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Mobile App Development

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We help you actuate your visionary ideas into revenue-generating mobile apps

From conceptualization and delivery to maintenance, Appinventiv is a mobile app development company that partners with you to build mobile apps that trend, go viral, and live for eternity.

Mobile apps are flooding the market today. Hyper-connected users appreciate the freedom and flexibility of accessing their favoured software from any device and over all platforms. Wearable apps, geo-location tracking enabled apps, intelligent apps, apps that function almost like a human..the innovations in mobile app development are breathtaking and inspiring. A high-performing app developed conscientiously by our experienced team, will help your business reach untapped audience segments and delight them with its user-centered features.

We promise to overdeliver and undercharge.

Mobile App Development and More - Our Services

Wondering how to choose the best mobile app development platform for your app?

How to Choose the best Mobile Application Development platform for an app Read our blog and make an informed decision….
Mobile App Consultancy
Mobile App Consultancy Assess, define & tailor your mobile strategy

We provide strategic consultation if you have a bright app idea. From inception to post launch analysis, we handhold you through every mobile app development process. We outline a mobile strategy, provide guidelines for efficient project execution, derive concrete analytics for your app and help devise result-oriented promotion strategies.

  • Strategic Product Definition
  • Business and Market Insights
  • Concept Validation
  • Features Prioritization
  • Usability Testing
  • Content Strategy
  • Data Oppurtunity Strategy
iPhone App Development
iPhone App Development Build rapidly & load instantly apps.

iOS platform’s reputation is well established from decades. Claiming more than 33% of the market share, iOS applications are proving to be extremely profitable for businesses. Our 250+ certified mobile app developers have crafted iPhone apps that trend on Apple’s play store and create instant brand recognition. Tailored, secure and engaging- our iPhone apps are light years ahead of competition in terms of design and innovation.

  • Custom iPhone apps
  • iPhone/iPad games
  • Enterprise-level apps
  • Phone app UI/UX Design
  • Widget/Extension development
  • App Consultation
  • App support, optimization and maintenance
  • App integration
Android App Development
Android App Development Build rapidly & load instantly apps.

Android platform’s popularity is surging ahead with the speed of light. With the number of smartphone users multiplying exponentially worldwide, Android apps are the need of the hours. losing out on this lion’s share of the market can mean negative swing in revenues. Android apps created by our mobile app development team boast of mesmerizing design, clean coding, data security and responsive interface.

  • Apps made using React Native are built faster and reloaded instantly.
  • React Native makes it easy to optimize elements in your application as it uses native code.
  • Apps can combine the best of React Native with other languages.
Wearable Development
Wearable Development Revolutionary wearables have created disruption in the app market.

They are anticipated to overtake conventional apps sooner rather than later. Appinventiv is a leading mobile app development company that is armed with the latest tools and technologies to create groundbreaking wearable apps for end users and enterprises. Fitness, medical, lifestyle, gaming or utilities- we have a wearable solution for all domains.

  • IoT-based wearable apps
  • Wearable healthcare apps
  • Wearable utility apps
  • Wearables for entertainment and gaming
  • Wearable Augmented Reality apps
  • Wearables for iOS and Android
React Native
React Native Build rapidly & load instantly apps.

With React Native, we don't build a mobile web app, an HTML5 app, or a hybrid app, we build a real mobile app that's indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java. React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps, but has fundamental advantages over these apps in the following ways:

  • Apps made using React Native are built faster and reloaded instantly.
  • React Native makes it easy to optimize elements in your application as it uses native code.
  • Apps can combine the best of React Native with other languages.
UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design Designs aimed to engage and retain users.

User experience is critical to the success of any mobile app. From the moment a user downloads your app to the check-out or culmination stage, the experience and interaction should be unobtrusive and seamless. We care about how users interact with our designs. Our design team works in close quarters with the strategy team to deliver exceptional interactions, visual polish, and strategic objectives. Our mobile app development team of designers are adept in offering high-end designing services like Architectural 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering Exterior & Interior, 2D Illustration and 3D animation.

  • Behavioural Data Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Design Concept
  • Usability Testing
  • Push Notification Strategy
  • User Experience Analytics
Backend Development
Backend Development Efficient integration of ends giving offline superpower to apps.

