Top Reasons Why Mobile Apps fail at Succeeding in the Market

November 21, 2023

As the smartphones have become an inseparable part of one life, the demand for mobile apps has boomed. From shopping to booking, education to business- one uses mobile applications for almost every daily task. This has triggered many companies and developers to invest in the mobile market to reach a larger audience and make profits.

If you are a mobile app developer and planning to gain some popularity and profit via an app, have a look at the app stores first! There are unlimited apps in all the app stores. And with each passing day, this number increases. This resulted in stiff competition in the market, and a higher risk of app failure at a meeting expected success rate.

You invest not just skills, efforts and time in the mobile application development, but also a hefty amount of cash. You cannot afford a loss of the above. So, check for the reasons behind the app failure and prevent them at the earliest. And this way, ensure that your mobile app rules the market and reach the expected success rate.


According to the Appinventiv’s app development team, following are the reasons why many apps fail at ruling the market:

Poor Research

If you check the app stores, you will find many apps that are still waiting for getting their first user. The main reason behind this is poor research of the market and user demand. So, when doing market research, consider the following questions:

  • Is there a market for the kind of mobile app you are planning to create?
  • Do people really want such mobile applications?
  • Will it solve user’s problem?
  • Will it provide a unique experience and beat the competition?

Again, as everyone-from kids to seniors-are using mobile apps it must be clear whom you want to target. When you know who is your audience, what are their needs and expectations- you will be able to build a better app.

Unsatisfying User Experience

If your app does not have a good appearance, is slow, complicated and error-prone, it will fail. So, pay attention to both the UI and functionality of your mobile app. Make the user interface simple and interactive. Include only relevant options/services. Focus on the readability of the content. Test the app thoroughly throughout. In short, make sure your app is fast, secure, useful and attractive.

No Communication Outlet

Providing users with no mean to contact you is also a reason for application failure. Users love to use an app that guides them, help them and respond to their suggestions & complaints. So, don’t forget to include feedback section in your mobile app and reply on time. This will help in building long term relationships, providing a better experience to the users and thus, making your app a success.

No Reward Points

Providing a service is not enough to make your app ‘top grossing’; you have to make it engaging as well. According to experts, there are various apps providing the same service. The thing that differentiates them is the way they maintain user engagement.

The easiest way to attract users is to offer rewards points. Ask them to participate in different activities or refer your mobile app to others and get reward points. And allow them to use these reward points to get a particular service of yours. Such efforts will prompt them to use your app consistently, and will also help in increasing the number of downloads.

Lack of Marketing Strategy

Most of the mobile app developers do not invest in app marketing. They forget that if they won’t market their app, the audience won’t be able to know about the app. Thus, the app will fail at entertaining a larger user base.

To help your mobile app reach the success line, follow an effective marketing strategy. Go for social media marketing and other marketing methods, and make people know how beneficial your app is. And so, increase the number of downloads, users and hence hit the success rate.


Now, as you know what causes app failure, make an effective app development strategy. Build the type of mobile app the users need and the one that could hit the success line.

If you are still confused or have any trouble finding the best mobile app development services in Singapore, get in touch with us! We, at AppInventiv, have an experience of building 230+ ‘award winning’ mobile apps and are always here to assist you with the best services.

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