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Our Portfolio of Game App Development Services

We are the leaders of the mobile game app development industry with a great track record of delivering captivating and enthralling Android and iOS games for businesses worldwide. Here’s a glimpse of our suite of high-end game development services:

Mobile Game App Development

Harness the power of our robust mobile game development services and thrill your users across different platforms. Our skilled game developers have years of experience in developing feature-rich, highly interactive sports solutions that attract millions of gamers.

Web3 Game Development

We are a Web3 game development company with a talented team of developers who can assist in developing Web3 games of any scope, scale, and genre with their strong experience in blockchain gaming and other advanced technologies.

AR/VR Game App Development

Explore a wide range of AR and VR game app development services for multiple platforms in different genres with profound creativity and uniqueness. Our AR/VR game app developers are equipped with the expertise to bring your creative gaming thoughts and visions to life.

3D Game App Development

We offer premium and power-packed 3D game development services that provide an easy-to-use interface, and surreal graphics, keeping your Gen-Z users fully engaged.

Metaverse Game App Development

We offer unique and top-level metaverse game development services to help businesses dive into the wave of digital gaming. Whether you require a play-to-earn (P2E) game, player-vs-player (PvP) game, move-to-earn (M2E) game, or any other engaging game, our expert metaverse game developers will build an eyeball-grabbing metaverse gaming environment.

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Put Your Digital Sports & Fantasy Game App on Top Gear With These Features

We know how to keep your users hooked with a high-end gaming app integrated with advanced and user-friendly features and functionalities.


We create dynamic game applications for several iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and Apple watches with an exceptional user interface and high-end graphics. As a leading iOS mobile game app development company, we provide comprehensive iOS app development services for creating mobile gaming solutions optimized smoothly to run on different iOS devices.


At Appinventiv, we have a skilled team of Android game app development experts who create attractive and engaging games for Android devices by integrating diverse game themes and rich features. As one of the leading mobile game app development companies, our Android game developers design highly optimized Android gaming solutions that work well across all screen sizes and devices.


Our cross-platform custom game development services allow players to connect with different devices. Leverage the merits of our cross-platform game app development services to build a robust game that ensures scalability and smooth functionalities. Enjoy incredible gaming software that works across multiple platforms seamlessly without any glitches.

Types of Mobile Game Apps We Develop

We are a mobile game app development company that develops high-end gaming solutions for every segment of the sports and games ecosystem. No matter who your end users are, we have your game needs and expectations covered in our expansive gaming app development solutions.

Fantasy Sports Apps

We are a fantasy sports app development company that prepares your app to join the million-dollar sports industry, enabling a multitude of gamers’ participation in the day and season-long gaming sessions.

Coaching and Training Apps

Our team of sports app developers excels in creating interactive apps that help sports enthusiasts learn a new sport with ease and in the comfort of their time.

On-Demand Sports Coach App

As one of the leading mobile game app development companies, our on-demand sports coach app services offer sports learners the ability to practice their movements by taking help from coaches when they feel the need to, without waiting for their next training session.

Game Streaming App Solutions

We specialize in offering premium gaming app development services by developing live sports event streaming apps strategized to give high load speeds along with a superior viewing experience irrespective of the network conditions.

Games Event Booking Apps

Our mobile game development services include designing and developing event booking solutions that are powered to handle thousands of users in a robust, hack-proof environment.

Sports Betting Apps

We are a sports betting app development company that builds secure sports betting platforms to make it safe for viewers to place a bet on their favorite sports team. Know the cost of building a sports betting app.

Team & League Management

In addition to sports betting app development, we also provide custom web solutions that streamline the process of monitoring and managing sports teams and leagues.

Cloud gaming applications are going viral globally with cloud investment expanding at an impressive 47.9% CAGR

Why Choose Appinventiv for Game App Development?

Being a reputed sports app development services provider, Appinventiv has been pioneering in serving modern business needs by delivering top-notch game software development solutions globally. Here are some of the reasons why our game development services are the best choice when it comes to building robust game apps:

Agile Process

Being a leading mobile games development company, our sports app developers follow the best agile methodologies by conducting frequent scrum events to optimize the methods and practices of sports app development, thereby delivering fine results.

