Video editing app like GoPro Quik: A cost analysis

Dileep Gupta February 20, 2024
cost to develop an app like GoPro Quik

If we have to find an anecdote, think of video editing apps as the scalpel in the hands of content creators and video makers. With surgical precision, these apps allow content creators to carve out the best moments, stitch together seamless transitions, and add the perfect finishing touches to the videos we consume daily. 

In a world where video content reigns supreme, the quality of editing can make or break a viewer’s experience. That’s why businesses and creatives rely on video editing apps like GoPro Quik to bring their visions to life. Crafted to support footage from any camera, video editing software like GoPro Quik offers an intuitive experience, a seamless user interface, and robust features that video creators love and cherish. 

As a business looking to enter this market, you have come to the right destination as in this article, we are going to dive deep into the features, specifications, platforms and GoPro Quik video editing app development cost. We will also touch upon the development process and the key considerations you must make to develop such an app. So without further delay, let us understand everything about video editing apps like GoPro Quik. 

Video editing software can generate additional revenue for you

Why you should consider making a video editing app like GoPro Quik? 

Last decade when we kept hearing that “content is the king,” we could neither guess that it would be videos nor we had any idea that content would be just a king but an absolute dominator of opinions and perspectives that we all love and cherish. Videos give us a glimpse of the past and help us relive the moments we treasure the most. And the tool that helps us create those videos is an editing software like GoPro Quik. 

As an established business looking to expand your offerings or as a startup looking to enter the video market, making a video editing app is one option that will give you incredible returns on investment. But before discussing the cost to develop an app like GoPro Quik, which can range between $50,000 to $500,000, let us first discuss the types of video editing apps. GoPro Quik video editing app development cost is dynamic and many factors are accounted for while coming to an actual estimate. 

Why you should consider making a video editing app like GoPro Quik

Types of video editing apps in the market

Several types of video editing apps are targeted at different user groups. From a first-time video creator to a professional filmmaker, video editing software is designed to cater to the needs of every video maker. And GoPro Quik (which is a mobile video editing app) offers high-quality video editing to all user groups. Video editor app development cost differs for different kinds of apps but in this article, we will only discuss the cost to develop an app like GoPro Quik. 

Basic video editing apps: These apps are designed for casual video creators who use such apps to edit phone video on the mobile itself. Although delivering high quality, these apps offer limited functionality and don’t necessarily offer a detailed user experience for editors. This sometimes limits the kind of videos that can be created on basic video editing apps. Some examples of such apps are iMovie (on iOS), Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Rush, etc. 

Professional video editing apps: This type of video editing software offers a suite of tools and features that make the process of creating a video seamless and effortless. As the name suggests, these apps are used by professionals to create and edit videos tweaking and manipulating the footage as they please. Such apps include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

Mobile video editing apps: Such types of video editing apps are used by professionals who want to edit their footage on their smartphone or tablet. These apps offer limited features compared to professional editing software but offer much more than a basic one. Therefore, even professional video editors use such apps for their quick and effortless video editing process and the dynamic features they provide compared to basic editing apps. Examples of such apps are GoPro Quik, InShot, and VivaVideo. All these apps are similar to GoPro Quik. 

With the understanding of where a video editing app like GoPro Quik can be placed, lets us now understand the factors that influence the video editing app development cost.   

The factors that affect the price to develop an app like GoPro Quik

The cost to develop an app like GoPro Quik can range anywhere between $50,000 and $500,000.

Complexity LevelEstimated Cost
Basic$60,000 – $100,000
Intermediate$100,000 – $150,000
Advanced$150,000 – $300,000
Expert$300,000 and up

Here are the factors that affect this cost:

Platform compatibility

The very first factor that should be considered while creating such an app is the platform on which you want to release the app. The choice of platforms will affect cost the most because the more platforms you want to offer your app on, the more it will cost. The currently available platforms are Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS. If you wish to place your app on every platform, it will cost you significantly more and allow you to attract as many users as possible.

Features and functionalities

Certain features are essential to every video app (discussed in detail later) but some features are good to have. Features such as tweaking the frame rate that changes the speed or offering interesting filters add to the cost but also make the video editing experience that much more effortless and enjoyable that your users will come to cherish.  

