How Much Does it Cost to Create an App Like Metrash2?

Sudeep Srivastava December 18, 2023
cost to build app like Metrash2

We are operating in a time where the wave of digitalization has evidently spread in not just the business space but also governments.

Since the last decade, owing to the convenience, security, and demand of nationals and citizens, government bodies from across the world have started turning towards the digitalization of government-level processes such as obtaining licenses, applying for citizenship, safekeeping of documents’ digital copies, etc.

Although almost every geopolitical region has adopted digitalization to make the communication and transactions between residents and government bodies easier, the Middle East has constantly been in the news for taking bold moves towards the effort.

Today, we are going to look into one such effort that has been widely acclaimed by the Qatar citizens and residents alike – Metrash2 app – in detail on the front of how much it costs to build an app like Metrash2 and what is its development process.

Develop an app similar to Metrash2

However, it is equally important to look into other transformation initiatives made in the region to get a holistic idea into how the Middle East is fast becoming a digital-first region.

In addition to these efforts, there is also Metrash2 – a mobile application in Qatar that enables the nationals to access over 300 services from inside the app launched and maintained by Qatar Ministry of Interior.

The positive reviews that the app has received over time on the back of the ease it offers to the citizens has made it a sample of how documents and transactions management should happen on a government application. A sample that other governments have started looking into in order to replicate in their own countries.

On the Metrash2 app development cost front, the range can fall between $25,000 and $250,000 for a replica of the app in which the citizens can save their data, perform transactions, and raise requests directly to the Ministry of Interior. The more complex you get in terms of technology adoption, new features additions, etc. the higher will be the overall cost to build an app like Metrash2.

Let us look into the cost-impacting details of how to engineer an app like Metrash2 through the angle of features, design system, technology integrations, and the development process.

The Must-Have Metrash2 App Features

Metrash2 app development process starts with defining the feature sets, which in turn fixes the direction for the design system and development process. Here are the MVP-level Metrash2 app features.

Metrash2 App Features


Considering the sensitive nature of information and data that will be stored on the app, it is critical that multiple sign-up options are integrated. When you make an app like Metrash2, you can either follow the same route – entering QID number and then the OTP is received on a mobile phone or you can add in more security levels like biometric authentication or getting two separate OTPs on registered phone number and email.


The service list that should be there in an app similar to Metrash2 doesn’t really have a limit. Every transaction that a resident or citizen can do digitally – pay for traffic violation, extend residency, issue a new visa, or report lost objects, should be brought on the application. The only catch here is to create a dashboard where the services are properly categorized to save data clutter.

Metrash2 dashboard


A critical feature to consider when you develop an app like Metrash2 is the wallet facility wherein the residents can save their documents like residence permit, Qatar ID card, driving license, vehicle registration and ownership of significant numbers. The facility saves hassles that nationals would otherwise have to face by carrying the physical copy of documents.

In-App Payment

In addition to giving users insights into multiple government services, your version of app similar to Metrash2 should also come with the feature to make payment for different transactions like visa extension, penalty payment, and traffic violations etc. from inside the application. This would save them a trip to the respective government body’s office.

Multilingual Support

While like MeTrash2, your application will also most likely have a Middle Eastern audience focus, it is critical to note that the end users will consist of expats as well. In order to make it easy for everyone to use your application, it is important to have a multilingual interface.

Now that we have looked into the features aspect of the cost to build an app like Metrash2, there is one thing which is clear – the application will be loaded with information. Presenting them in a way that the users don’t get a sense of clutter and are able to perform transactions effortlessly is something that will have to be kept the focus of design.

Design Outlook for an App Similar to Metrash2

When you look into Metrash2 from the design angle, there are a number of elements that are working for the application on the user journey front, such as the segregation of services, clearly defined user movement, and the inclusion-friendly text and icon sizes.

Metrash2 features

However, the choice of color and list-based view of the services could still give the users a feeling of clutter. So when you plan to design an app similar to Metrash2, you can consider the following strategies –

  • A contrast based color combination to make readability easy
  • Intuitive icon choice that doesn’t take much screen space
  • Visual hierarchy-based design placements
  • Additional authentication for accessing sensitive documents
  • Prompts to make onboarding easier, etc.

Development Process to Create an App Like Metrash2

The Metrash2 app development process is fairly the same in terms of stages necessary to build a mobile app. It starts with researching the user base, planning out the features, setting up a design system, and ultimately coding and testing the application before it is made live.

While we have covered a majority of the process elements, it is critical to build upon an ecosystem of APIs and integrations which would connect users with the government bodies through a secure, real-time link.

The foundation of an app similar to Metrash2 lies in the number of integrations that are there in the application. To achieve this, it is important for all the linked government bodies to be digitally transformed and secure as well.

In addition to this, we recommend integrating your app with a robust and innovative set of technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain to not just make the platform more secure but also improve the user experience by manifold.

Some of the use cases of the technologies can be seen through blockchain’s inclusion in the KYC process, incorporating smart contracts to save and track transactions between the government body and residents, and using AI/ML to detect instances of frauds and hacks proactively.

Now that we have looked into the different facets of Metrash2 app development cost, you must be wondering the ways to build a version that has an edge over the original application.

Let us look into some of those additional factors that can give your version of an app like Metrash2 a leg up in the market.

Get exact cost estimation for your Metrash2-like app development project

Building a Bigger and Better App than Metrash2

Developing a better version of Metrash2 would require you to understand the challenges people are facing with the application.

Now, the complaints that users have with Metrash2 majorly revolve around unexpected app crashes and difficulty in signing up.

The solutions to these lie in having a robust, scalable backend architecture provided by an AI development company to support sudden traffic spikes and writing the right logic to ensure that sign-up issues don’t occur.

In addition to addressing these problems, you can also consider introducing these elements in the app:

  • Multiple modes of sign-ups
  • Extra level of authentication when accessing sensitive documents
  • Separate portals for individuals and companies to prevent information overload
  • News section to update residents about the latest happenings in the geographical area

There are a number of other factors and features that can be added to give your app a competitive edge. We can help you brainstorm the ideas and check it for market and technology viability.

Here’s what more Appinventiv can do for your digital transformation initiatives.

In our role as a leading mobile app development company in Qatar, we have worked on a number of digital transformation projects for both enterprises and governments. Recently, we worked on Hukoomi, a one-stop Qatar Government e-portal for people traveling, living, and working in the country. The efforts then resulted in 2.6 actively engaged users in the website and its 1,900+ active services.

Qatar education system

Experience the unprecedented digitalization in your government services with us. Talk to our consultants today.


Q. How to build an app like Metrash2?

A. The process to make an app like Metrash2 starts with finalizing the features, creating a design system, integrating necessary technologies as part of the development process, and finally testing the application before its rollout.

Q. How much does Metrash2-like app development cost?

A. An app like Metrash2 development cost can be anywhere between $25,000 and $250,000, depending on the features you add or high-end technologies you adopt and integrate. Connect with a mobile app development services provider like ours to know the overall cost estimate.

Q. How long does it take to build an app like Metrash2?

A. The time it takes to develop a Metrash2 like application in its exact copy version can take somewhere around 6 to 8 months to complete. However, like the Metrash2 app development cost, the time would also differ depending on the features, technology set you choose for your app.

Sudeep Srivastava
Co-Founder and Director
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