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NFT Development

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Our Suite of NFT Marketplace
Development Services

With Appinventiv’s NFT marketplace development services, businesses can build NFT
marketplace applications from scratch with hand-picked features.
NFT Marketplace Design

Our team designs and builds NFT marketplace platforms that are user-centric. We follow the right standards (ERC-721 and ERC-1155) for the creation of IPFS protocols and smart contracts where the users can smoothly trade and create NFTs.

NFT Development

No matter whatever asset you want to convert into cryptographic NFTs, our NFT developers can handle it from the project handover to launch. Get your NFT marketplace built with the finest feature stack by the experts.

NFT Smart Contract Development and Audit

Rule out the fund loss, cybersecurity breaches, and smart contract assets lockdown. Let your users feel confident and safe as their ownership gets transferred with our NFT smart contract development and audit services.

NFT Marketplace Support and Maintenance

With constant monitoring and maintenance, we provide complete support for new releases of operating systems, assuring continuous running of the nodes and managing third-party upgrades.

Leverage the Power of
NFT Metaverse
Marketplace Development

Consider a parallel universe, where avatars can perform activities similar to the real world. We help businesses launch their own NFT metaverse marketplace to bring together the ever-growing community of NFT traders and users.
The best part is, our NFT metaverse marketplace is interoperable with multiple metaverse projects. It supports tokenizations and you can instantly start trading on various types of avatars, digital lands, in-game assets, and other elements of the giant virtual world.
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Why Trust Appinventiv’s Unique
NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

Our experts can help you build a transparent, easy-to-use, and robust NFT marketplace that can give
your business the much-needed boost.
NFT Integration
Appinventiv experts develop different functionalities to build NFT from scratch, thus implementing it into the existing marketplaces. This will allow the users to get their digital assets tokenized successfully.
NFT Security-Driven
With a complete audit and security test of your smart contracts, the NFT marketplace developers analyze and fix all the loopholes in the source code, thus preventing any potential malicious attack.
Currency Support
Allow your platform to support different cryptocurrencies and feat, Appinventiv experts build an NFT Marketplace powered by the built-in exchange hubs, thereby making trading easier for the clients.
User Experience
Appinventiv specializes in providing intuitive UI/UX experience to the end-users. Bring your NFT marketplace to the App Stores and Google Play Stores with a fully-featured and easy-to-navigate mobile app, not just a responsive version of your website.

Appinventiv Helps You
Overcome All the Challenges
and Gets You a Scalable
NFT Marketplace Architecture

To reap the benefits of the fast-growing and promising
NFT marketplace, here’s how we help you build a scalable
architecture capable of overcoming all challenges.
Flawless UX/UI
We ensure you a smoother selling process, as you get seamless navigational features including filters, search, listing management, etc. Overall, we deliver you an NFT marketplace application that has a flawless UI & UX design.
99.9% Reliability
With Appinventiv, you get access to a state-of-art infrastructure that handles the users, operators, and transactions in bulk; because we know that it is a must for NFT marketplace development.
Smart Contracts
Get bulletproof smart contracts with proper IP tokenization and NFT minting along with ensuring accuracy, transparency, and high speed.
Maintaining strict cybersecurity is a must to protect all external and internal threats. Our experts understand this and deliver an application that is fully secured.
Payment Options
For a smoother white label NFT marketplace development, we offer the perfect medium through which your users can buy and sell NFTs using cryptocurrencies.
AML/KYC Compliant
For the prevention of money laundering, our tech wiz enables the monitoring of customers' transactions to generate reports on suspicious transactional activities.

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NFT Marketplace Development Process

The NFT Marketplace Development mainly involves sets of work processes, right from planning to
deployment. A well-stacked team of NFT developers works with multiple groups of technologies
and finally brings up a scalable NFT marketplace platform.
Choose Assets for Tokenization

Our NFT developers guide you throughout the development process beginning with the selection of assets for tokenization and preparing them for further steps. Right from traditional assets like bonds, capital funds, and real estate properties to exotic assets like race horses and sports teams; we help you streamline all.

Define User Roles and Set Permissions

The efficiency and security of your platform mainly depends on how well you are defining the user roles. For instance, you need to set proper managing permissions. Our NFT developers help you align your business goals with defining the user roles and permissions.

Outline the Development Workflow

Our NFT developers help you utilize the most suitable libraries, technologies, and other micro-services that suit your case. A detailed plan of the NFT development flow is charted out with criteria and deadlines that ensures quicker delivery of your project.

Development of Smart Contracts

An NFT marketplace company like Appinventiv with its skilled team creates smart contracts for you, which make the operation of your NFT marketplace development possible. We deliver you secure and TPS-friendly smart contracts along with providing you with the pre-launch audit in this plan.

Token Integration with the Platform

Our NFT marketplace development service includes end-to-end token integration with the platform. Our tech experts integrate the front-end with the back-end along with the deployment of the developed marketplace on a particular server.

Quality Testing

A necessary stage that we never miss before every launch. Although we create a platform that is itself scalable with easy navigational features, we also ensure high-end quality assurance or testing to make the application free of unpleasant corners and bugs.

Platform Release

Once the testing process is done, we go for the deployment process. And here you have your brand new NFT marketplace architecture, professionally configured and ready to amuse your audience.

Make your NFT platform echo worldwide
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Technology Stack that Our
NFT Marketplace Developers Utilize

Our NFT marketplace development experts utilize cutting-edge technologies for building innovative NFT marketplace solutions and offer you a hassle-free and seamless experience.
The success of driving more users mainly lies in the visual appeal of the user interface. By leveraging the high-end frontend and blockchain technology, Appinventiv, as an NFT marketplace development company achieves this.
We utilize the top storage platforms that ensure great performance
of your NFT application.
For providing smooth NFT Software Development progress
tracking, enhanced collaboration, and task management,
we offer these top project management tools.

We are Compliant with
All the NFT Standards

Enhanced security and ease of trade are something that is in high demand for NFT development. Our whitelabel NFT marketplace development services are compliant with the following standards.
Compliances and Industry Standards

NFT Marketplace Development:
A Promising Revenue Stream

Being a reputed NFT marketplace application development company, we enable businesses to unlock the NFT potential to get the best out of their upcoming transactions by converting all the digital assets into Non-Fungible Tokens for future growth.
NFT marketplace development is currently garnering business owners with great revenues. At Appinventiv, we help you embrace immense perks from the fast-growing NFT market by keeping all the technical aspects in order.
Scale your revenue with our NFT services and be the early adopters of NFT. Unearth the potential of NFT and leverage the plethora of benefits that it has to offer.
The NFT sales reached a valuation of $4.48 billion in January 2022, thus paving a way for making huge investment opportunities for the business.

Total 2021 NFT market cap


Annual NFT trading volume by
the end of 2021


August 2021 NFT trading
volume record

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