Mobile App Development for Jewelry Industry – Cost & Features

Sudeep Srivastava December 21, 2022
Mobile App Development for the Jewelry Industry

In February 2021, the jewelry industry in the US sold jewelry worth nearly $3.4 billion, as per a report by Statista. Certainly, the US offers a pool of opportunities for jewelry businesses to flourish. However, great results come to those who improvise.

With over 290 million smartphone users in the US alone, it won’t be wrong to say that people prefer ease of access. A neatly planned and crafted online jewelry business app can offer them the same.

In this blog, we discuss some of the key highlights to find out and consider while targeting the jewelry industry through a mobile app.

State of the US jewelry Market

State of the US Jewelry Market from January 2017 to May 2021

A Mobile App can help trigger jewelry sales

Mobile app development has been in the buzz since it was introduced to the world. A jewelry online shopping app can help buyers browse jewelry before making a purchase. Here are a number of ways that an app can help in:

A Mobile App can help trigger jewelry sales

Global reach

As over 290 million people in the US use a smartphone, your business can have a great chance at getting suitable exposure, right when it’s needed.

An online jewelry business app can give your store immense reach to a wider set of audience. By publishing your mobile app on the App Store and Playstore, your potential for reaching customers will increase dramatically. More reach means more popularity, hence more sales for your business.

Brand building

A jewelry online shopping app helps establish a brand in a cost effective manner. It helps build a brand, helps sell your products, keeps customers close and the process of app development doesn’t break the bank.

Additionally, by appropriately branding your app to the target audience, you can be boosting brand awareness and might encourage some sales or even footfall to your brick and mortar store.

Product listing

A mobile app for your jewelry business can help act as a catalogue where you can list your products and promote them to the target audience. Jewelry is meant to hold a special place in the heart of its owner, thus, having to invest in the development of an app that helps you display your work with the best-handpicked designs for your customers makes the journey all the more satisfying for the customer. 

Increase in ROI

Studies suggest that nearly 90% of the mobile internet time is spent on mobile apps.

This indicates how people prefer using applications over websites on their smartphones. 

Customization of pieces can play a significant role in making customers feel satisfied with the products they buy. A jewelry store app can help generate more business, more sales and greater returns.

Featuring jewelry on a mobile app

The jewelry app development company that you choose should create an Admin panel and a User panel. If you have multiple stores at different locations, a deliverer panel may also help.

User Panel: 

A user panel should have the following features: 


Login allows users to log in to the jewelry shopping app with their credentials like email or Facebook to create a profile on your app. The profile helps users access information like order history, received products, and monetary transactions made by them. 

Add to wish list/add to cart:

Users can select the ornaments and add them to their wish list. Then, if they want to buy, they can add it to the cart and proceed to the payment process. 

Store locator:

Jewelry businesses with multiple stores can integrate a ‘locate the store’ feature to help their customers reach their store using GPS.

Customisation and communication:

Customisation feature allows users to add/delete/change/reorder the ornaments according to their requirements.

Order management:

Users can make/ cancel/ reorder/schedule their orders along with the tracking options for the same.

Ratings/Reviews and customer delight:

The customers’ feedback through ratings and reviews can help you in improving the app and the overall quality of the business.

Admin Panel

On the admin panel, include the following features: 

Create/manage jewelry catalog:

The app can have a feature to allow the admin to create catalogues for categorizing various products.

Manage alerts and notifications:

With a mobile app, business owners can promote their business within the app through advertisements. Users can get the latest product notification, delivery notifications on the go through the app. These notifications can also generate invoices or receipts and email for the customer.

Scanning bar codes to add/remove the product:

If a product has been sold, the admin can update its status in the catalog by scanning the barcode attached to every product in the store.

Shipping options:

The customer should easily be able to view different shipping options, as not having a clear idea can make you lose on potential leads and convert them into sales.

History and reports:

The admin should be able to get all the history such as orders placed/canceled/ reordered/ rescheduled, etc. on a customised dashboard to have quick insights into the data without much hassle.


Payment Gateway integration:

Safe and secure payment gateways help users to pay securely. Payment gateways allow multiple gateways such as credit or debit card payment, net banking, cash on delivery and more. Integrate secure payment gateways so that it can generate your international monetary transactions.

Additional jewelry app development features:

Features like AR/VR on your app can improve the buying decisions of customers. 

AR/VR is an emerging technology and can make wonders if utilized in the right direction.

Given the budget, you can use this feature for an exceptional user experience. With AR/ VR, customers can virtually view how the ornament looks on them, or fits them. They can make choices with single clicks and make a sure shot decision without wasting much time.

This feature is a boon as it ensures increased sales and revenue. 

You can also subscribe to bandwidth management software along with your server, to better control how data transfer is handled. If bandwidth isn’t and controlled, you run the risk of encountering poor network performance resulting in a loss of target leads. 

Additionally, opt for a feature that sets metrics and creates both pre- and post-sale reports for a deeper insight into the products and buying behaviour of the customer.

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Choose the best jewelry shopping app development company

As the competition is tough among the mobile app development companies, business owners need to choose a company or a jewelry app developer that understands their business and their customers to make wise decisions.

Therefore, it’s advisable to go through their portfolio before you call it a deal. One crucial aspect is the quality of photos. Your jewelry app development company should display high-quality pictures in the app as your business depends on a good representation of the ornament.

Additionally, it’s crucial to find out whether the company prioritises no-code or core app development practices.

While no-code apps may pave an “easy-way-out,” they come with a vast pool of cons that may make them the poor choice for your business.

For example, a no-code mobile app will lack customisation options; the jewelry app developers can not entirely control it. Various elements may need to be purchased even after owning the template; plus, no-code applications are built using different templates and platforms that do not always follow specific development standards.

As a result, hiring suitable talent for managing your no-code application may be a challenge, as not all great development companies may be well-versed with the specific platform that your application is using.

Such challenges do not exist when a qualified development company like Appinventiv takes on your mobile app development project from scratch.

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Cost for jewelry app development

A basic android app for selling jewelry with basic functions and features can cost somewhere around $50 to $70 Per Hour.

To estimate the cost to develop a jewelry app, one has to consider factors like the platform your business will be on, the e-commerce app or website’s functionality, and the technology stack to be utilised. These aspects can give a rough idea of the cost that can be increased or decreased based on other factors. 

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Mobile apps generate quick sales in many cases. App functioning and profit generation are taken care of when your business has an app in place. So the success of your online jewelry business can be much more and also hassle-free.

Sudeep Srivastava
Co-Founder and Director
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