8 Reasons Developing Native Mobile Apps is Worth!

Dileep Gupta May 23, 2022
8 Reasons Developing Native Mobile Apps is Worth

Typically, when a company identifies the scope of business growth with a mobile app and decides to build one, the common dilemma faced by all is- What type of app to create? There are different types of applications (Native, Web, Hybrid) through which you can enter the mobile app world, but which one is right for you? If you ask us, we definitely recommend Native mobile apps over Hybrid and other app types. Why?

According to a report, 67% of users abandon an app because of bad user experience. In addition to this, the user experience will be the key brand differentiator, overtaking the cost and product by 2020.

The above report shows that if you wish to take your business to the newer scale, you cannot compromise on the customer experience. It is necessary to deliver exquisite user experience. And for that, Native app development is are a perfect choice. Unlike Web applications and Hybrid application, Native applications are developed for a specific platform and thus, allow you to better use the functionalities of the platform. Still wondering how? Have a look at the following points:

Factors Proving Native Mobile Apps a Better Choice

Following are the factors that signifies Native app development is a profitable deal:

1. Speed

Speed is one of the most crucial factors in user engagement and retention. According to our mobile app developers, even a delay of 2 seconds is enough to make the users distracted. The web and hybrid apps take higher time to load than native apps, and so native application is a better option.

The renowned companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bank of America have learned this lesson by investing in HTML5 initially and then switching to Native for performance reasons.

2. Aspect Ratio

The customers use applications on different devices. As every smartphone/tablet has varied aspect ratios and dpi, the look and functionality of your application may vary from device to device. If you try to make the app ‘fit for all’ devices, you might have to make serious compromises with the customer experience which is again unacceptable. So, the best solution for this is to adopt native application development. Using Objective-C or Java provides you a better control over resolution, size, and orientation.

3. Native Look & Feel

Native applications completely use the platform functionalities and thus, look and behave like the default apps. According to the top mobile app development companies, this makes it easier for the users to use your app. After all, they will be more familiar with the icons and layout.

4. IDE

These specialized development environments act as ecosystems enabling the mobile app developers to develop native apps. Both Android and iOS provides an extensive range of tools from design to testing. You can better utilize the hardware configurations and can tune, analyze & trace the app performance. This reduces the development time and allows the developers to work on bugs and other associated things. Many of these tools are unavailable to web and cross development platforms. So, the native app development is more profitable.

5. Advanced UI Interactions

UI Interactions

Native mobile app development supports double taps, pinch-spread, multi-finger touch and several other such user interface gestures. It remains updated with the trending technologies and features to reinvent the customer experience. The other application types, however, do not support all these features all at once.

6. Usability

The device features like camera, notifications, contacts, calendar, etc. can be easily accessed by the native mobile applications, but not by web & hybrid apps. This is because these features are the built-in components to the related operating system.

7. Huge Back Up

The tech giants Google and Apple hold the largest market share and introduces new tools & technology for supporting the native app development. This proves that the native apps are not going to lose the market soon. Again, there are a lot of resources and documentation through which you learn the development and overcome the errors, making it a better opportunity.

8. Offline Accessibility

There are various native mobile apps that work in offline mode as well. That means the applications can provide impressive user experience even in places where there’s poor or no internet accessibility. This feature is not supported by other app types yet.


In the ongoing battle of app development and user experience, the Native mobile apps take the throne. They not just provide a great experience to the users, but the developers as well. Thus, there are the right option to meet your business mobile app needs. In case you still have any doubt regarding the native application development, get in touch with our experts!

Dileep Gupta
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