How Air New Zealand Revolutionized the Customer Experience with Mobile App?

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Customer Experience with Mobile Apps

The mobile apps have completely transformed our world! There’s hardly any industry that remained untouched by the mobile app development. Every small and big brand (or organization) is having its own business app through which it is reaching the customers and fulfilling their needs. One such example is Air New Zealand.

Every month, nearly 550 Air NZ passengers find their passport expired at the time of check-in. And, about 10% of users realize that they have typed details incorrectly when they check-in online. This turns out to be a stressful situation for both the airlines’ management and would-be travelers. To overcome this situation and provide exceptional user experience, the Air New Zealand turned towards its mobile app. They introduced smart passport service to its mobile app.

“The airline chief digital officer, Avi Golan revealed that they are putting their best efforts to provide ultimate traveling experience to the users. Last time, they introduced coffee order and additional bag purchase feature in the app and now, they have come up with this passport scanning and smart passport service.”

With the arrival of all-new smart passport service, the Air New Zealand’s mobile application can now perform various functions, like:

  • It can save the passport details of the users using the smartphone camera. This scanned passport details can be further used instead of a paper passport.
  • The app can automatically fill the required details when passenger checks in online for a flight. This minimizes the typing error and so, deliver a better experience to customers.
  • It can generate expiry reminders including providing handy click through links to renew New Zealand, American and British passports. Thus, the would-be flyers could get an escape from the embarrassment and hassle associated with having an expired passport at the time of check-in.
  • Now, a traveler can download up to 9 boarding passes through this app. That means one going in a group or with family (including children) need not rely on paper boarding passes anymore.

Besides the smart passport service in the mobile app, the Air New Zealand is also using the recent technologies for giving mesmerizing experience. They have integrated the facial recognition and biometrics technology in their check-in process to verify the customers at the gate. This has cut down the check-in time to half. Also, the Air New Zealand has invested in the augmented reality glasses using which its cabin crew can provide real-time information to all the passengers.

With all these features, the Air New Zealand is reaching to the audience at different corners of the world and is providing them exquisite user experience. If you are also willing to make your business shine and touch the hearts & minds of millions, contact the best mobile app development company for your business mobile app now!

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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