartphones seem to take a control over each and every aspect of our lives, bringing about a revolutionary change in the market place.

The developers in the realm of mobile app development are putting all their efforts towards the latest trends on mobile app development.

Here are some of these trends on Mobile App Development:

Security and Privacy in Apps

As per a study by Gartner in 2014, more than 75% of mobile apps fails horribly to pass even the simplest tests. We see iOS 9 coming with the best in class security highlights and Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow is turning up on the security considerations. The highly critical applications such as credit cards on the rise, security becomes a major concern for the app developers. They cannot deny the fact that hackers are always trying to find loopholes in the system.  Developers should take a note of security issues like leakage of data, broken data etc. and take appropriate safeguards.  

Location Based and Beacon Internet (Wi-Fi) Services

The Beacons are reducing the gap between online and offline activities. The technology is already existing in the iOS based devices and are soon expected in the Android devices too.  The technology is shaping Industries like education, hospitality, retail, healthcare and advertising and driving their frontiers in new direction. Beacons have benefits in the larger buildings as they help in the internal mapping. The faster responders will be able to quickly access the area with issue, in case of emergencies. 

The last known locations can be tracked by Beacons in case of emergencies like fire.

Speedy Development with Swifter Swift

From 2014, we saw the arrival of Apple’s Swift as the most well known app development platforms chosen by the app designers and the developers. Swift is linked with Yahoo, Vine and LinkedIn as the major companies have already shifted towards Swift.

Top mobile app development companies understand the need for agile development and are taking recourse to such solutions like Multi Core JIT and Swipepad, launching their apps faster than anyone else, more so because of the rising demand for mobile apps.

Wearable Tech Spreads its Wings

Google Glass, Apple Watch, Fitbit are all examples of the growing trend on wearable tech industry. Apple watch has stolen the show, among all others. Apple watch is all app enabled and there are loads of activities that could be done with Apple Watch. Wearable tech is no more just limited to fitness and healthcare segments, it is unfolding itself in the enterprise based applications.

Starting from the year 2015, wearable tech has opened the gates for the fashion and textile industries as well. You can witness smart wearables like T-shirts, smart jewelry and many more. The cross-device applications will enable applications to run on a cellular device as well as wearable devices, that will open up unlimited scope for development of new types of apps.   

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Standardized m-Commerce

More and more consumers are adopting the m- commerce applications these days. Recent studies show that 20% of online sales either originates from a smartphone or a tablet. Transferring money or purchasing goods using a mobile phone was never so smooth as prevalent now. Developers still have a great chance of developing mobile wallet apps, as seen in the recent efforts on demonetization.

Driving With Contents

The strategies that were adopted by the mobile app marketers simply fail, when it comes to mobile devices. Mobile application marketing, not only varies from one brand to another, but also with the nature of the target audience. A personalized content driven approach is the best that can be adopted as the consumers are found to be highly irritated by excessive marketing efforts.

Internet of Things

Another major trend on mobile app development is guided by the rise of Internet of Things. It is helping to harness $ 19 trillion in value. It has so far displayed an exponential growth.

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