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3 Things That Drive User Engagement on Apps

September 18, 2015   bySonali Srivastava0 COMMENTS   815 views

With a vast array of apps present on several app stores like Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows store, it becomes extremely difficult to choose your favorite one. What are the reasons that make an app favorite among the users and makes user to stick along with that app? Let’s take a look on a three key reasons that drive user on any mobile app:

1. Does the App Serves Any Purpose?

The first and foremost thing that grabs attention of any user is the usefulness of an app. Apps like Ola, Saavn, Paytm cater to the user’s needs and that’s the reason why they have been so successful. Your app should be competent enough to survive in the rat race. Below mentioned are few of the scenarios which prompt any user to go ahead and download your app. The major reasons why any app is downloaded are

  • An app has become a necessity like Uber for Taxi booking, Snapdeal for hassle free shopping, Foodpanda for online food delivery and many more.
  • Users often hear good words about an app from their friends or relatives and download the same in order to get the first hand experience and to check its utility.
  • The app has gained popularity on the TV channels and it is trending on social media sites.
  • The user downloaded the app by mistake while browsing through app store.

2. Does The App Has Good User Retention?

An app developer should pay a deep attention to the areas that make the app successful. Your app should have the following elements in order to retain the users.

  • It should serve the purpose; a food ordering app should have all the related elements, a gaming app should be enticing enough to lure users, a news related app should be prompt and should provide updates on a real time basis.
  • The app should not be very complex and the navigation should be kept exceptionally simple so that maximum people can connect with and find it interesting.
  • The developer should keep updating the contents of the app on a regular basis to attract maximum user retention otherwise the app would prove redundant to users after some time.

3. What’s The App price and its reviews

Price is the most decisive factor that influences a person to download the app. While many apps on the store are completely free of cost, there are a few apps that are available at a certain price. Free trial versions allow the users to try the app and to have first hand experience about the app before purchasing it. Reviews on the app store too play a very vital role here; many users make their decision just based on other people’s views about the app. Therefore, try to keep your app bug free and keep updating the contents of your app.

It is not very tough to drive user attention if you get your basics right. The most important thing to consider is user experience; utmost care should be taken to improve the user experience. In addition to this, your app should have something worthwhile to offer to your target audience. Use all these ingredients and success would not be far away from you.

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