How Much Does It Cost To Build a Web3 Game App Like Axie Infinity?

Sudeep Srivastava September 4, 2023
cost to build web3 game app like Axie Infinity

In the rapidly expanding global mobile gaming market, the potential is immense, with projections indicating a surge from $141.71 billion in 2023 to a staggering $300.47 billion by 2028. However, within this dynamic landscape, a particularly exciting domain is that of Web3 games. These innovative ventures, exemplified by the remarkable success of the Axie Infinity app, have seized the spotlight, captivating both players and investors alike.

The investors and app developers are more intrigued in the business potential of Web3 games like Axie Infinity. In order to calculate the ROI, one needs to understand the investment involved in building an app like Axie Infinity. Unraveling the cost of building a Web3 game app like Axie Infinity demands a comprehensive understanding of the intricate factors.

In this blog, we meticulously dissect the intricate process of developing a product like the Axie Infinity app. In a nutshell, the cost of developing a Web3 app like Axie Infinity will cost somewhere in the range of $50,000 to $300,000.

Our article will explore not just the technical aspects but also dive into the interesting details of creating unique features for the game, the key factors that affect the cost of developing a game like Axie Infinity, and the process of developing such an app.

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Business Potential of Gaming Apps Like Axie

The popularity and worth of in-game assets are demonstrated by the $4.23 billion in NFT sales made by Axie Infinity. The cost to build a Web3 game app like Axie Infinity might seem substantial, but the potential returns are even more remarkable.

Axie Infinity’s meteoric rise showcases that the Axie Infinity app development cost can translate into a thriving business. Beyond Axie, the broader landscape of Web3 game development cost illustrates the financial prospects awaiting visionary entrepreneurs.

Just as Axie Infinity harnessed blockchain and NFTs to captivate players, innovative game concepts backed by solid development can yield substantial revenue streams. The intersection of blockchain, gaming, and decentralized economies presents a unique opportunity for strategic investors to tap into this lucrative arena.

Key Factors That Affect the Cost of Developing an App Like Axie

Before we delve deeper into the Axie Infinity app development cost, we must understand the key factors that affect the cost of developing this kind of app.

The Complexity of Gameplay

The intricacy of gameplay mechanics plays a pivotal role in the expenses of Web3 game development. More intricate gameplay often demands additional time and resources, thereby impacting the Web3 game development cost.

Consider the game “CryptoKitties,” which gained immense popularity due to its unique breeding mechanics. The underlying complexities required intricate coding, driving up development costs.

Similarly, a Web3 game involving decentralized in-game economies or complex NFT interactions necessitates sophisticated programming, further influencing the overall expenses. When envisioning an app like Axie Infinity, it’s essential to recognize that the depth of gameplay innovation directly correlates with the financial investment required for its successful realization.

Blockchain Integration

The extent to which blockchain is woven into the fabric of the game significantly impacts Web3 game development costs when aiming to develop an app like Axie Infinity. The complexity of integrating blockchain technology and implementing smart contracts introduces both technical challenges and increased expenses.

Take the example of “Sorare,” a fantasy football game utilizing blockchain to authenticate player cards as NFTs. The intricate integration of Ethereum’s blockchain for card ownership and verifiable scarcity showcases how the level of blockchain integration influences development expenses. As you contemplate crafting an app like Axie Infinity, remember that the depth of blockchain integration is a substantial determinant of the financial investment required for success.

NFT Implementation

The incorporation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) significantly impacts the financial aspects of Web3 game development, similar to the expenses encountered in the Axie Infinity app development cost. Developing and seamlessly integrating NFT functionality, which empowers players to own unique and scarce in-game assets, contributes to overall development expenses.

Let’s take “Decentraland” as an example—a virtual world where users can purchase, develop, and trade virtual properties as NFTs. The intricate coding required to ensure each digital property’s ownership and scarcity is verifiable illustrates the role of NFTs in driving up development costs. When striving to craft an app similar to Axie Infinity, it’s essential to understand that NFT integration introduces complexities that influence the financial investment required for a successful venture.

Art and Design

The allure of captivating visuals, from high-quality graphics to animations, substantially impacts the cost of building a Web3 game app like Axie Infinity and similar projects. While striving for an app similar to Axie Infinity, consider the intricate world-building of “The Sandbox,” where users create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences.

The art and design intricacies of virtual landscapes showcase how visual excellence enhances player engagement. Crafting detailed character models, environments, and animations requires skilled artists and extensive development time, subsequently influencing the overall expenses. Understanding that top-tier art and design significantly contribute to a game’s appeal is crucial when gauging the financial investment needed to create an immersive Web3 gaming experience.

Team Size and Expertise

The size of your development team and their expertise can significantly influence the cost of building a Web3 game app like Axie Infinity or any endeavor akin to it. Consider “Gods Unchained,” a blockchain-based trading card game. The team’s composition of skilled blockchain developers, game designers, artists, and economists highlights how a proficient team can shape a successful project.

