Suite of Custom Software Development Services We Offer

Piloted by the expertise and knowledge of our highly qualified and talented bunch of software development professionals, we help businesses convert their ideas into value-driven innovative software solutions.
Software Consulting Services

Reap the benefits of our expertise in end-to-end software consulting and automate your business functionalities. Our experts focus on your software development needs, understand your target audience and then move on to design and develop robust software. We assist you in discovering, engineering, and scaling your software product that brings great ROI.

Custom Software Development Services

A custom software solution crafted as per your specific requirements can simplify the routine tasks and ramp up your business performance, thus saving a lot of your time and effort. We are one of the top software development companies in Dubai that can help build custom software solutions from scratch or augment your existing software with a custom software development company like ours.

Enterprise Software Development Services

Known for being a leading enterprise software development company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other regions of the UAE, Appinventiv builds multi-faceted enterprise solutions that can smoothly optimize your complex business processes. Our team utilizes advanced development practices with multiple levels of security to deliver products with outstanding performance.

Software Product Development Services

Transform your dream project into an innovative solution using our high-end software product development services - starting from ideation and designing to post-deployment maintenance. Our software developers in Dubai create marketable software for businesses, while accelerating time to market and helping organizations gain a competitive edge.

Software Integration Services

Appinventiv, as a reputed software development company in UAE, assists businesses in efficient and trouble-free integrations. As part of the custom software development process, our software integration services help you to build a reliable, secure, and effective environment that improvises your business operations, ensuring system integrity.

Custom CRM Development Services
A custom

software development company in Dubai, UAE

, like ours, specializes in the development, integration, migration, and support of scalable and custom CRM solutions. With our robust CRM software solution, you can process customer data, enjoy a smoother workflow inside a complex company structure and manage employees and resource performance
API Development Services

We build custom API integrations for enhancing your existing software enabling it to seamlessly interface with other devices, applications, and business systems. Through the API development services, our QA specialists use automated unit testing, load testing, and functional testing best practices for checking the functionality and performance of mission-critical business software.

ERP Software Development Services

Our custom ERP solutions are specifically designed to cover the core business functions, including production, inventory & distribution management, content management, accounting, workforce management automation, and other major business processes. As one of the most sought-after software development companies in Dubai, our highly-talented experts leave no stone unturned in creating dynamic ERP systems customized to your business requirements.

Thinking which software product development solution can help your business gain desirable outcomes?

Our Industry-Focussed Software Development Solutions

We build customized software solutions that speak about your company’s values and target the right audience. Our industry-focused software solutions are built with cutting-edge technologies that promise a scalable and profitable business.

With our responsive restaurant software solutions, we specialize in providing your customers with online meal ordering, a digital food menu, online payments, and much more.


We help healthcare companies overcome their biggest issues, from clinical management to efficient patient treatment with our custom healthcare software solutions.


Our team of on-demand software developers excels in creating and incorporating features that elevate your ordinary software application into a top-ranked one on the app stores.

Real estate

Our team of software developers specializes in creating software applications for the real estate sector that instantly satisfies all of your stakeholders' present and future demands.


Being one of the top financial software service providers, we offer you the most robust, scalable, and high-performing fintech solutions that guarantee higher returns.


Appinventiv offers a suite of educational software development services that include building innovative e-learning software that seamlessly connect learners with educators.


Appinventiv has a track record of designing scalable e-commerce software development with high conversion rates and ROI by combining innovation and advanced technologies for the best outcomes.

Social networking

Our team of social app developers excels in creating unique social networking software and mobile apps that keep users connected with worldly affairs.


Our area of expertise is creating cloud-based SaaS software solutions that accelerate your company's growth, invent new workflows, and make your software scalable.


We offer specialized media and entertainment software development services that will help you stand out from the ever-expanding field of entertainment software development.


Our tech wizards are experts in developing compelling and addictive game software for reputed companies across the world.


Our custom travel software solutions include all the fundamental and cutting-edge features that will help your company increase engagement and meet client expectations.

News & Media

Our team of skilled designers and software developers are known for building software solutions that the mobile readers and publishing industry love to spend their time on.


With intuitive logistics management software solutions systems, we enhance the whole customer experience while helping your business climb the ladders of success.


We provide the best-in-class aviation software development services as one of the best aviation consulting companies, ensuring complete accuracy and efficiency of your business operations.


As a leader of the ecological mobility solution called on-demand e-scooter app development, our experts develop fully customizable software applications that boost your e-scooter business.


Appinventiv develops excellent mobile and web-based agriculture software development solutions that address persistent agricultural challenges


Our political software development services are designed to help your political party project a favorable image and win over the hearts of your volunteers.


Our team of software developers builds you intuitive event management software that offers your users a seamless experience of booking and managing events, all from a single platform.


Appinventiv is a trusted development partner for federal, state, and local agencies seeking custom software applications that streamline operations, modernize systems and manage sensitive integrations.

Success Stories - How We Helped Our Middle East Clients Achieve Outstanding Results

Our success stories speak for themselves. Throughout all these years, we have worked with some of the top global brands whom we helped drive engagement and gain huge returns.

