How much does it cost to build a fitness app like Hevy?

Dileep Gupta March 20, 2023
fitness app like Hevy cost

In the modern world, being on top of one’s health has become the new trend. Whether it is through the traditional practices of yoga or new-age aerobics and exercise routines, people are choosing different ways to keep healthy and fit. What comes with this need to be physically fit is the criticality to track the performance and progress.

This is where an app like Hevy comes into the fitness market. The fitness apps market, including the progress tracking domain, is expected to grow from USD 28.3716 billion in 2022 to USD 157.9791617 billion by 2030. In addition to being a prominent part of this massive market size, building an app similar to Hevy has come under entrepreneurs’ radar because of its huge fan following and a range of immersive feature sets.

While the cost to build an app like Hevy can range anywhere between $27,000 to $200,000+, in this article, we are going to dive into the factors that go into the custom fitness app development cost along with Hevy app development process, giving business owners a starting point for launching their brand.

But first.

What makes an app like Hevy special?

Sharing the space with names like Bodyspace, Pact, and Nike+, what makes an app similar to Hevy truly unique is the fact that it makes exercise tracking easy and insightful while having a social media-like interface where users can interact with other fitness enthusiasts.

This combination gives users a motivation to exercise daily and mark their progress in-app for their followers, while getting an extensive dashboard with detailed reports on past and ongoing exercises.

However, what does this uniqueness look like on the Hevy app features front? And, how do the features affect a fitness app like Hevy cost? Let us answer the questions in the next sections, after looking into the detailings of the cost estimates.

How much does it cost to build an app like Hevy?

The cost of fitness app development services are dependent on a range of factors –

  • The feature sets
  • Number of platforms it will be live on
  • Design complexities
  • Developers’ charges

Noting all these factors, if you are partnering with a healthcare software development company based out of India where the development charges range from $40-$80 per hour, the cost can come out to be between $40,000 and $250,000.

Features addition 270 hours 440 hours 440 hours
Framework & libraries integration 36 hours 40 hours 40 hours
UI/UX design 100 hours 100 hours
QA 220 hours 340 hours 340 hours
Project management 125 hours 200 hours 200 hours
Total Time 651 hours 1120 hours 1120 hours
Development Cost (India) $40-80 per hour $40,000-$50,000 $89,600 $89,600
Development Cost (US) $100 per hour $65,100 $112,000 $112,000
Development Cost (UK) $120 per hour $78,120 $134,400 $134,400

Hevy-like app development cost estimate

With the rough expense estimate now known, let us look into the features that must go into building an app like Hevy. 

Must-have fitness app features to create an app like Hevy

Before we get into the technicalities of features that go in Hevy-like custom fitness app development, let us give you a clarity on platforms. The fitness tracker app is built for three platforms with an identical interface – Android, iOS, and Web.

Within these interfaces, there are multiple feature-sets, primarily divided into three sections – Home, Workout, and Profile. Let us now look into them in detail. 

Must-Have Fitness App Features

Social and email sign in 

The primary feature of health and fitness app development is the sign-up and login option. The facility makes it easy for users to access the application through one or two clicks.

Social sharing 

The next element of Hevy-like fitness tracker app development is its social media interface. Through the feature, users are able to follow other fitness enthusiasts, like and comment on the posts. Additionally, the interface makes it possible for the users to copy and download other users’ workouts and routines.



The app makes it easy for the users to create a new workout routine by entering in information around different exercises. The way it works is that the users can create exercises by selecting the equipment name, muscle group if affects, and the exercise type. 

Aftering creating different exercises, they can be added in a serialized order to form a routine. Another option they have is to explore routines of other users in-app. 

Log workout

simple workout log

Once the routine has been entered, the next feature that comes is tracking the workout in real-time. On that front, an app like Hevy is built with trackable/modifiable elements such as – duration of the exercise, number of sets, rest timer, number of reps, view previous reps details, and a setting option. Under the settings section, users can adjust the timer, plate calculator, RPE tracking, and inline timer.

Edit profile

Hevy app comes with a basic profile section which enables users to edit their data around profile picture, name, bio, and link to other socials or websites.

