Exponential Growth in the Demand for More App Developers

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Exponential Growth in the Demand for More App Developers

There is critical shortage of app developers as the demand outstrips the supplies and this makes it tougher for companies to hire mobile developers.

As the demand for the mobile applications development is an increasing trend and there seems to be no signs of any waning out of the same, the need for the app developers are constantly on the rise, so much so that the supply for developers simply outweighs the demand. A survey that was conducted with application development managers finds that app development companies are hard-pressed to meet the demands. Only six percent among the developers find that they have the right kind of talent that they are looking for.

With this gap in the demand of app developers, it is tougher for the companies to find and eventually hire mobile developers. This causes inconvenience for those companies who are seeking to rely on a mobile future for themselves and are plagued with a shortage of developers. More are the shortage of the developers higher are the chances of redeploying the talent they possess. The most critical skills that are sought by these app development companies are Java, Javascript and .NET.

The focus on the type of mobile applications that are preferred by the developers were also subject to survey. There is no clear pattern as to whether mobile app development was more focussed on native or HTML5 apps. The maximum response for the preference was for the hybrid apps (33%) followed by 29 % native and 22 % opted for HTML5.

Some Supporting Surveys on Shortage of App Developers

There is latest trend on the shortage of app developers as offered by the recruitment firm called Randstad Technologies which is said to find a whopping percent of 104 % year-over-year between 2014 and 2016 and this was for developers who had skills on Android, iOS, HTML, Angular, JavaScript and Java.

Another similar result on survey was found by the 16th Annual State of the CIO Survey. Out of the CIOs, 60 % had skill shortages, compared to 49% a year before. The skill shortage was related to 18% cases pertaining to Enterprise CIOs.

Most important of all is the survey from Gartner. The demand for enterprise mobile apps is supposed to outstrip that of the capacity of IT to deliver by a factor of five to one. The mobile apps are created with agile methodologies and the task becomes all the more challenging as demand is not able to match with the development capacity. The result is the employment of tools and techniques as per the needs of the mobile apps in the various enterprises.

Solution for Bridging the Mobile Developer Skills Gap

The solution lies with the Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) tools. These are excellent tools that enables the domain experts, business analysts and the line of business staff to acquire coding skills on app development, without even learning them. So, the business owners can quickly develop prototypes and resort to iterations of designs while taking help from these tools.

As per Jason Wong, a Gartner Analyst, by 2020 we will see no IT involvement in enterprise mobile apps. RMAD is the tool of the future. One such instance of RMAD is Alpha Anywhere. It is one those rare tools that meets the criteria set by Gartner of popular features in a RMAD tool. Alpha Anywhere has been lauded for its strong mobile forms technology working on a low-code environment.

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Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh
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