Our Iterative Development Approach

We follow a collaborative project management process for deploying innovative, scalable, robust software solutions while maintaining the highest standards.
Discuss and Plan Project Requirements

Our development experts discuss your expectations and freeze requirements into modules and identify the key parameters for making a project successful. The team also sets up project milestones and identifies the resources and skill sets required for the same.

Architecture Design

Our design architects define the user experience and design the user interface by identifying the integration points and setting up functional and non-functional criteria. They create an interactive UI that describes the complete flow of your software product.

Build and Test

Once the client finalizes the design, we start working on the MVP version of the software, thus helping it get a quick release. Our developers also test the software for glitches ensuring that the software application runs smoothly, post which it gets deployed.

Product Maintenance and Optimization

Being one of the well-recognized software companies in Dubai, Appinventiv works with you at every stage of the software development life cycle. Our talented experts set up continuous feedback and monitoring procedures to ensure that performance benchmarks are met always.

Meeting Our Clients’ Expectations Throughout these 7+ Years
Software Projects Delivered
Happy Clients
Clutch Rating

We Exploit the Latest Technologies for Building Robust Software

An established and trusted software development company in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East regions, Appinventiv always adheres to cutting-edge technologies and trends for developing an end-to-end software solution that boosts the brand value of your business. Our experts make the right choice of technology stack to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.


Mobile Development

React Native

Web Platform

Spring MVC

Programming Languages


Why Choose Appinventiv? We Build the Technology of Tomorrow

Our work ethics, high-quality results, fast delivery, and communication methods make us your ideal partner. Right from identifying the industry requirements, sculpting ideas, evaluating risk factors, and analyzing the post-deployment performance, we deliver them all.
Transform Product Ideas into Reality

Having built over 1000+ software products for various industries, Appinventiv offers outstanding software development services in Dubai. Bring your complex yet robust software solution idea to life with our full-cycle software development services.

100% Transparency

We firmly believe in maintaining transparency with our clients, and that is the reason why we let you know every intricate detail of your project. As a leading software development company in Saudi Arabia and Dubai, we help you digitize your business with quality software solutions.

Dedicated Professional Team

Our skilled professionals take care of every aspect of your software development lifecycle (SDLC), delivering a high-end business solution, thus allowing you to speed up the time to market along with ensuring product quality.

Flexible Engagement Models

To meet the diverse needs of our clients, we provide customized engagement models mainly designed to match the size and scale of your business operations. All you need to do is choose the right engagement model for your project.

High-End Security

Appinventiv, one of the pioneering software companies in Sharjah and other UAE regions, pays the utmost attention to the security of your software product. Both parties need to sign a full NDA so that necessary security measures can be taken for your software solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

The software development companies in Dubai charge on the basis of the nature and complexity of the software product. On average, the cost of software development may range anywhere between $30,000 to $400,000.

There are several factors that need to be considered to determine the cost of building a custom software. This includes the size and type of the software project development, the team’s location and size, features and functionalities of the software, and others.

Appinventiv is one of the renowned top software companies in Dubai whose experts make dedicated efforts to take the scalability of your software solution to the next level so that you can lay your focus on your core business operations. Being a top custom software development company in UAE, the company delivers professionally customized software solutions that guarantee promising returns.

Here’s why customers globally choose Appinventiv as their software development partner:

  • Validates product ideas
  • Transforms product vision into reality
  • Innovates and helps your business stay ahead of the curve
  • Accelerates project delivery
  • Guarantees your state-of-art IT infrastructure
  • Offers flexible engagement models
  • Offers 24x7 support across all the time zones

At Appinventiv, we follow different types of software development methodologies as per your business requirements. These methodologies simplify routine tasks and accelerate the development process.

  • Agile: The agile methodology breaks a particular project into several phases and involves a constant collaboration of team members at every stage.
  • DevOps: DevOps is also a collaborative approach that improvises the workflow throughout the SDLC. Our experts adopt the best DevOps practices for helping businesses achieve their desired transparency.
  • Scrum: Scrum is a type of agile development methodology that is quick, adaptable, and flexible. It ensures collective responsibility and transparency, and communication.
  • Waterfall: The waterfall methodology is yet another sequential approach where each phase of the project gets completely wrapped up before the next phase begins.

The time taken to develop a software product mainly depends on the complexity of the project and the number of basic and advanced features that need to be implemented on the same. On average, a software product development process can take 4 to 12 months approximately.

We follow a lean approach toward developing an intuitive software product. Here are the steps that we follow:

  • Research:The team brainstorms all the features, technologies, and implementations required and creates a project scope.
  • Prototype: The team next decides to create a prototype or MVP that helps you to understand the viability or value of your product in the market.
  • Design and Development: Next, our team takes designs and develops your software product with the right set of features and functionalities, ensuring a great user experience.
  • Testing: Testing ensures bug-free software with no crashes. Only after proper end-to-end testing does the software product get ready for launch.
  • Deployment:The last part of the software development process is the deployment stage, where you are finally ready to get your software released.

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