Tips to Make Your Mobile Applications User’s Favorite!

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Mobile Application Users Favourite

With increasing technological advancements and innovations, mobile applications have become a necessity of every business.

Today, all the businesses are striving to develop their own business mobile app and use this powerful marketing weapon to reach a wide range of customers, offer them exquisite services and maintain long-term relationships – ultimately find an answer to how to get more app users.

Many companies and brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks are taking the best out of their mobile applications to boost their sales, enhance customer loyalty and give ultimate user experience, but there are a lot many companies who are unable to keep the user hooked even with a mobile application. To help those brands and companies who are struggling for user retention even after getting an app developed from the top mobile app developers, the experts of one of the best mobile app development company in the world, AppInventiv have shared a few tips:

These tips shared by the experts will help you to find the loophole in your mobile app development process and reinvent the mobile applications so as to achieve desired goals.

1. Simple & Sleek Design:

Adding too many features to mobile applications or introducing too creative and unusual designs can make the users confused, it can go negative in the area of ways to make a better app. They might uninstall them after the first experience itself, if not found useful. So, the mobile app developer should go for a simple and structured design with relevant features only. This will help the customer to navigate easily and thus, make a long lasting impression. Also, the design should be made keeping in mind that the user can be of any age. In other words, opt for a simple, attractive and age-independent design.

2. Higher performance:

With so many mobile applications in the app store, the user won’t sit idle and wait if your app does not load soon. The customer will surely switch to some other app. To prevent this, make it certain that your app loads within a few seconds and function properly.

The best way to do is and one of the best practices for creating a successful mobile app for business to avoid unnecessary features, graphics and images from the app. And in case, your app takes a few minutes, notify the user about the same.

3. Effortless Login & Sharing method:

It is one of the key features of an excellent app. To maintain user retention on your mobile app, provide them easy way to login. As per our mobility experts, the users gets frustrated when the mobile applications take a long much time to sign-in or ask for too much information. The best solution to this is to let them login with their existing Google or Social media accounts, instead of creating a new account.

Also, as users find it interesting to share their achievements and experience on social media platforms, provide them easy sharing methods and making your app an example in the study of how to get more app users. You can provide them with options like sharing on different platforms simultaneously with a single tap.

4. Gamification:

Gamification can be one of the most important Steps to Retaining and Engaging Your Mobile App Users. It can not just keep the users engaged and escalate their time spent on your mobile app. This improves the user experience as well as accelerate the app’s visibility and revenue generation.

5. Fresh and engaging content:

The answer to how to increase mobile app users happiness lies in this. When you add fresh and engaging content to your mobile applications consistently, the users remain excited to check into your app again & again and gain more information. To give an exceptional user experience to users, you can also include options like participation in polls, quizzes, etc.

6. Rewards and Incentives:

Who doesn’t like surprises and rewards? This is again a superb methods for increasing app engagement and a trick to entice users and keep them using your mobile applications throughout. Offer reward points on referring the application to a friend or performing a task mentioned in the app, and let the users use these rewards points for shopping in future.

7. Push Notifications & Discounts:

This step can be your answer to how to get more app users. Using push notifications, you can make the users aware of the discounts you are offering at a particular time even without waiting for them to click-open the mobile app. This method works perfectly to keep the users excited throughout.

8. User Feedback:

Considering the feedback of the users and working on them is the best ways on how to get more app users. The customers actually love to be asked for their experience with the mobile applications and share their suggestions as well as complaints. When you consider their feedback and present an improved version of mobile app in the next update, the user feels valued and so, continue to use the app and give their feedback.

The bottom line of how to make an app users favorite is that though there’s no magic formula to make the users go crazy after your mobile applications, but the above-mentioned points can help a lot in building a type of application users wish to use and thus support your business

Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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