In-app payments

When you build an app like Hevy, integrating in-app payments or building a new payment gateway altogether becomes a crucial part of the development process. There are a number of instances under which the users make payments – to join a subscription, buy a new feature or the extended version of the application, etc. Knowing your user journeys will make the process of correct multi-payment integration easier.

These were some key features to consider when you build an app like Hevy. The next part of understanding how much a fitness app like Hevy costs lies in knowing its development process.

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How to build an app like Hevy

The fact that you have decided to create an app like Hevy, eliminates the need to do project brainstorming. However, it would help to understand the limitations of the application to get an understanding of the features to add in yours.

With a high-level brainstorming done, let us move to the next part of Hevy-like health and fitness app development.

App design

App design

Once the app idea is finalized, the fitness app developers generally move to the designing phase. If you go by Hevy, what works for the application is a two-fold design system – a dedicated screen backed by minimal elements for every user activity and an innovative dashboard that shows routine progress through well-color defined graphs.

App development 

Once the designs are ready, we move to the coding side to build an app like Hevy.

The first step a fitness app development company takes is to finalize the features of the application and fit them into the wireframe built in the previous stage. After the core features and user movements are engineered, the next step that comes is technology integration. For example, if you want your app to have AI embedded in it for real-time fitness calculations, it will be integrated at this stage, likewise, IoT connectivity with smartwatches will be added here.

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App testing 

Once the process to make an app like Hevy is over, the next stage that comes is testing. Here, different testing approaches like manual, automated or a hybrid version are applied to ensure that the application is glitch-proof, have zero instances of hacks, and meets the user experience to its expected entirety.

App MVP launch

Once the app is checked for quality and user acceptance, we move to the MVP launch stage where the application is shared with prospective users for getting their feedback. 

The way to get users to give feedback on your MVP can be to offer them rewards in form of subscription, access to paid features, or something else. 

Appinventiv experts can help build your fitness app idea into reality

Now that you have clarity on the fitness tracker app development process and the details of the fitness app like Hevy cost, it is critical to know how to get the invested amount back.

How to make money from your Hevy-like app?

At Appinventiv when we work with fitness companies on their digitalization projects, we often suggest them monetization ideas around-

  • Paid app features 
  • Monthly/yearly subscriptions
  • eCommerce store with fitness products 
  • Paid consultations from fitness and dietary experts. 

What is necessary, however, is to have clarity on the model right when the development starts. This way, all the features, technologies, and user movements get aligned accordingly. 

With this, you now have a complete in-depth idea into the process and fitness app like Hevy cost. As we conclude the article, let us get down to some ways you can build an upgraded version of the Hevy application.

How to get a competitive edge over Hevy? 

While Hevy makes the monotonous job of workout training effective and easy to follow through, the area in which it lacks is not being beginner friendly. For a beginner in the fitness space, it can get confusing to create routines, track workout when they don’t even know the name of the equipment and the muscle it impacts. 

What would solve this is a better description of each routine and exercise details through media usage or by having a paid in-app trainer system. Next, the mode of monetization can be expanded by adding an eCommerce store in-app. 

There can be multiple other ways to get a leg up in the fitness tracking space even when the Hevy app development cost is kept low. Reach out to us with your idea and we can help you define your brand’s USPs while performing end-to-end fitness app development with a high service guarantee.

FAQs about Hevy-like app development cost

Q. How much does it cost to build an app like Hevy?

A. The cost to build an app like Hevy can be anywhere between $40,000 and $250,000 or more. It would ultimately depend on your chosen feature-sets, technology integrations, and the team structure, location of your partnered app development agency.

Q. How long does it take to create an app like Hevy?

A. The time it takes to build a Hevy clone app can approximately be 651 hours for backend development and somewhere around 1,120 hours for Android and iOS development individually.

Q. How can I create an app better than Hevy?

A. There are a few ways you can get an edge over the Hevy application – make the app beginner friendly by using videos to show exercises and equipment details, create an in-app eCommerce store, or have in-app virtual workout trainer sessions. 

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