8 Irresistible Reasons Why Business Should Invest in Mobile App

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
8 Irresistible Reasons Why Business Should Invest in Mobile App

Today, there are millions of business apps in the market – with two or more applications for every particular service you need. And surprisingly, these numbers are increasing at an exponential rate.

In a scenario like this, if you are someone still wondering why a business should invest in mobile app, this blog will be an awakening call for you.

Here, in this article, we will dig deeper into the mobile app economy and come up with 8 prime reasons to join the mobile app bandwagon. Later, we will look into how to invest in an app wisely and earn higher outcomes.

But firstly, let’s turn towards some statistical numbers to strengthen the idea.

1.Business apps account for 9.78% share in the App Store; making it the second most popular category among the users.

2.The mobile app store revenue will rise to $188.9 billion by the year 2020.

3.Non-game app downloads are predicted to grow by 23% in the coming 5 years, projecting to revenue of $182 billion in 2020.

4.The shift from desktop to mobile is increasing. The total page views on mobile apps have increased from 41% to 53% in between 2016 and 2017, while the page views with websites have reduced.

5.The total time spent by Android users with apps have proliferated by 63% in just one year.

With this attended to, it is quite possible that you have gained insights about the mobile market – implying it is the right time for you to watch out for reasons why your business needs a mobile app – something that we will cover in the next phase of the article.

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Mobile App For Your Business

1. Reach to a Wider Audience

With the momentous rise in smartphones sales, a great shift is observed in the way users interact with products, and services. Today, rather than going with word-of-mouth marketing and browsing on websites, people prefer to grab all the opportunities from a mobile app. This implies having your own brand application can help you to reach a wider audience and enjoy higher perks, but only when you make a worthy investment in app development with a clarity of what you need and why, and putting your best efforts into the process to perform competitive analysis for your app idea.

2. Enjoy Convenience

The answer to why mobile apps are important is that they add convenience to the whole business process. They empower businesses to provide the customers with all the features and facilities on the same platform ranging from searching for the right item/service to adding them to cart, making the payment using different means, checking the status of the delivery, and sharing feedback. In this way, add convenience to their experience.

3. Effective Customer Engagement

One of the prevalent reasons why every business should invest in mobile app development is that it keeps the customers hooked to the brand. The business mobile applications, by integrating technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), etc., make it easier for businesses to attract more customers, provide them with personalized experience, and maintain communication day and night. In this way, the application makes the users feel valued and encourage them to remain in touch with the brand more often.

4. Higher Brand Recognition

Mobile apps have also proved to be an indispensable part of business in terms of brand recognition. The applications, when residing in the App Store, catch the attention of the users scrolling down and encourage them to install, while prompt them to tap on your app icon when present on the screens of users’ devices. This helps small businesses to easily come across the right audience and make room for them in the competitive marketplace.

5. Get Quick Access to Analytics

Another significant benefit of mobile apps for small business is that it eases the process of gathering user data and gaining insights. In simpler words, it provides businesses with heap of data regarding how customers interact with their app, what they like the most and what not, how much time they spend on their platform on an average, etc. These insights further help them with planning their marketing strategy wisely and enjoy the best results from investing in mobile application development.

6. Perform Significant Marketing

Mobile business apps are also proving to be a great tool for promoting the brand. The applications, using the push notifications, app localization, in-app payment, and other such techniques and tools, are making it easier for the brand to connect with a wider audience and keep them interested in placing an order – which eventually increases sales as well as make the brand familiar to more people in the market

7. Make Better Profits

Since the sales depend directly on how many users are familiar with your platform and how they feel when interacting with your brand, mobile apps again empowers businesses to make more profits by improving their brands’ visibility across the globe and keeping the customers engaged with their products/services.

8. Outshine the Competition

Despite the availability of surplus of advantages of mobile apps over websites, various businesses are still resisting the idea of building a mobile app. Because of this, only a few companies are reaping the benefits of mobile app economy, which clearly indicates that there is less competition in the app industry. Or better say, you will be able to rise in the market at a significant pace, only when you realize why business need a mobile app and put your efforts into the same.

Now as you know why every business needs a mobile app, do not keep your brand deprived of the plethora of opportunities and benefits associated. Look forward to understanding how to hire the right mobile app development company. and create a perfect mobile application for your business needs.

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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