A larger team with diverse skills may expedite development but also elevate costs. Similarly, an expert team can navigate intricate Web3 integrations more efficiently. Recognizing that the size and capabilities of your team play a pivotal role in shaping the Axie Infinity app development cost for an app similar to Axie Infinity ensures a well-calibrated approach to creating a captivating Web3 gaming app.

Security Measures

Implementing rigorous security measures is pivotal when aiming to make an app like Axie Infinity. “MyCryptoHeroes,” a blockchain-based game, is a testament to the significance of security. Integrating smart contracts and player-owned assets mandates robust security protocols to safeguard against vulnerabilities and potential breaches.

Developing secure authentication, encryption, and protection mechanisms involves specialized expertise and additional resources, inevitably impacting the overall Web3 game development cost. Recognizing the indispensability of user data and asset protection, it’s imperative to comprehend that investing in stringent security measures is essential for the long-term success of your app, similar to Axie Infinity.

Features of a Gaming App like Axie

The level of engagement of a Web3 game like Axie depends on the kind of features that you incorporate in the app. Here are some must-have Axie Infinity app features that will help you elevate the gaming experience of your users.

Must-have features in a Web3 game like Axie Infinity

Play-to-Earn Mechanics

Incorporating play-to-earn mechanics enables the players to earn tokens by engaging with the game. Take “Splinterlands” as an example, where battles yield cryptocurrency rewards. This innovation influences the costs of creating an app like Axie Infinity, as intricate reward systems demand intricate coding.

Blockchain-Based Ownership and Trading of In-Game Assets

Creating an app like Axie Infinity with blockchain-based asset ownership and trading, as seen in “Blankos Block Party,” enhances player autonomy. Integrating secure blockchain mechanisms for asset ownership impacts development costs.

NFT Integration for Unique and Tradable Items

Integrating NFTs for unique and tradable items, as in “The Six Dragons,” requires intricate coding and smart contract integration, influencing expenses for crafting a Web3 game app like Axie Infinity.

Diverse and Strategic Gameplay Mechanics

Crafting an app like Axie Infinity demands intricate and diverse gameplay mechanics like “Lost Relics,” involving exploration, combat, and quests. Due to the extended development time required, this complexity impacts Web3 game apps like Axie Infinity development costs.

PVP Battles and Tournaments

Integrating PVP battles and tournaments, as in “Gods Unchained,” enhances engagement and elevates expenses for creating an app similar to Axie Infinity.

In-Depth Customization Options for Characters and Assets

Offering in-depth customization, like “The Sandbox,” provides players with a unique experience but adds to Axie Infinity app feature costs due to complex character and asset design.

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Community-Driven Events and Challenges

Incorporating community-driven events and challenges, as seen in “MyCryptoHeroes,” enhances player interaction. But this also increases the expenses to develop an app like Axie Infinity.

Integrated Marketplace for Buying, Selling, and Trading Assets

An integrated marketplace for assets, akin to “Decentraland,” requires intricate coding, influencing the financial aspects of crafting a Web3 game app like Axie Infinity.

Rarity Tiers for In-Game Items and Characters

Implementing rarity tiers, as in “CryptoKitties,” demands complex smart contracts, affecting the development costs of an app similar to Axie Infinity.

Regular Updates and New Content Releases

Committing to regular updates, as seen in “Axie Infinity,” keeps players engaged but incurs continuous development costs for a Web3 game app like Axie Infinity.

Based on the above features and factors that affect the cost of building an app like Axie Infinity, the cost of building such an app ranges from $50,000 to $300,000.

The App Development Process for Building an App Like Axie

In order to build an app like Axie Infinity, you need to have a robust Axie Infinity app development process. A Web3 game development firm with a robust process can help you build an app like Axie Infinity in a stress-free manner.

Roadmap to a successful development Web3 game app like Axie Infinity

Pre-Development Considerations

Prior to diving into the Axie Infinity app development process, it’s crucial to lay a solid foundation. Start with comprehensive market research and conceptualization. Examine the preferences of your potential players—just like “Sorare” did by catering to football fans. Understand the trending game genres in the Web3 domain, as exemplified by the success of strategic blockchain games like “Gods Unchained.”

Craft a unique and engaging game concept, much like “The Sandbox,” which offers creative freedom within a virtual universe. These early steps set the tone for a successful journey in bringing a captivating Web3 game app like Axie Infinity to life.

Budgeting and Resource Allocation

Navigating the cost of building a Web3 game app like Axie Infinity demands precise budgeting and resource management. Balance expenses between development, marketing, and ongoing maintenance. Prudent resource allocation is the cornerstone to realize a captivating Web3 game app like Axie Infinity without financial strain.

Development Phase

Game Mechanics and Design: The heart of Web3 game development lies in crafting captivating gameplay mechanics suitable for the Web3 environment. Just as “Axie Infinity” introduced play-to-earn mechanics with adorable creatures, thoughtful game mechanics drive player engagement.