Customer Satisfaction

As a leading fantasy sports app development company, our dedicated team includes 1000+ agile developers. Our team is not only highly responsive to client requirements and changes, but has proactive internal compatibility that ensures on-time delivery of all projects.

Integrity & Transparency

As one of the globally recognized gaming app development companies, we believe in remaining transparent with our clients and offer every small project detail. We deliver customized solutions with complete project details, right from conceptualization to deployment.

Turnkey Scalability

We create game apps with the ability to boost operational performance and strength so that our clients can engage as many users as they like. This turnkey approach enables you to see higher growth as you get a fully scalable app deployed.

We Follow a Transparent Mobile Game App Development Process

As part of our trusted sports app development services, we assist you at all levels of the mobile gaming app development process - from documenting your app requirements to ensuring a smoother launch and providing post-launch support.
01 - 07

Project Analysis

The game's storyline, fundamental design, and rules are all finalized during the pre-production stage. We include all pertinent information in the game development document (GDD).

02 - 07

Concept Art

Following the documentation process, we create the basic concept art for the in-game characters, settings, and other items in this step. Clarity on impending procedures and 3D visualization is facilitated by concept art.

03 - 07

Creation of Game Assets

Our game development experts craft sketches that are modeled into 2D and 3D game assets in accordance with the game theme and vision.

04 - 07

Designing Levels

As the game development progresses, we develop and design new levels, player abilities, obstacles, mechanisms, and objects. Our primary goal is to provide a fantastic gaming experience that guarantees success.

05 - 07

Game Optimization

By improving the graphics, we improve the visual experience of gaming. Additionally, it guarantees that the visual quality remains constant across a broad range of system specifications.

06 - 07


At this stage, we employ stringent testing procedures to find bugs, if any, in the game. When issues are found, we fix them so that the game is prepared for release.

07 - 07

Final Launch

As a dedicated Web3 game development company, we strive to assist clients with game app releases on targeted platforms. As part of our full game development services, we also address post-production problems.

Put Your Digital Sports and Fantasy Game App on Top Gear With These Features

We know how to keep your users hooked with a high-end gaming app integrated with advanced and user-friendly features and functionalities.

Real-Time Score Updates

We give your users the freedom to access real-time scores and schedule updates. They can now access the news, stats, scores, sports betting coverage, and videos, all at the same time.

Augmented Reality

We, as a mobile game development company, have the skills to place your viewers on the ground along with their favorite stars from the comfort of their homes.

Social Media Integration

We add an interactivity quotient to your sports app by linking them to social media platforms. Your users can easily log in to the gaming app through their social media profiles, share their achievements, avatars, and much more.

Push Notifications

We strategically plan the placements of push notifications that efficiently boost your marketing efforts. Keep your users engaged with recent app updates, news, bonus points, offers, and much more.


Our Web3 gaming development services backed by GPS functionality helps keep your users informed of sports events happening near them and helps them locate sports coaches in their proximity.

Big Data

We help sports agencies and venue managers gain insights into how users are interacting with their business - what elements are keeping them engaged and what instances are pushing them away.

Live Streaming

We add live streaming functionality to your sports apps to make it a one-stop shop for your users to get real-time updates of all game's movements and scores.

Communication Tools

To make your application more interactive, our game app developers give your sports enthusiast users the provision to interact with each other during a betting session or while the fantasy game lasts.

Advanced Tools and Technologies We Utilize for Game App Development

With the world getting better with disruptions and innovations, the Games industry should not fall back too. Our team of game and fantasy sports app developers is playing their part in seamlessly merging the sports and games sector with advanced technologies.

