Which is Better for App Development: In-House or Outsourcing?

Saurabh Singh January 23, 2023
Which is Better for App Development In-House or Outsourcing

The in-house vs. outsource dilemma is affecting businesses rapidly especially when it comes to mobile app development. Nowadays, many companies are struggling to create mobile apps in-house, believing that it’s cost-effective, easier, faster, controlled and more efficient. Let’s take a look at the challenges of In-house app development:

1. Skill-set struggle

Even you have a 10 developers working on your app development project, 92% organizations don’t have the developers who have skills as per the requirements. Every different platform including Android and iOS require different skill-set and fairly intricate expertise in coding languages — Objective C or Swift for iOS and Java for Android. And, its not necessary that an Android developer is proficient in ios app development and vice-versa. Building apps for both platforms effectively means requires different development efforts and skill-sets.

2. It’s expensive and time-consuming

An internal mobile app development team might consist of a mobile strategist, designer, developers, a project manager and a quality assurance (QA) expert. Even if you already have these experts in your team, you likely need to hire at least one person who can help you effectively get your app built. And—not to mention the developer’s six-figure salary and the cost involved in technology, licensing fees, software certificates are too expensive.

3. Building mobile apps in-house can prove to be risky

If you are developing your app in-house, but it can prove to be risky as the team involved is not as proficient as it should be. Scalability can also be one of the issues, if you are thinking of having an in-house team. And, what if your project scope expands? As we’ve already discussed, it’s not so easy and cost-effective to just plug in an additional coder. Even accountability can also create challenges. Without having any specific mobility expertise, decision-makers may also truggle to identify the nature and root causes of any issues that may arise, thus leaving the project stalled out without even having a plan for moving forward.

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Benefits of Outsourcing App Development

Bu outsourcing your mobile app to a company that is adept in developing user-centric and market-centric mobile app. It can help you save time, hassle and money while getting a better-quality product. Here are a few advantages of outsourcing your mobile app:

1. Getting cost-effective solutions:

By leveraging outsourced company experience and expertise, you can get more cost effective solutions

2. Comparatively less lag time:

Another team can usually start immediately.

3. More improved and technology-oriented solutions:

A well-established team will have a robust working bond with each other and with the required technologies.

4. More accountability:

A business-centric mobile app development company will give you a robust contract and scope of work, with clearly defined responsibilities, clauses and terms. And, while working on an app, any mistake or delay occurs, you have a dedicated representative that can help you meet challenges easily.

5. More enhanced exposure and better access to plug-and-play features and modules:

There are many app features and modules that are relatively standard. And, you use them to make the app unique and extraordinary. A well-versed and experienced app development team already have an existing library of these standard products that are already tested and optimized. So, there’s no need to build every feature and functionality right from the scratch to simply customize a proven solution. This in turn, will save a lot of time and money, while ensuring performance.

6. Rich experience and expertise:

Since the mobile app development company have worked on many app projects so they have gained proficiency in developing apps. May be they must have worked on the similar project like yours. Their focus on mobility, and enhanced exposure to latest trends and technologies will also help in meeting challenges and getting better solutions. From their experience, they can share the best practices that they have gained from extensive experience, thus ensuring that the app is in line with your mission, vision and your target audience. An experienced and dedicated mobile expert can easily remove the guesswork and help you meet your business objectives.

7. Better opportunity and more Options:

You can outsource some parts or complete mobile app development to your technology partner. By doing this you are filling gaps of your in-house development strategy.

So, we can say that this decision comes down to cost involved and risk associated. Today businesses are under immense pressure to maintain a competitive presence and leading place in the mobile space.

Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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