We integrate MBaaS (mobile backend as a service) into our mobile app development module. Our powerful backend frontend integration lets the users focus on the amazing experience while millions of data bytes are crossing the end barriers and securely storing for efficient use later. Our built-in MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle data connectors seamlessly connect your mobile app to your existing database with visual content mapping. We give your apps offline superpowers by saving changes locally while offline, and synchronizing them when reconnected. We deploy data to cloud that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

  • Backendless
  • Appcelerator
  • Kinvey
  • Firebase
  • Kumulos
  • Sencha
  • Amazon AWS
  • Kii
  • Anypresence
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Bug free, market ready products.

However beautifully-crafted is the user experience or seamless is the integration between interfaces, an app will fail if it doesn’t function perfectly. This we avoid through thorough testing of your apps throughout its lifecycle so that they are market-ready before launch. We test against common test cases as well as rare user cases to avoid glitches….this is the reason why Appinventiv has been able to establish its reputation among leading mobile app development companies.

  • On-Device Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Visual QA
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • QA Consulting
  • Agile Testing Process
App Support & Maintainance
App Support & Maintainance Scaling up or down, feature changes & more

Apart from developing and launching world-class applications, we provide holistic support and maintenance through an app’s lifespan and well after its deployment. Whether it’s improving the UI/UX as per user demands or migrating from a platform to another, our experienced engineers perform the task without interrupting workflow or disrupting user experience…. the true mark of a client-oriented mobile app development company.

  • App Monitoring
  • App Upgrades
  • Feature Extentions
  • App Support
Internet of Things
Internet of Things Cloud power and hyper connection

The future is a collision between big data (and data science) and mobile application development that will yield a world of ‘intelligent apps’. These apps combine customer, product and operational insights (uncovered with predictive and prescriptive analytics) with modern application development tools and user-centric design to create a more compelling, more prescriptive user experience. These intelligent apps not only know how to support or enable key user decisions, but they continually learn from the user interactions to become even more relevant and valuable to those users.

  • Image-processing algorithms
  • Natural language assimilation
  • Predicting user needs
iBeacon Low energy consuming, proximity based apps

Our API allows you to program and interact with low-energy bluetooth-enabled Beacons seamlessly. We have a global admin platform to manage your Beacon and analyze usage statistics. From anywhere, guide your customers and provide them with desired information. Because every customer is unique, adapt your communication based on their behavior, localization and buying habits. From our web-based platform, manage your messages and notifications : promo, videos, music, etc.

  • Mobile Payments
  • Providing information on location
  • Indoor navigation and maps
  • Discount notifications
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Document Transfer
Android VR
Android VR Low energy consuming, proximity based apps

Consumer expectations are heightening day by day. They look for new innovative ways of engaging with businesses and getting the most bang out their buck. Emerging technologies such as wearables, IoT, AR and VR help businesses surpass audience expectations in terms of engagement and interaction. Appinventiv is way ahead on the learning curve in these disruptive technologies. As a leading mobile app development company, we offer integration of VR in our apps mainly in these domains:

  • Retail
  • Gamification
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering domains
Apple TV app development
Apple TV app development Since Apple TV’s launch in 2005, it has undergone tremendous change.

Apple upgrades their popular product every year and so do we. With the advent on TvOS, Apple lovers world over can access their favorite apps on Tv platform. Playing games, social and productivity tasks, finding new content and exploring new video apps on the larger screen have become a breeze by Apple TV apps. Appinventiv’s cognition in technology helps you exploit Apple TV space too. our Apple TV apps are compatible with:

  • Apple TV 4K
  • Apple TV(4th Generation)
  • iPhone
  • iPad
Mobile App Integration
Mobile App Integration Seamless intergration with third parties

It’s a challenge to integrate a native or web app to existing infrastructure such as your ERP or CRM systems. The aim is to quickly expose your existing infrastructure to this new 'mobile delivery channel', while minimizing changes to your back-end infrastructure. Organizations that are able to achieve this quickly will be able to expose their traditional business models to entirely devices and demographics. For customers who need integration roadmap from scratch, Appinventiv provides a set of pre-project services to ensure clear integration vision, clear deliverables/budget/timeline choices, optimal technology choice and security architecture.