Advanced Technologies

Development Tools


Design Tools

Autodesk Maya
After effect



Frequently Asked Questions

An average mobile game takes 5 to 18 months to develop from conception to release. The time length of developing a game app mainly depends on the features that are being integrated and other project complexities that the team might encounter during the development phase. Let’s have a look at some such project complexities below:

  • Game assets
    For mobile games, as opposed to PC games, the process of creating game assets is more straightforward. Depending on whether the game is designed for PC or mobile, this aspect will be significant in deciding the duration of development.
  • Team’s expertise and speed
    The time taken to complete a game app development project also depends on the pace and expertise of the team. The game development team must be adept at building innovative sports app solutions and capable of delivering the project on or before the deadline.
  • Gameplay
    There are many different game genres accessible, and each one has a certain completion time. One of the primary determining elements for game completion in these games is the gameplay, as with the addition of more levels and features; it would take more time for final deployment.
  • Choice of mobile game type
    Some mobile games take more than one to two years to develop, while others simply take a few months. Games like 2D casino games, puzzle games, and ultra- or hyper-casual games, however, take less time—between a few weeks and around three months. Because the tools are readily available, it is conceivable.

The cost of developing gaming apps depends on a number of factors, including platform preference, types of features, user outreach, the complexity of gaming level designing, implementation of advanced technologies, location of the hired game development company, and others.

Let’s check out the rough estimate of game app development cost as per its complexities and levels:

App Complexity Level Estimated Cost
MVP $10,000 to $50,000
Beginner $50,000 to $100,000
Normal $100,000 to $300,000
Advanced $300,000 to $1,000,000

It may be noted that the cost to build a game app is also greatly impacted by the type of app that is being developed. For example, the cost of fantasy sports app development may range from $25,000 to $200,000. On the other hand, web3 game development services from a reputed web3 game development company may cost around $35,000 to $300,000.

For a clear cost estimate for your game app development project, contact our experts.

Here are a few things that you need to consider before hiring the right game apps development company to transform your game idea into reality. Let's check the factors one by one.

  • Portfolio
    It is essential to check out the complete experience of your chosen tech partner before you jump into the hiring process. Check out its portfolio and learn more about its reputation in the market by looking at the previous projects they have worked on. Also, get a detailed understanding of the team, their expertise, their skills and experience in the game app development domain, and their success rate.
  • Ratings and feedback
    You can also decide on the right game app development company by checking their feedback and ratings on popular listing websites like Clutch. The professionals must be experts in creating different genres of engaging, innovative, and fun games, along with delivering quality solutions.
  • Transparency in the game app development process
    A good mobile game development company follows a transparent and agile app development process by keeping you in the loop of every stage of the software development life cycle. Right from developing a detailed game concept to choosing a design style till QA testing and launch, you will be able to see everything that is taking place.
  • Cost of game app development
    This is one of the most vital things to consider when choosing a game app development firm. Talk with the experts, explain your project requirements in detail, and ask them to give the complete cost estimate of your game app development project. Considering your budget, decide if the Web3 game development service firm is good enough for hiring after checking their expertise and previous work. Make the final decision only when the ratio of quality of services vs. cost is genuine and affordable.

As a dedicated Web3 game development company, our team uses Unity and Unreal, the two most effective game engines in the industry for developing gaming apps and platforms. Furthermore, we also utilize other game development frameworks like Cocos2d, PlayCanvas, HTML5, BabylonJS, etc.

The credit for our success as a reputed mobile game development company goes to our team of proficient game app developers who follow the best practices of gaming app development and deploy engaging gaming solutions. Our game app development team consists of a strong team of skilled professionals like:

  • Project managers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Animators and graphic designers
  • DevOps engineers
  • App testers
  • Business analysts

To develop a Web3 game app that can help you dominate the gaming industry, the first step is to finalize a gaming concept that incorporates the use of digital tokens. After choosing the desired blockchain platform, the second step involves integrating the dedicated Web3 tools.

The next step for development will require you to develop smart contracts in order to manage in-game assets and transactions. After developing an intuitive UI that can incorporate the blockchain transaction, it is now time to test the app in order to verify it for scalability and security. The final stage of Web3 game development includes launching the app on the blockchain networks as well as the desired app platforms.

In order to develop a robust web3 gaming app, it is further advisable to partner with a dedicated Web3 gaming development service company like Appinventiv that can help you put things into perspective while working as per your custom business requirements.

Connect with our experts to share your web3 game development idea.

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