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AWS Well-Architected Review

Our AWS Well-Architected Review improves application security by systematically evaluating cloud infrastructure for adherence to best practices in security, reliability, performance, and cost optimization. It enhances the application’s resilience against threats by identifying vulnerabilities and offering relevant recommendations.
The AWS WAR establishes a strong foundation, proactively addressing future challenges and creating a secure and dependable digital environment. Through our tailored guidance, your AWS environment can be optimized for peak functionality and positioned for sustained and scalable growth.

Deconstructing the Elements of a
Well-Architected Review - Six
Pillars of the WAR Framework

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    Operational Excellence

    This pillar is dedicated to preparing the organization for unexpected workloads. It includes setting up important metrics and embracing continuous evolution to maintain operational efficiency.

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    The pillar focuses on implementing detective controls and strong identity and access management measures. Data and infrastructure protection is ensured with the help of an efficient incident response mechanism.

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    The pillar focuses on establishing a strong foundation with the help of informed design choices. It highlights the importance of implementing effective change management strategies and managing potential failures.

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    Performance Efficiency

    The pillar focuses on optimizing resource allocation through regular reviews, ensuring efficiency, and balancing tradeoffs for delivering holistic solutions.

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    Cost Optimization

    Cost management is crucial in a cloud environment. This pillar emphasizes resource-consciousness, cost-effective resource selection, and efficient supply resource management.

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    The sustainability pillar focuses on energy consumption and efficiency. It emphasizes the importance of optimizing resource allocation and maintaining a sustainably conscious approach in architecture.

Mapping the Journey to AWS WAR
Execution - Our Well-Defined Process

Appinventiv is an AWS Well-Architected Partner that employs a streamlined 5-step process for
impactful reviews. We provide in-depth evaluations of distinct workloads by leveraging multiple
state-of-the-art frameworks and tools.

Unveiling the Worth of the
AWS Well-Architected Review

The AWS WAR acts as a crucial checkup for your AWS cloud ecosystem and offers a
range of significant benefits, including:

Highlighting Our AWS
Client Success Stories


Our AWS services helped FIVESTAR, a short video streaming app achieve impressive scalability, enhanced performance, and heightened agility while witnessing 27K new users in no time.

We built a robust SaaS-based platform, Ility, with a scalable AWS architecture for commercial property owners to reduce infrastructure costs and increase revenues.

Years of Experience
Technology Experts
Data Centers of Excellence
Unleash the full potential of AWS Cloud with Appinventiv's
Well-Architected Review expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an AWS Well-Architected Review entail and how can it help my business?

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