  • Enterprise Information Architecture Analysis, Audit and Planning
  • Technology Consulting
  • Security Consulting
  • Project Analysis & Planning
  • Integration Architecture Design
  • Process & Data Modelling
  • Detailed Analysis of Technology Choices
Mobile App Architecture
Mobile App Architecture Carefully laid out blueprints with holistic designs

Robust architecture is the foundation of great mobile apps. As a leading mobile app development company, we have understood the significance of good mobile app architecture. We develop the architecture of your mobile apps on a framework divided into three layers- business layer, user interface layer, and data layer. Ensuring the scalability and security requirements that are the mark of a flawless app - we follow a scientific procedure to craft a comprehensive blueprint for your product. We keep tab on variables such as device choice, bandwidth, user interface, navigation method, etc. in order to keep the flow of data fluid.

  • Secure Programming
  • Well-Defined Execution Paths
  • Performance Tuning
  • Inter-app Communication
  • Efficient Work In Multitasking Environment
Mobile App Analytics
Mobile App Analytics Measure app performance through actionable metrics

A reputable mobile app development company will not only develop quality products but also provide you tools to measure and analyze their products’ performance. We uncover valuable data that shows how well your app is performing - from business point-of-view as well as from users’ perspective. We have cutting edge analytics tools such as Flurry, Google Mobile Analytics, Appsalar, Mixpanel, Apple Mobile Analytics and Amplitude and we measure app conversion by proven metrics. Using our insight, you can improve your app’s returns or overhaul its weak elements. Our analytics will help you maximise ROI from your product which is the topmost objective of most app vendors and makers.

  • Installs Tracking
  • Retention Metrics
  • Break Even Metrics
  • Measuring In App Ad Performance
  • Cohrot Analysis
  • Custom Metrics
Framework Development
Framework Development Boost the efficiency and performance through lightweight frameworks

Choosing the right framework for your mobile application is a crucial step that can decide its fate. development speed, features support, cost considerations, and associated risks are some of the factors one needs to weigh before drilling down on their suitable framework. Appinventiv, a leading mobile app development company, assesses your business needs and app’s requirements to arrive at the framework that will strike a good balance between all 4 differentiators and give you the best return for your investment.

  • Mobile Angular UI
  • Intel XDK
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • Sensa Touch
  • Kenda UI
  • Phone Gap
Multilingual Apps
Multilingual Apps Conquering the globe, overcoming all barriers

Our developers and content writers collaborate to make the multilingual application launch process as efficient and comprehensive as possible. Our processes ensure a globally appropriate application that’s ready not just for the development stage, but each phase of internationalization and localization.

  • Integration with visual studio IDE
  • Pseudo level integration
  • Microsoft Language Portal
  • Machine transfer UI
  • Transport file import & export roundtrip
  • Dedicated localization editor
Mobile App Development Process- Here’s How We Do It
Innovation doesn’t happen by accident or by discussing in a boardroom. Research, strategy and outcomes always govern Appinventiv’s processes. These result in apps that are inherently free of risk and provide extraordinary digital experiences.
01. | Requirement Analysis

Identify and capture stakeholders requirements & build multiple use cases to describe each action.

02. | Mental Prototyping

Solution is expressed as visual design to uncover usability issues. Relevant feedback and constant collabration is maintained with client.

03. | Technical Feasibility Testing

Complete understanding of solution’s feasibility regarding the back-end systems & platforms is gathered.

04. | Building Prototype

Wireframing is done and invaluable data is organized into different stages.

05. | Design & Development

Interaction architecture is developed for design elements that results in blueprints & directions that give a clear vision to the final product.

06. | Agile Development

Responsive apps are developed that can evolve over time using flexible agile methodologies.

07. | Quality Assurance

User Experience Testing (UAT) and Beta Testing is done to remove bugs and deliver an error free design.

08. | Maintainance & Support

Once the solution is launched, its maintainance can be trusted by our team.

Our Work- What Makes Us a Leading Mobile App Development Company
NextGTV, Gullak, iPad app are just a few of our stellar products that have seen over 25 million downloads from Google Playstore. Regardless of budget or complexity, Appinventiv’s creative team has the capacity to transform your business ideas into apps that are tactically-designed and meticulously-crafted. In the ultra-competitive app development ecosystem, We have managed to create an indisputable niche with timely deliveries, excellent project communications, and most importantly, premium quality products that have earned us repeat clients and lucrative projects.
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iPhone App Development
iPhone App Development Build rapidly & load instantly apps. Service
Wearable Development Revolutionary wearables have created disruption in the app market. Service
We Have Created Undisputable Niche With Our Projects
Timely deliveries, excellent project communications, and most importantly, premium quality products that have earned us repeat clients and lucrative projects.
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