6 Not-to-be Missed Steps to Launch Your Mobile App Successfully
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6 Not-to-be Missed Steps to Launch Your Mobile App Successfully

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Monday, May 9, 2016 13:32 PM |6 min read
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In today’s digitized era, there are multifarious apps which are downloaded everyday by the users. Mobile apps have assumed a great importance because all the required information can be obtained by the customers at their fingertips.

No matter whatever size your business is, a good mobile app certainly helps in retaining your customers, where at a single glance they can come to know about your products and make purchases from your business. Launching an app can help you with reinforce your brand and increase your accessibility by surging exposure across the mobile devices. But merely putting your app on the store might not help.

You need to formulate certain strategies and pre-launch programme for an efficient and effective download of your mobile app. This involves carrying out certain publicity campaigns and chalking out some steps which would help in recognition of your mobile app. There are many companies which specifically hire mobile app developers to carry out this task. But apart from this, here are few critical steps which can help in the effective launch of your app.


It is always better to choose only one app store for launching your app rather than multiple app stores. This would help in building greater concentration and focus of the customers towards your mobile app and all the latest updates to the app can be easily tracked so that any amendments if needed can be made in the app.


Promoting your app with paid exposure and advertising is a great way for the successful launch of your app. With a well-managed campaign, even the startups which have an initially small and limited budget can get a return on investment by paid exposure. Paid advertising is assuming greater importance because it puts your audience at your fingertips and it can help to acquire audience at an instant.


In order to successfully market your app, you can pair up with other mobile app developers which can feature your app in their own products. A good marketing strategy can be formulated mutually in order to launch the app. This can be done by pairing the app with other apps which have good ratings in the market.


Obviously social media strategies are something that can’t be overlooked today, however, you should concentrate on creating a search engine optimized content for your application. This can be in the form of blog posts, websites, e-mail marketing copies, articles and press releases etc. All these can be kept ready and then can be launched when needed.


For a successful launch of your app you can make a demo video as the audio-visual way is the most effective way for showcasing the functionalities of your application. The audio video method can create an indelible impression on the minds of the audience. The video can demonstrate how your apps work along with representing its features.


There are numerous websites which place a banner on them in order to redirect it to the app version. A good website must be made which can list all the features of your app without any restrictions on the word limit. Along with this, social media marketing skills can be teamed up for the successful launch of the application.

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