UI/UX design

Video editing is a daunting task that requires serious skills from the editor. However, if designed thoughtfully and the UI matches the editor’s requirements, this task can be simplified just by having a well-designed user interface. Many options and tools must fit on a smartphone or tablet screen for a video editing app like GoPro Quik. Therefore, the UI/UX should be such that editors don’t find it challenging to get to the required tools. But such a UI will add to the overall cost of developing a video editing app. Read to learn the cost of creating an AI video generator like Synthesia.

video editing app development services

Steps involved in developing a video editing app like GoPro Quik

The process to develop an app similar to GoPro Quik will commence with planning and will continue even after the release since updating and upgrading the app is one crucial step in it’s success. Here is a detailed breakdown of the steps that will be involved in developing a video editing app like GoPro Quik. 

Pre-development planning stage

This step will have you planning the platform, features, and functions that you will require in the app. Market research and competitor analysis will also be performed to embark on a successful app development project. Listing down these things and discussing them with your development partner usually help to solidify the idea on which the video editing app will be built.  

Development stage

In order to get the best result out of your video editing software development, it is important to partner with a reliable and trusted software development company (such as Appinventiv) that can turn your video editing application’s vision into reality. The development process will involve developing the front and backend of the application and will also require hosting services, preferably on a cloud platform. 

Quality assurance and testing

This is the stage where the application will be thoroughly tested by developers and focus groups to check if the application serves the requirements of video editors using GoPro Quik. The applications will be checked for bugs and errors and thoroughly tested before being released to the users. 

Deployment and feedback

The final stage in developing a video editing app like GoPro Quik will have you deploying the app to the stores such as App Store and Playstore. Further, gathering user feedback and tweaking the app according to their needs is essential.   

Steps involved in developing a video editing app like GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik app features – A detailed guide

Some features are essential for any video editing app, but to build an app like GoPro Quik, you’ll need to add some more features that are discussed below, including the essential ones.  

Importing footage

The first and foremost thing any content creator will do to edit videos is to import footage from various sources such as mobile phones, cameras, etc. Therefore, it is essential for your video editor app to have this feature, without which the user cannot edit or create videos. 

Trimming and splitting clips

One of the most important features of any video editing app is the ability to trim and split clips into shorter videos that can further be edited in the app. Trimming allows the users to cut unwanted parts of a clip and use the portion that will go in the final video. Splitting a video allows the user to add a transition or another clip in the split. 

Adding music

The next most important feature that should be added to any video editing app is the ability to add music to the video. Since music (or VO) is an essential part of any video, users must be able to add a soundtrack, music, or voiceover to the video. 

Text and titles

Another functionality that should ideally be present in any video editing app is the ability to add text and/or titles to the video. This allows users to create opening screens through the app itself without using another app or software. 

Filters and effects

An add-on feature that video content creators like is the ability to add filters and effects. Filters are preset edits that enhance the quality of the footage by changing the saturation, color, contrast, etc. There are a lot of such filters out there, for instance, on Instagram, that let the users apply the desired effect to the video or image with just one click. 

Creating transitions

Another must-have feature in any video editing app is the ability to add and create transitions. Transitions allow the editor to add one clip after another without losing the audience’s interest. 

Frame rate adjustment

Frame rate determines the speed of the video. Allowing the users to change the frame rate allows them to slow down or fasten the footage creating a slow-motion or time-lapse effect. 

Exporting options

Last but not least, the users should be able to export the video in their desired format. The usual format used by video creators for any video is either 1080p or 2140p and the users should be able to export the video in these formats.

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How can Appinventiv help in creating your video editing app?

With vast experience in creating apps in almost every industry, we are well versed in the development process and with nearly a decade of experience, we find ourselves to be one of the best entertainment app development companies to carry out your video editing app development project. With an army of 1000+ agile developers, our team is more than skilled to assist you with GoPro Quik video editor app development. 

GoPro Quik is a benchmark in mobile video editing, and you, too, can capture the market by getting such an app developed by us. Get in touch today.


Q. How to make an app like GoPro Quik?

A. The process of making a video editing app starts with planning, market research, etc, and ends with deployment and feedback, and iterations of the app. There are a lot of steps in between that are described in the article.

Q. How much does the GoPro Quik app cost?

A. The cost to develop an app like GoPro Quik can range between $50,000 and $500,000 or more, depending on the features and functionalities you want to add to the app. 

Q. How long does it take to develop an app like GoPro Quik?

A. It takes between several weeks to several months to develop such an app depending on the complexity and the kind of features you want in the app. 

Dileep Gupta
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