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Appinventiv is a BI company whose services and solutions help organizations to not only adapt but also master new advancements in technology.
BI Consulting

Our business intelligence (BI) consulting services help organizations identify gaps and opportunities by providing powerful insights through a myriad of data visualization techniques. To ensure the best in class BI consulting services, we assign a multidisciplinary team of BI technology consultants and business analysts. Such an approach allows solving different business problems holistically and achieving unprecedented results.

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Our enterprise business intelligence solutions consolidate multi-formatted data across an organization’s different departments and divisions into a secure and centralized data storage and enable data analysis by business users of all levels. Our BI platforms for enterprises support the complete analytics process, starting from data ingestion to data visualization.

Implementation of BI Applications

To ensure our clients derive maximum value from their BI investments, we offer a wide range of BI implementation services starting from data management and warehousing to data analytics and reporting. Our every BI implementation project is unique in its requirements and the steps involved in the process depend on the scale and complexity of the project.

BI Support & Maintenance

Our skilled BI technology experts have the ability to maintain as well as enhance an organization’s existing BI solutions including, analytics, reporting, ETL, database development & administration, and more. We support a myriad of BI platforms and databases and provide a comprehensive support solution tailor-made to an organization’s business needs, driving results including low incident occurrence and reduced total cost of ownership.

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How You will Benefit with Appinventiv’s BI Services & Solutions

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Our cutting-edge BI solutions help you discover insights from business data that you didn’t even know existed, thereby allowing you to perform accurate forecasting and develop effective business strategies.

With BI as a service, we offer diverse forms of data analysis results. Whether you require data in the form of PDF, PPT or interactive dashboard, we get all your requirements covered to help you get quick insights into your business operations.

Our business intelligence experts use advanced tools to create the most engaging and interactive dashboards for your business. The user-friendly yet robust dashboards can be used to observe key business KPIs and perform other useful activities.

Our experts understand that time is money for your business and thus ensure the delivery of a BI solution in the quickest time possible. We deliver the first analytical insights typically in a week’s time. A fully functional BI solution with the essential features takes approximately one month.

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BI Solution Implementation Process

At Appinventiv, we define the following stages to ensure the best possible approach to the development of sophisticated Data Science & Analytics solutions that meet your business needs.
Discuss business requirements

Our team of BI experts starts by gathering your business requirements. Once we have an overall understanding of your business goals and requirements, we determine the solution, approach, and technology that will perfectly fit your business needs.

Collect & integrate data

Next, our team starts collecting your business data from various sources such as Excels, ERP systems, and file systems, and integrates them into one master database. This process enables you to easily access different types of data from a single place.

Analyze & prepare data

The collected and integrated data is then prepared for exploration, analysis and modeling. Our BI technology experts implement highly scalable data processing scripts to transform the datasets into appropriate formats.

Get insights

Together with clients, defined business problems are solved by reaching conclusions from the data exploration process using various data mining techniques and advanced BI tools. Our BI solution not only helps clients understand what and when something happened but also why it happened

Create BI dashboards & reports

Our team creates top-notch BI dashboards and reports that are not only visually appealing but also easy to understand. The advanced dashboards reduce user interaction and save time enabling stakeholders to work on other significant areas of business. It also helps organizations to make the right business decisions at the right time and manage all processes smoothly.

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Technologies We Use

Scikit Learn
R Programming
Tensor Flow

Frequently asked questions

Appinventiv is a one of the fastest growing BI software development companies offering expertise in the areas of:

  • BI consulting
  • Enterprise BI solutions
  • BI implementation
  • BI support & maintenance

We start by understanding the business objectives of the client followed by doing a thorough analysis of the existing enterprise business intelligence solution. Based on our analysis and research, we suggest and implement the best optimization strategies for the product/solution.

As part of our BI consulting services, we assist organizations in enhancing their data strategy and internal processes. We evaluate the existing data analytics systems of organizations and help them develop a BI roadmap for improved business outcomes.

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