Immersive in-game environments, like those in “Decentraland,” further elevate the user experience. Integrating NFTs, as seen in “CryptoKitties,” into the game’s design adds value through unique and tradable assets, significantly impacting Web3 game development cost.

Smart Contract Development revolves around writing and deploying smart contracts, pivotal in games like “Gods Unchained.” Smart contracts underpin ownership, trading, and reward systems, shaping the gameplay. Ensuring the security and efficiency of these contracts, similar to “The Six Dragons,” minimizes vulnerabilities while maximizing user trust and satisfaction.

Frontend and Backend Development is crucial for a user-friendly interface. Building frontend menus and backend infrastructure, coupled with integrating blockchain functionalities, offers seamless player experiences. Engaging a reputable Web3 game development company can ensure smoother development, akin to what “My DeFi Pet” did.

In these development phases, meticulously balancing engaging gameplay, secure smart contracts, and a smooth user interface is critical to successfully developing an app like Axie Infinity or any captivating Web3 game.

NFT Marketplace Integration

A crucial facet of Web3 game development for apps like Axie Infinity involves seamless NFT marketplace integration. NFT integration has emerged as a major part of the metaverse in virtual gaming. Much like “Decentraland,” setting up an in-game marketplace empowers players to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, creating a player-driven economy.

Implementing robust transactional security and user verification, as seen in “CryptoKitties,” is vital to protect players’ assets and ensure trust. A user-friendly and secure marketplace, akin to “Gods Unchained,” enhances player engagement and monetization opportunities. Meticulous integration of the NFT marketplace is pivotal when striving to make an app like Axie Infinity, offering players a dynamic and secure trading platform within the game.

Marketing and Community Building

Creating a Strong Brand Identity: In Web3 game development, establishing a compelling brand identity is paramount to making an app like Axie Infinity stand out. Crafting an iconic game logo and visual elements akin to “The Sandbox” captivates players and provides a recognizable representation across platforms.

Consistent branding, reinforces the game’s presence while connecting the identity with its Web3 features, creating a sense of coherence with its unique blend of DeFi and pet-raising mechanics.

Building an engaged player community is pivotal. Leveraging social media and forums, as demonstrated by “Alien Worlds,” creates buzz and anticipation. Hosting AMAs and live Q&A sessions establishes direct connections with players.

Encouraging player feedback and suggestions fosters a sense of involvement. A vibrant community is a cornerstone of success when venturing to make an app like Axie Infinity, ensuring sustained interest and long-term growth.

Launching Your Web3 Game

Beta Testing and Feedback Incorporation: The road to a successful Web3 game app like Axie Infinity involves meticulous beta testing and feedback incorporation. Just as “Gods Unchained” engaged players in beta testing, a limited audience provides critical insights.

Gathering user feedback and making necessary improvements, refine gameplay and mechanics. Enhancing the user experience based on beta results ensures a polished and player-friendly game upon launch.

Launching your game requires a strategic approach. Exploring blockchain-based platforms, like “Decentraland,” provides exposure to a niche audience. Deciding between existing platforms or creating a custom one, as seen with “My DeFi Pet,” involves assessing factors like user accessibility and control.

Considerations such as scalability, user experience, and community engagement, similar to “Axie Infinity,” play a pivotal role in selecting the ideal launch approach. The right launch platform can significantly impact the overall cost of building a Web3 game app like Axie Infinity, leading to a successful game debut.

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Post-Launch Operations and Maintenance

Continuous Development and Updates: After launching your Web3 game app like Axie Infinity, the journey continues with continuous development and updates. Just as “CryptoKitties” introduced new traits to keep players engaged, ongoing updates and fresh content are vital. L

Listening to player feedback ensures constant improvement aligned with players’ preferences. Expanding the game’s features and mechanics over time, like “Gods Unchained,” maintains player interest and attracts new audiences, enhancing the overall experience and extending the game’s lifespan.

Upholding security post-launch is crucial for player trust. Implementing stringent security protocols, as demonstrated by “Decentraland,” prevents cheating and unauthorized access. Safeguarding player accounts and digital assets, akin to “The Sandbox,” mitigates potential threats.

Collaborating with security experts ensures data integrity, protecting players’ investments. Continual vigilance and proactive measures are essential in maintaining a secure and thriving Web3 game app like Axie Infinity after its launch, safeguarding the trust and enjoyment of players.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to Build an App Like Axie Infinity?

A. To create an app like Axie Infinity, design engaging gameplay, integrate NFTs, ensure blockchain security, and develop features aligned with Web3 gaming trends.

Q. How Much Does the Axie Infinity App Cost?

A. The cost varies widely, from $50,000- $300,000, influenced by the complexity, features, and development resources needed for an app similar to Axie Infinity.

Q. How Long Does It Take to Develop an App Like Axie Infinity?

A. Developing an app like Axie Infinity typically takes months to over a year, influenced by the complexity, team size, and development phases involved.

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